Elon Musk recommended a fix for Twitter | Tesla had a concerning day | Scientists aimed to generate oxygen from moon dust
January 17, 2020
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Elon Musk recommended a fix for Twitter
Elon Musk recommended a fix for Twitter
(Frederic J. Brown/AFP/Getty Images)
Why it matters: When Twitter boss Jack Dorsey gathered a bunch of employees for a meeting this week in Texas, he thought it would be cool if he piped Elon Musk in via video and asked the outspoken entrepreneur (and popular Twitter user) what he would do to improve Twitter if he were running the social media giant. Unfortunately for Dorsey, Musk named something Twitter doesn't quite seem all that proficient at doing: identifying (and possibly removing) bots and other fake accounts. Good luck with that, Jack.
CNET (1/17) 
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Tesla had a concerning day
Why it matters: Perhaps Elon Musk should make sure everything is ship-shape at his own companies before he concerns himself with fixing Twitter. The National Transportation Highway Safety Administration is looking into a complaint that alleges 127 Tesla cars accelerated on their own. Similar complaints in the past have been proven to be driver error.
CNN (1/17) 
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Scientists aimed to generate oxygen from moon dust
Why it matters: Researchers in Europe have developed a way to create oxygen from simulated moon dust. Should they be able to replicate the process with real moon dust, lunar exploration and settlement should become a whole lot easier. Not only would humans be able to generate breathable air on the moon, they might also be able to produce rocket fuel.
Gizmodo (1/17) 
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Canopy delayed the launch of its cannabis-infused drinks
Why it matters: Canopy, the largest cannabis company by market value, decided to push pause on the roll out of its cannabis-infused drinks. The company says it has not yet been able to ramp up commercial production to the scale needed to meet its high standards. The timing is particularly unfortunate for Canopy because an online store selling cannabis edibles and drinks launched yesterday in Ontario, Canada, and sold out within hours.
CityNews (Toronto)/The Canadian Press (1/17) 
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Top business leaders displayed these 6 traits
Why it matters: These six traits are spot on. My favorite is that they embrace new thinking.

Coincidence?: The funny thing about this list is that it includes some of the very same goals the team at WYWW sets out to help readers accomplish when we put this newsletter together each day.
Harvard Business School Working Knowledge (1/17) 
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Friday Fun Day
Ben & Jerry's Netflix and Chill'd
Why it matters: The creativity of the gang at Ben & Jerry's never ceases to amaze. This co-branded effort with Netflix is simply brilliant. See if you can spot all the nods to various Netflix shows like "The Crown" and "Orange Is The New Black" in this ad for a new flavor called Netflix and Chill'd.

You scream ... I scream ... we all scream: Netflix and Chill'd is flavored with peanut butter, salty pretzel swirls and fudge brownie chunks and is being touted as "A Netflix Original Flavor." It sounds delicious. Just imagine all the fun you can have with Netflix and Chill'd while you Netflix and chill.
Engadget (1/17) 
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Adventures in Parenting
This is a preschooler's brain on books ... This is a preschooler's brain on screens
Why it matters: Yesterday's WYWW included a story highlighting the importance of intact neural circuitry, which is also known as white matter, in older adults (See: Bigger brains weren't always better).

Today we take a look at the importance of white matter at the other end of the age spectrum. A recent study suggests the white matter in preschoolers who spend time looking at books or having books read to them by a caregiver develops better than the white matter in preschoolers who spend two hours a day staring at screens. This early development is crucial because the white matter in the brain is often unable to make up for lost development time.
CNN (1/16) 
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Your Future
Happy Hour Fun
Prohibition would have turned 100
Why it matters: If we turned back the clock 100 years, you wouldn't be able to celebrate happy hour today with alcohol ... at least not legally.
The Associated Press (1/14) 
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Utah dealt with a viral outbreak
Why it matters: Though the Utah Department of Health usually strives to prevent outbreaks, this cheeky public health campaign aimed at promoting the use of condoms had no problem going viral.
Gizmodo (1/17) 
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WYWW Playlist
"Bittersweet" by Big Head Todd and the Monsters
I created a WYWW playlist on Spotify to keep track of all the songs listed in this space. Enjoy!
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Enjoy the View
A snowy sunset ... at the Grand Canyon
A snowy sunset ... at the Grand Canyon
This photo was submitted by Christina Boehle.
Flickr (1/17) 
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Kudos to Canopy for waiting to ensure its cannabis beverages meet quality standards. If its beverages aren't consistent, Canopy's customers (and the cannabis industry) will suffer. My first experience with a cannabis-infused beverage was years ago and it was ... umm ... educational. One of my buddies who has always known a lot about weed handed me a bottle of the stuff and warned me, "Just take a tiny sip. Like a cap full. If you take big gulps, you'll be sideways all night."

I heeded my buddy's seemingly sage advice and took one small sip ... and I was STILL sideways all night.

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