Facebook launched a new payment platform | Facebook launched a new payment platform | The debut of Disney+ included some pluses and a minuses
November 12, 2019
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Facebook launched a new payment platform
(JOE KLAMAR/Getty Images)
Facebook launched a new payment platform
Why it matters: The launch of the oh-so-creatively named platform Facebook Pay represents another heavyweight getting into a payments landscape that's already crowded with the likes of Venmo, PayPal, Square, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay. Facebook is hoping to capture transactions its users make via connections in Facebook-owned offerings like Messenger, Instagram, WhatsApp.

Consider this: The payments landscape is so big that two of the biggest names (Venmo and PayPal) are part of the same company and a platform a consortium of big banks spent years developing, Zelle, has barely made a dent in the market.
TechCrunch (11/12) 
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The debut of Disney+ included some pluses and a minuses
Why it matters: Amid high expectations, the Disney+ streaming service launched today and viewers were immediately subjected to some hits and misses. The "Star Wars" spin-off "The Mandalorian" has received early plaudits, but the catalog of "The Simpsons" is unfortunately shown with the wrong aspect ratio.

The entire streaming service also crashed at launch. Disney blamed the outage on unexpected high demand ... but I am gonna go ahead and blame the Dark Side.
Multichannel News (11/11),  The Hollywood Reporter (11/12),  The Verge (11/12) 
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Copper beds saved lives
Why it matters: A study in Applied and Environmental Microbiology found ICU hospital beds that had copper surfaces had significantly fewer bacteria than those with plastic surfaces. Data showed that after cleaning, 89% of samples from control beds exceeded terminal cleaning and disinfection risk thresholds, compared with 9% of samples from copper beds.
MedPage Today (free registration) (11/8) 
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Guide dog dropouts were awesome
Why it matters: Think about it: Is there any kind of dog that is better to own than a dog that juuuuust misses the cut as a guide dog? They have all that training, why not let them put it to use for you?

This behind-the-scenes look at the lives of guide dog dropouts is great (and so is the art work atop the article). Among the best nuggets is how some people never refer to the dogs that don't make the grade as "failures." They prefer softer language such as "reassigned," "career-changed."
MEL Magazine (11/11) 
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Seen and Heard
"Mini cheetah" robots were kinda spooky
Why it matters: There is something about this video of a pack of "mini cheetah" robots at MIT that is just weird. The machines are certainly cool, but the sound they make when they move is kinda eerie.
TechCrunch (11/9) 
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To Your Health
CAR-T gave cancer patients hope
Why it matters: CAR-T, a new therapy being used to treat cancer, is providing hope for patients who are on the brink of death. The therapy involves removing the patient's own blood, filtering it for immune cells and then genetically engineering those cells to recognize and attack the cancer.
Scientific American online (11/9) 
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Reduce your employees' out-of-pocket drug costs
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This is Cool
Spray-on band aids became a thing
Why it matters: Researchers have developed a delivery system for fiber bandages that works a lot like a can of spray paint. Not only can the system emit bandages to cover wounds, it can also be used for controlled drug release over time.
ScienceDaily/American Institute of Physics (11/12) 
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Your Future
Survey Results
Here are the results from Friday's reader poll. There were 1,254 responses.
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Which of these movies would be the worst to have spoiled?
The Sixth Sense  52.89%
The Usual Suspects  19.32%
The Empire Strikes Back  14.74%
Fight Club  8.77%
Primal Fear  2.19%
La La Land  2.09%
Happy Hour Fun
Happy Exploding Whale Day!
Why it matters: On this date 49 years ago, officials in Oregon opted to take an unusual approach to removing the carcass of a gray whale that had washed onto the beach. Twenty cases of dynamite, what could possibly go wrong?

Behind the camera: For a number of years, my wife worked with Doug Brazil, the cameraman who captured that explosive footage. I've shared a few pints with Doug and every time he tells the story about that day, it just keeps getting better.
Beach Connection (Oregon) (11/11) 
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WYWW Playlist
"10/10" by Rex Orange County
I created a WYWW playlist on Spotify to keep track of all the songs listed in this space. Enjoy!
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Enjoy the View
Sunset ... in Seattle, Washington
Sunset ... in Seattle, Washington
Submitted by Anne Gillies. I like the way this one catches the Space Needle and Mt. Rainier.
Flickr (11/12) 
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