Survey: 40% of employers are considering onsite clinics | Paid leave programs can ease return to work after childbirth | Increased physical activity tied to better health outcomes in obesity
May 10, 2019
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Survey: 40% of employers are considering onsite clinics
A Willis Towers Watson survey found almost 40% of employers are looking at providing an onsite health center by 2020, and 25% are considering one near their office. The survey found 54% of employers said access to behavioral health services is the most critical care access point, while 47% said it is substance abuse.
HealthLeaders Media (5/8) 
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Paid leave programs can ease return to work after childbirth
Employers can design leave programs that help women gradually return to work while dealing with the emotional and physical effects of childbirth. Danielle Schweiger of Gregory & Appel Insurance suggests a six-week paid leave program followed by a return to work of no more than three days per week for one month.
Employee Benefit News (free registration) (5/9) 
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Increased physical activity tied to better health outcomes in obesity
Researchers found that adolescents with obesity who underwent bariatric surgery and had an average of at least 6,000 steps daily had greater reductions in non-HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels over three years, compared with those who took less than 4,000 steps daily. The findings, published in the journal Obesity and based on 108 adolescents with a mean age of 17, showed that more active participants also had an additional 11% reduction in their body mass index and had more frequent conversion of LDL, non-HDL and triglyceride levels to acceptable values than those who were less active.
Healio (free registration)/Endocrine Today (5/9) 
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Health News & Research
CDC reports declining prescription drug use in the US
CDC reports declining prescription drug use in the US
The percentage of US children and adults who took one or more prescription drugs within the previous month dropped from 48.3% in 2007-2008 to 45.8% in 2015-2016, CDC researchers reported in a National Center for Health Statistics Data Brief. The study also showed that prescription drug use was more likely in boys for youths younger than 12 but more prevalent in women among adults ages 20 to 59.
HealthDay News (5/8) 
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ACS wants to reduce cancer deaths 40% by 2035
The American Cancer Society set a goal to reduce overall cancer mortality 40% by 2035, a number based on data analysis of current death rate trends in college graduates, according to a report in CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians. If the goal is met, researchers said, there could be about 1.3 million fewer deaths from cancer than would have occurred from 2020 to 2035.
Physician's Briefing/HealthDay News (5/9) 
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Unmet social needs tied to poor physical health, high health care utilization
A McKinsey & Co. survey involving 2,010 people across the US found those who experienced social barriers to health such as food insecurity or housing issues had higher health care utilization, such as inpatient and ED admissions, compared with patients who were not affected by such barriers. Data also showed 45% of respondents who said they were in poor physical health experienced at least one social health barrier, while just 17% of patients who reported no unmet social needs said they were in poor health.
Patient Engagement HIT (5/7) 
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Researchers compare obesity rates in rural, urban areas around the world
The average body mass index among rural residents worldwide rose by 2.1 between 1985 and 2017, compared with a 1.3 increase in women and a 1.6 gain in men living in cities, according to findings published in the journal Nature. Researchers analyzed data from nearly 112 million adults from 200 countries and territories, and they said the difference may be due to reduced access to healthful foods, lower levels of education and income, and fewer sports facilities in rural areas.
Reuters (5/8) 
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Research links diabetes to higher cancer metastasis risk
People with diabetes may be at an increased risk of cancer metastasis due to elevated blood glucose levels that could lead to glycation, which in turn "promotes the rate of metastasizing," lead study author Young Joon Suh wrote in the journal Integrative Biology. Researchers examined how breast cancer tumor cells survived in environments with varying glycation levels and found that cells in environments with high glycation had increased motility and were able to move farther away from the original site.
Medical News Today (5/8) 
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Schools & Community
Schools in Va. sourcing more local food
Schools in Virginia have doubled their purchases of locally produced food -- to $15.4 million worth in 2017 from $7.7 million in 2014, according to state data. The state now has more than 500 farm-to-school programs, and regional meetings bring together school nutrition leaders, teachers, parents, farmers and, of course, students.
Loudoun Now (Leesburg, Va.) (5/8) 
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Wellness Industry Developments
Technology, trends and business insight at Institute/Expo
At Institute & Expo in June, you'll find concurrent sessions focused on high tech to high touch health care; collaborative care through telehealth, social media and video; better digital experiences for consumers; stronger infrastructures for better care and lower costs, and new technologies helping to make health care work better. Whichever educational sessions you choose, you'll find breakthrough ideas. Register now.
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Grow your career with AHIP's LTCP professional designation
Enhance your professional expertise and better-serve your members by earning your Long-Term Care Professional designation. Choose from a single-course program or a four-course program. You'll earn the impressive LTCP credential that shows you've developed a deeper understanding of how long-term care insurance is planned, managed, and marketed. Enroll today!
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Webinar: Musculoskeletal claims -- register today
Join us on Thursday, May 16, from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. ET for "A Comprehensive Solution to Address High Musculoskeletal Claims" as Hinge Health examines how a national food distribution employer partnered with a health plan to reduce musculoskeletal pain by 60%, cut depression rates in half, and address medical spend by avoiding two out of three surgeries.
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