CDC reports sporadic flu activity in 28 states | Gender differences in youth suicide prevalence declining in the US | CDC examines pool chemical injury-related ED visits in the US
May 20, 2019
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CDC reports sporadic flu activity in 28 states
The CDC said sporadic flu activity was reported in 28 states for the week ending May 11, and this could continue for several more weeks. The share of outpatient visits for flu-like illness dropped to 1.5%, but the overall flu-related hospitalization rate increased slightly to 65.7 per 100,000 people, and three additional pediatric deaths were reported.
Becker's Clinical Leadership & Infection Control (5/17) 
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Gender differences in youth suicide prevalence declining in the US
Male youths ages 10 to 19 had 3.8 times increased odds of committing suicide from 1975 to 2016, compared with female youths, but the male-to-female suicide incidence rate ratio between 2007 and 2016 dropped from 3.14% to 1.8% among those ages 10 to 14, and from 4.15% to 3.31% among those ages 15 to 19, researchers reported in JAMA Network Open. The findings also showed that firearm-related suicide significantly increased among those ages 15 to 19, but male-to-female IRR for hanging or suffocation-related suicides significantly declined in both age groups.
CNN (5/17),  Healio (free registration)/Infectious Diseases in Children (5/17) 
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Pediatric Health Care
CDC examines pool chemical injury-related ED visits in the US
CDC researchers reported that 36.4% of the 13,508 pool chemical injury-related emergency department visits between 2015 and 2017 involved youths younger than 18, with most injuries caused by chemical fume or dust inhalation. The findings in the agency's Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report also showed that 64.5% of injuries happened between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day.
Physician's Briefing/HealthDay News (5/17) 
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Study reveals rising number of children with diabetic ketoacidosis
Canadian researchers evaluated 5,741 children with diabetes, ages 1 to 17, and found that 25.6% developed diabetic ketoacidosis no more than 3 days after being diagnosed, with DKA incidence rising by 2% each year between 2001 and 2014. The findings in CMAJ Open showed that the highest rates of DKA increase, at 2.7% each year, was observed among children ages 5 to 11.
Healio (free registration)/Endocrine Today (5/17) 
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Prenatal opioid exposure tied to stronger pain, stress symptoms
A study in the Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine showed that babies whose mothers took opioids during pregnancy had greater skin conductance scores during and after a heel-stick test. Facial distress was higher before the procedure, suggesting greater behavioral distress and increased self-soothing difficulties, among opioid-exposed infants.
U.S. News & World Report (5/17) 
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Promotional items may encourage alternative tobacco use in teens
Adolescents who owned promotional items from alternative tobacco manufacturers had a 2.1 times increased likelihood of using alternative tobacco products, such as e-cigarettes, compared with those who didn't, after adjusting for age, ethnicity/race, gender, baseline alcohol and cigarette use, and maternal educational attainment, according to a study in JAMA Network Open. Researcher Bonnie Halpern-Felsher said the findings should prompt the FDA to prohibit tobacco product companies from providing any marketing materials to youths.
HealthDay News (5/17) 
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Trends & Technology
ED patients increasingly leave Calif. hospitals as crowding worsens
The number of emergency department patients who left California hospitals after seeing a clinician but before their care was complete jumped 57% from 2012 to 2017, while the median wait before admission from the ED increased by 15 minutes to 336 minutes. Experts said the increase in patients leaving against medical advice could be attributed to overcrowding, with ED trips in the state up by nearly 20% from 2012 to 2017.
Kaiser Health News (5/17) 
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Health Policy & Regulations
GAO: CMS should improve transparency for major Medicaid changes
A Government Accountability Office report found the CMS is not doing enough to ensure the public knows about major changes to Medicaid, particularly the implementation of work rules through Section 1115 waivers. To improve transparency and avoid inconsistencies, the report urges the CMS to create standard transparency rules for new waivers, extension requests and major changes under Section 1115.
Modern Healthcare (tiered subscription model) (5/17) 
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FDA OKs extended use of Takeda's Gattex
The FDA has approved Takeda Pharmaceutical's Gattex, or teduglutide, injection as a treatment for pediatric patients at least 1 year old with short bowel syndrome who need additional nutrition or fluids via intravenous feeding. The drug was previously approved for adult patients with SBS.
Pharmacy Times online (5/17) 
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Ore. allocates $40M to free lunch program growth
Lawmakers in Oregon have approved spending $40 million on the federal free breakfast and lunch program in the state. This funding will expand the initiative to more than 60% of public-school students.
The Associated Press (5/18) 
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If you only think about your own advancement, your own success, you run out of fuel pretty quickly. But if we believed in something bigger than ourselves, that kind of motivation is self-sustaining.
Elaine Chao,
US secretary of transportation

May is Asian/Pacific American Heritage Month

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