January 25, 2022
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In the News
A meeting of surgeons, scientists, advocacy groups and women in 2019 had prompted the FDA to update its existing rules in relation with breast implants in October last year, which included creating new labeling requirements for breast implant manufacturers and prohibiting the sale of textured breast implants. Due to the changes, "[b]reast implant surgery has never been safer, because the implant technology has improved and leak rates are lower than ever; surgical complications are lower as well," said Andrea Pusic, the Joseph E. Murray Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School.
Full Story: Harvard Health Publishing (1/21) 
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Liposuction was done right if there were no signs of the procedure, as well as visible scars, lumps or abrupt cutoffs. Plastic surgeon Joseph Russo said the body areas that have been suctioned must have "normal contours, especially when compared to surrounding tissue," and plastic surgeon German Newall added that "[w]hen liposuction is performed properly, you will see natural-looking curves that form a well-balanced physique."
Full Story: NewBeauty magazine online (1/20) 
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Practice Management
The transition period from inpatient to outpatient is often marked by miscommunication, missteps and missed opportunities to improve patient care and outcomes, writes primary care physician Fred Pelzman. "Instead of insisting that a discharge summary be a long and contorted document that no one's ever going to actually read, it would probably be better if we turned the time of discharge into an active conversation, a time and place to engage and discuss and take on roles and responsibilities," Pelzman writes.
Full Story: MedPage Today (free registration) (1/18) 
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Health Quality & Advocacy
Eighteen associations representing surgeons, rheumatologists, pathologists, radiologists and others sent a letter to the Center for Clinical Standards and Quality calling for transparency on how Medicare administrative contractors come to local coverage determinations. The letter recommended six policies for the CMS to consider, including requiring contractors to provide public notice before changing coverage policies and holding MACs accountable to timelines.
Full Story: Radiology Business (1/21) 
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Research & Technology
Researchers have developed AMBLor, a test that can predict the return or spread of skin cancer. "This test will aid clinicians to identify genuinely low-risk patients diagnosed with an early-stage melanoma and to reduce the number of follow-up appointments for those identified as low risk," said Penny Lovat, who led the research.
Full Story: Sky News (1/14) 
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Patients with moderate or severe atopic dermatitis who took 250mg of lebrikizumab every two weeks for 16 weeks experienced improvements in head and neck Eczema Area and Severity Index scores, compared with those who were treated with placebo. The findings were presented at the Maui Derm for Dermatologists meeting.
Full Story: Healio (free registration) (1/25) 
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About the Editor
Maria Gifford
Maria Gifford
Maria Gifford is the editor of several SmartBrief newsletters focused on health care. Gifford is a veteran medical journalist who has produced evidence-based content for the Mayo Clinic, the American Diabetes Association, the Arthritis Foundation, Time Inc., UnitedHealth Group, St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Harvard Health Publications and more. Email Gifford at maria.gifford@futurenet.com. Like what you see? Please share this brief with a friend or colleague.
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