Habits that will boost your career | Tips to boost your workplace well-being | How to use a realistic job preview to reduce turnover
January 10, 2020
SmartBrief on Your Career
Getting Ahead
A new productivity hack: Doing less
There is a wealth of productivity advice to squeeze more time out of the day, but it's important to consider whether doing more truly is necessary. Here are six tips for eliminating unnecessary tasks from a busy schedule and for streamlining essential ones.
Fast Company online (1/7) 
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Habits that will boost your career
Once formed, habits can be hard to break, so Karen Burns has put together some career boosting habits that you should try to develop for getting ahead. Scheduling quiet time, batching routine errands and keeping a record of your successes are all habits that can help your career.
The Seattle Times (tiered subscription model) (1/9) 
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Tips to boost your workplace well-being
Tips to boost your workplace well-being
Several strategies can improve your well-being at work, including establishing appropriate boundaries and ignoring distractions. "If you have a weak spot in terms of distractions -- such as overuse of social media, constantly refreshing your inbox or standing too long by the coffee machine catching up on office news -- try to schedule in 'break' time for these activities so that you stop once the preset time is up," writes Robin Madell.
U.S. News & World Report (1/6) 
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Hire Smart
How to use a realistic job preview to reduce turnover
Sometimes after a star candidate joins your company, their performance slumps due to an unrealistic recruitment process, writes Jaime Potter. To fix this, studies show a realistic job preview can improve talent retention and increase new hire job performance by showing candidates both positive and negative job-related information before hiring.
Forbes (1/10) 
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The Landscape
Gen Z flexes the side hustle, craves security
Self-educating Gen Z is entering the workforce with a can-do attitude and an eye for the side hustle. Interviews with four Gen Zers reveal an affinity for alternative career paths coupled with a need for job security.
Digiday (tiered subscription model) (1/10) 
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Balancing Yourself
Nutrients may be factor in getting a good night's sleep
Registered dietitian nutritionist Jennifer Maeng says a poor diet that leads to nutrient deficiencies may contribute, along with other lifestyle factors, to poor sleep. Zinc, magnesium, tryptophan, vitamin B6 and iron are nutrients that may help improve sleep.
Livestrong (1/9) 
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The Water Cooler
A Museum of Hangovers actually exists!
A Museum of Hangovers actually exists!
Many people have woken up on "the morning after the night before" trying to figure out what the heck happened, including trying to piece together how a new object, tattoo, piercing or "friend" was acquired. There is now a museum in Zagreb that collects such stories and displays the artifacts.
Lonely Planet (1/9) 
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The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn't said.
Peter Drucker,
management consultant, educator, writer
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