January 19, 2022
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Nonprofit Headlines
The Robin Hood Foundation in New York City has been focusing on people's immediate needs, such as preventing eviction and sustaining education, as the pandemic has continued. Richard Buery, who became CEO in September, discusses his leadership approach and talks about the universal prekindergarten program in the city, which has become a national model.
Full Story: The Associated Press (1/12) 
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Many foundations increased unrestricted giving during the early days of the pandemic and must continue to do so now to meet the needs of nonprofits struggling with heightened demand for services and other issues, write Phil Buchanan and Ellie Buteau of the Center for Effective Philanthropy. "Foundations need to understand the degree to which nonprofit leaders and staff are running on fumes, beaten down by two years of constant challenge," they write.
Full Story: The Chronicle of Philanthropy (tiered subscription model) (1/14) 
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The personal contact information of more than 300,000 customers was compromised during a recent data breach on ShopGoodwill.com. "We take this matter very seriously and we are working with qualified data security experts to ensure incidents like this don't happen in the future," said executive Nicole Morrison, noting the vulnerability has been eliminated and no payment information was exposed.
Full Story: The NonProfit Times (Morris Plains, N.J.) (1/18) 
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Boards in Action
Teamwork Englewood will use a $75,000 PepsiCo Pathways to Readiness and Empowerment Program grant to hire more staff and to help Black and Latino young people in the Chicago area prepare for and access rewarding careers. "Youth in Black and Latinx communities don't always have people in their families and in their networks that show different types of diverse career paths for our communities," said Executive Director Cecile De Mello.
Full Story: Block Club Chicago (1/18) 
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Strategic Leadership
Plan your day and week through timeboxing or other strategies to focus on activities that move you ahead personally and professionally, writes Nir Eyal. "A blank schedule and a mile-long to-do list, on the other hand, is a recipe for torment," Eyal writes.
Full Story: Nir & Far blog (1/17) 
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Sector Analysis and Impact
Washington, D.C., schools are partnering with the nonprofit Vision to Learn to provide students with free vision screenings and, if needed, free glasses. A study found that eye care services helped students in Baltimore improve scores on math and reading assessments.
Full Story: The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (1/15) 
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Nonprofit Leaders in the News
The United Way and The Community Foundation are both dedicated to meeting the needs of people in their Florida communities, but they approach fundraising and fund distribution in different ways, eliminating a gap in support, writes The Community Foundation CEO Michael Chatman. Chatman discusses the organizations' different, yet complementary, approaches to making a difference locally.
Full Story: The News-Press (Fort Myers, Fla.) (tiered subscription model) (1/17) 
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BoardSource News and Notes
Why Advocate?
Nonprofit advocacy is not about partisan politics. And it's definitely not about political candidates.

Advocacy is about educating decision makers about the impact of the public policy decisions they are contemplating. It's about helping them understand how the people and communities we care about will be impacted. And it's about making sure that we aren't sitting on the sidelines while decisions that would positively or negatively impact our missions are being made.

The Stand for Your Mission campaign seeks to unleash the power of the nonprofit sector through advocacy. It flows from a deep belief in the role of nonprofit organizations in identifying solutions and finding common ground. And an unwavering commitment to the communities and people we serve.

Learn more about how your board can be a part of it.
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Working with Legislators: An Advocacy Briefing Guide for Board Members
A how-to guide for meeting with elected officials

One of the most rewarding things about serving as a nonprofit board member is the opportunity it affords to help create positive change through advocacy. This guide provides helpful tips for board members in preparing to meet with a legislator, including
  • identifying which legislators to meet with
  • learning from seasoned board members
  • showing the organization's impact
Read more.
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