D-Day anniversary events were scaled back | AI was used to measure "hot desking" comfort and concentration | The rings of Saturn rang like a bell
June 5, 2020
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D-Day anniversary events were scaled back
(-/AFP/Getty Images)
Why it matters: With large gatherings still banned due to the coronavirus pandemic, the official commemorations on the beaches of Normandy have been canceled. Many of the events have been moved to online platforms. Perhaps one silver lining to this story is that the virtual nature of the commemorations this year means more people around the world will be able to participate.
Full Story: The Guardian (London) (6/5) 
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Why it matters: Even before the coronavirus pandemic, many organizations began incorporating "hot desking" protocols to maximize office space and optimize work flow. But can such concepts aimed at flexibility diminish workers' comfort and concentration levels? Research out of Australia leveraged artificial intelligence to tackle that question and the answer is yes.
Full Story: RMIT University (Australia) (6/4) 
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Why it matters: Seismic waves from Saturn's interior push out with such strength that they cause the planet's rings to vibrate. The discovery is significant because it indicates some of the interior of Saturn is stable.
Full Story: Space (6/5) 
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Why it matters: Sorry James Bond fans, but new research suggests some diamonds aren't forever. The massive amount of CO2 being released as the African continent splits in two is bringing instability to diamonds in the area.
Full Story: Tulane University (6/4) 
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Why it matters: If all the predictions about work-from-home arrangements becoming more commonplace come true, it stands to reason that the crowds and rush of rush hour might dissipate a bit. But do we really need to have a rush hour?
Full Story: New York magazine (tiered subscription model) (6/5) 
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Are you going to change your commuting habits permanently?
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Friday Fun Day
Why it matters: Of course men can grow boobs big enough to need a bro, but can someone really die from licking too many envelopes? Does broccoli actually taste like a "vile weed" to some people? And what exactly is the human biology behind ... ahem ... shrinkage?
Full Story: The Conversation (6/5) 
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Why it matters: Even die-hard fans of "The Goonies" might not realize how influential the formula for the movie became in Hollywood movie-making circles. Perhaps the lesson here is that instead of focusing on big budget flicks that drown in special effects, savvy filmmakers would do well to begin with a simple premise ... like what a group of kids might want to do on a rainy day.
Full Story: The Ringer (6/5) 
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For Your Viewing Pleasure
Why it matters: This is some scary footage. No one was hurt in the landslide and the one dog that was swept away managed to swim back to the shore.
Full Story: Gizmodo (6/5) 
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For Your Listening Pleasure
Why it matters: Jump in your ride and hit the road! Thank you to all the readers who submitted songs. I didn't include every single song that was submitted, but I tried to include at least one from every reader (some of you submitted quite a few tunes!). If you sent me an email and don't see any of your songs on the playlist, please re-send your songs.

You will undoubtedly know many of these songs, but there are probably a few tunes with which you might not be unfamiliar. Please enjoy them all and you might just be able to broaden your musical horizons ... while you chase the actual horizon.
Full Story: Spotify/WYWW Road Trip (6/4) 
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On the Road with WYWW
A quiet park was found in a big city
(Patrick Lin/AFP via Getty Images)
Why it matters: Today's dose of mental vacationing was truly designed to give you a break from all the noise.

Yangmingshan National Park, the world's first official urban quiet park, has been designed to offer quiet spaces and experiences for the city dwellers of Taipei.
Full Story: Lonely Planet (6/5) 
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The Dagger Ball
Why it matters: I am sure a sensible solution will be found to overcome concerns about the NBA's older coaches being unable to practice social-distancing during games. If the there are no fans near the court, there is plenty of room for everyone to space out. I would love to hear what Gregg Popovich has to say on this matter. And if the NBA is truly worried about old guys being too close to young guys, how is Vince Carter supposed to play defense?
Full Story: ESPN (6/5) 
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Your Future
Survey Results
Here are the results of yesterday's reader poll. There were 1,431 responses.
Should Amazon be broken up?
Happy Hour Fun
Why it matters: Relax, you still have time. Today is National Donut Day and this Fast Company article tells you how to score some free yummy deliciousness.

Donut Lassies?: The history of National Donut Day might surprise you. It turns out the day was created as a way to honor the "Donut Lassies" who served the sweet treats to soldiers on the frontlines of World War I. While that name hasn't aged too well, the tradition has.
Full Story: Fast Company online (6/5),  The Salvation Army (6/5) 
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WYWW Playlist
This was the first song on a road trip CD I made to drive across the country a couple decades ago. It was San Diego to Washington, D.C., with the woman who would become my wife along for the ride.

There is a WYWW playlist on Spotify to keep track of all the songs listed in this space. Click here to follow the playlist.
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Enjoy the View
Refugio State Beach in California
This photo was submitted by Pete Dimitrakopoulos. I am loving all these night pics readers are submitting.
Full Story: Flickr (6/5) 
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