January 8, 2021
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Top Intelligent Transportation Scoop
Hyundai Motor revealed it is in the early stages of discussions with Apple about autonomous electric car development. Apple won't comment, but reports last month said the tech giant was reviving plans for an autonomous vehicle that could be on the market by 2024.
Full Story: CNBC (1/8),  The Wall Street Journal (1/7) 
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Rails, Roads & Vehicles
US Air Force pursuing tech for autonomous flying cars
(Paul J. Richards/AFP via Getty Images)
The US Air Force has awarded a contract to wireless technology firm Metawave Corp. for the production of all-climate, high-precision sensors. The project would modify an existing radar system for use in autonomous flying vehicles.
Full Story: TechRepublic (1/7) 
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Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao announced her resignation as a result of recent events in Washington, D.C. Chao said that she "cannot set aside" the recent insurrection at the Capitol.
Full Story: The Associated Press (1/7) 
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Travel Tech
The next generation of autonomous and electric vehicles will necessitate innovative approaches, and original equipment manufacturers are stepping up to the challenge. David Fritz of Siemens Digital Industries Software said OEMs need to "model the entire system, so they know when they put all the pieces together they will actually solve this big, complex problem."
Full Story: Semiconductor Engineering (1/7) 
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Going Green
More people are buying cars despite the availability of ride-sharing services, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University found. Per-capita purchases increased 0.7% in more than 200 urban areas, which could reflect individuals purchasing cars to enter the ride-sharing business.
Full Story: Streetsblog (1/8) 
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EV tech to get boost in Calif. budget
Newsom (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
California Gov. Gavin Newsom is proposing an economic stimulus budget of $4.5 billion, which includes money to promote electric vehicle technology in the state. The proposal includes $1.5 billion to assist businesses and people with purchasing electric and hydrogen vehicles as well as $300 million to "green" the state's infrastructure.
Full Story: CNBC (1/6) 
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