Improve how you deal with frustrations at work | Meet Emma, your AI behavioral analyst at LinkedIn | The right mindset and approach result in connections that last
March 11, 2019
SmartBrief on Your Career
Getting Ahead
Improve how you deal with frustrations at work
Overcoming workplace stress is often a matter of knowing what you can and cannot control, so if a superior fails to solve problems, try taking the initiative and devise solutions for them, writes business coach Liz Kislik. Admit when you need help instead of hiding from your shortcomings, and tailor your work and communication style to better fit each project and audience versus clinging to a one-size-fits-all approach.
Forbes (3/5) 
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Meet Emma, your AI behavioral analyst at LinkedIn
Emma is an artificial intelligence tool available on Chrome that analyzes your LinkedIn profile, determining whether you're an "achiever," "catalyst," "sage" or one of 11 other behavioral types, writes Donna Svei. Taking less than a minute to complete, the analysis gives users insight into each other's strengths and weaknesses.
Fast Company online (3/6) 
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Create a Culture of Well-being
How can you improve the health and well-being of employees at work, home and in their communities? Learn to build a culture of well-being that boosts performance and enhances the employee experience. Explore the five pillars of behavior change today.
Making the Connection
The right mindset and approach result in connections that last
It's best to talk about topics unrelated to work while networking to gain insight into a person's character as well as share whatever expertise and advice you can, writes Manny Padda, former headhunter. "It might sound obvious, but being real and genuine and treating the people you want to connect with like human beings, not bank accounts, is often all it takes to make a connection that stands a test of time," he writes.
Quartz (3/7) 
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Mobile Device Usage is a Threat to Data Security
74% of global IT leaders reported a data breach due to a mobile security issue. Discover how cybersecurity is shifting to meet the needs of a mobile world, and why it's critical to not fall behind. Learn how to protect your organization from mobile threats in The Convergence of InfoSec & Mobile.
How much do you use LinkedIn?
Most professionals have a LinkedIn profile, but since the career site's acquisition by Microsoft in 2016, more bells and whistles have been added. How much do you use LinkedIn? Poll results will be in Friday's brief.
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The Landscape
Labor Dept. proposal would lift overtime-pay threshold above $35K
The Labor Department has proposed a $35,308 annual-salary threshold, below which an employee is entitled to receive overtime pay. The current threshold of $23,660 was established in 2004.
Reuters (3/7) 
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Your Next Challenge
What to do when asked to name your price
People often fear pricing themselves too high or too low when asked for their desired salary, so do research to determine a fair number, writes workplace advice columnist Karla Miller. What's most important is that you're happy with the figure because asking for more during the interview phase is a possible deal breaker.
The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (3/8) 
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How to learn what a potential employer's culture is like
You'll have a better idea if promises about a company's culture are true if their website and blogs offer specifics about values, writes Andy Talajkowski. Request a tour of the office, consult former and present employees about their experiences, and research online employee reviews and employer rankings.
Glassdoor (3/8) 
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Balancing Yourself
Need more PTO? Check out these employers
A Glassdoor report lists 14 companies that offer unlimited vacation time and are hiring for management and other professional positions. The list provides specific job titles that are available, where they're located and includes GE, Stitch Fix, Kronos and Dropbox.
Glassdoor (3/7) 
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Most Read
The Water Cooler
Scientists discover one of the oldest tattoo tools
Scientists discover one of the oldest tattoo tools
(Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)
A "bone comb" dated approximately 2,700 years old was found on the Pacific island of Tonga and was analyzed by researchers who determined that the tool is one of the oldest instruments for body art. People who give traditional Polynesian tattoos still use these types of tools today.
National Public Radio (3/8) 
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Change obstacles into challenges. You might have to step back and go a different direction, but you can achieve.
Raye Montague,
naval engineer who revolutionized the design process for naval ships, and US Navy's first female program manager of ships

March is Women's History Month

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