Taco Bell's "Steal a Base, Steal a Taco" adds betting | McConaughey hosts social video series for Wild Turkey | Movers+Shakers, E.l.f Cosmetics get 1.6B views for TikTok challenge
October 15, 2019
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Taco Bell's "Steal a Base, Steal a Taco" adds betting
Taco Bell's "Steal a Base, Steal a Taco" adds betting
(Taco Bell/YouTube)
Taco Bell's seventh annual "Steal a Base, Steal a Taco" campaign is enabling fans to bet real money on which World Series player will steal the first base through a partnership with Roar Digital's BetMGM. The push features a 15-second spot, free Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Tacos once the first base has been stolen and Taco Bell's Will Bortz says, "We can't wait to see fans engage with the program like never before and, of course, we're excited to see if their predictions come true."
The Drum (free registration) (10/14) 
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Company News
McConaughey hosts social video series for Wild Turkey
McConaughey hosts social video series for Wild Turkey
(Wild Turkey Bourbon/YouTube)
Campari's Wild Turkey bourbon has created two social video series in partnership with Complex Networks, which star the brand's creative director Matthew McConaughey. "Talk Turkey" features McConaughey interviewing various trailblazing guests over a glass of bourbon with the interviews airing on Wild Turkey and Complex social platforms, while a more in-depth documentary-style series, called "The Spirit of Conviction," is available on Complex's YouTube channel.
Mobile Marketer (10/14) 
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Movers+Shakers, E.l.f Cosmetics get 1.6B views for TikTok challenge
E.l.f Cosmetics' sponsored hashtag challenge on TikTok, #eyeslipsface, has garnered 1.6 billion views in a little over a week and the challenge is still running. The campaign, from Movers+Shakers, includes a 15-second video showcasing an original song and encourages users to share their own content, and the brand's marketing chief Kory Marchisotto says, "TikTok has been a fantastic, innovative partner - they are willing to lean into partners who will lean into them."
AdExchanger (10/14) 
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Market Trends
Instagram releases top tips for marketers
Instagram releases top tips for marketers
Instagram has released a guide for marketers on how to maximize their efforts on the platform, including visual composition tips such as spotlighting products by surrounding them with space and using light at different times of the day to create various moods. The guide also includes a holiday content calendar to help map out campaigns and advice on product launches.
Social Media Today (10/13) 
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Reddit users can now share content on Snapchat
Reddit users can now share content on Snapchat
Reddit has announced a content-sharing deal with Snapchat, enabling its users to share their posts -- only those that are work-safe and from communities in good standing -- on Snapchat. The shared posts will be labeled with a sticker featuring the Reddit logo, and Snapchat users will then be driven to the Reddit app to view them.
Adweek (tiered subscription model) (10/14),  Ad Age (tiered subscription model) (10/14),  Social Media Today (10/15) 
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Resume tips from a former Google executive
Former Google SVP Laszlo Bock says to keep your resume concise so it will be read more closely and gives a formula to make sure your accomplishments are highlighted. Bock says to start with an action verb before numerically measuring your accomplishment with details and gives the example: "Studied financial performance of companies and made investment recommendations."
Inc. online (10/11) 
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Inside Pandora Jewelry’s sparkling launch on Twitter
When Pandora Jewelry launched its new line of bracelets on Twitter, it outperformed retail industry benchmarks, with video views and engagement rates well above average. Learn how your brand can boost upper-funnel brand metrics by launching on Twitter.
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Learn how Xfinity launched its newest device
Last fall, Xfinity leveraged Twitter's engaged and receptive audience to debut its newest WiFi device. #ProjectDeadZone is a textbook example of how Twitter can help a brand successfully introduce a new device. Click here to see how Xfinity used Twitter to make its launch campaign a success.
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Jimmy John's creates AR Snapchat game
Jimmy John's has released its first national augmented reality Snapchat Lens within a mobile game that challenges users to catch as many of its new $3 Little John subs as they can in their mouths within 30 seconds. The gamified lens enables users to play using a live selfie and share their Snaps with friends.
Mobile Marketer (10/14),  [A]listdaily (10/14) 
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