December 3, 2021
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Gelatin desserts are simple to make, a sight to behold
(Isaac Lopez Mesa/Flickr)
The bouncy, colorful look of gelatin desserts belies the simple method used to make them, writes Rachel Wharton, who recommends the orange-and-cream flavored gelatina de naranja con leche and gelatina de mosaico recipes from Fany Gerson. "Like most gelatin desserts, mosaico is ridiculously easy compared to the payoff -- even when you make the flavors from scratch, like Gerson does, using plain gelatin or agar-agar, the vegan gelling agent commonly used across Asia," Wharton writes.
Full Story: TASTE (12/1) 
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At her restaurant Freight House in Paducah, Ky., chef Sarah Bradley puts an emphasis on family recipes -- especially when it comes to the desserts, which are managed by Bradley's mother. Family recipes for chocolate buttermilk pie and red velvet cake are mainstays of the restaurant's dessert menu, while a Southern riff on the fried doughnuts called sufganiyot are a favorite for making at home during Hanukkah.
Full Story: Saveur online (11/29) 
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Much like Chez Panisse, the restaurant that put both of their names on the culinary map, David Tanis' and Alice Waters' new Los Angeles restaurant will continue the duo's work of emphasizing seasonal and sustainable food. Lulu, located inside the Hammer Museum, features a constantly evolving menu that focuses on regenerative farming and waste reduction.
Full Story: Los Angeles Times (tiered subscription model) (11/18),  The New York Times (11/27) 
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According to the King Arthur Baking Company's "The Essential Cookie Companion," spice cookies baked with molasses date as far back as the 1830s. While most recipes have consistently used a standard formula for the traditional holiday treat, bakers are riffing on the recipe through creations such as the garam masala gingerbread cookies from Denver, Colo., recipe developer Elana Berusch, in which the spice blend -- with star anise, black pepper, clove and cinnamon -- builds on some of the original cookies' traditional spices.
Full Story: TASTE (11/16) 
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French chef Alain Ducasse has partnered with Spanish chef and restaurateur Albert Adria in the creation of ADMO, a 100-day pop-up restaurant in Paris beside the Eiffel Tower. The meatless menu focuses on sustainability and creative dishes shaped by the chefs' unique culinary backgrounds, with French techniques and flavors inspired by the cuisines of Spain and Mexico.
Full Story: The New York Times (11/27) 
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Recipe roundup
These fluffy doughnuts use a brioche dough that is baked instead of fried. The recipe calls for strawberry or raspberry jam for the filling, but you can also use vanilla pastry cream or a chocolate filling. Lil Cookie
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Sweet potato and peanut soup
(The Culinary Institute of America)
This sweet potato soup gets a nutty flavor and extra creamy texture from peanut butter. Whipped cream flavored with molasses and nutmeg makes for a special topping, along with a sprinkle of toasted peanuts. CIA Foodies
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Enveloping a large salmon fillet topped with creamed spinach in puff pastry makes for an easy yet elegant dish that is a great centerpiece for a holiday meal. How Sweet Eats
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Let's cook
Vegetarian Indian curry bowl with kidney beans and cauliflower
(The Culinary Institute of America)
This easy, healthy and delicious vegetarian Indian curry bowl includes red kidney beans and cauliflower. Chef Lars Kronmark from The Culinary Institute of America demonstrates how to toast the spices to maximize flavor and use Greek yogurt to make a creamy, rich texture.
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Cookie Tips and Tricks from SweetAmbs
The Friday Feed SmartBrief partnered with pastry chef Amber Spiegel to bring you these cookie decorating tips and tutorials
Cable knit hat meringue cookies
Piped decorations give these vanilla-flavored meringue cookies the look of cozy, cable knit hats. The recipe includes a template for getting the shape just right.
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What's on tap
US sparkling wines step into the spotlight
The American sparkling wine category is growing as Champagne shortages persist and domestic producers across the country expand their ranges and focus on quality and age-worthiness. "The market was dominated by a handful of domestic brands for years, but the entire category is expanding these days," said Ryan Davis, Jackson Family Wines' estates division regional manager for New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
Full Story: SevenFifty Daily (11/29) 
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With its unique climate, the Columbia Gorge river corridor straddling Oregon and Washington is emerging as a noteworthy AVA and destination for wine lovers, writes Brooke Herron. Among the wineries Herron singles out are Analemma, which employs regenerative and biodynamic farming and focuses on more obscure Spanish grapes, and Hiyu Wine Farm, which produces natural wines and ciders with no added yeast, enzymes, sugar, acid or water.
Full Story: Decanter (12/1) 
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SmartBrief Originals: Food industry insights
Drought and climate change in Brazil and Colombia, along with pandemic-related supply chain challenges and rising inflation, have sent wholesale coffee prices soaring this year. Retail prices have risen more modestly and big players like Starbucks say their ability to lock in prices and stock up on beans allows them to take a measured approach to raising prices.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Food & Travel (12/1) 
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The future of food
Your take
Here are the results from last week's reader poll.
What is your take on tradition when it comes to the Thanksgiving meal?
I'm a stickler for tradition -- I look forward to the same dishes, prepared the same way, year after year.
I think it's ok to mix it up a little by trying a new dish or technique, as long as you keep the classics.
Who needs tradition? I reinvent my menu every year to keep things interesting.
I don't celebrate Thanksgiving or have any traditions around the holiday.
On the menu at the CIA
Give the gift of a culinary vacation
(The Culinary Institute of America)
The holidays are right around the corner! Everyone has that one person who is just impossible to shop for, and the CIA has the solution to help cross their gift off your list -- a CIA Foodies Boot Camp. Plan your favorite food lover a culinary vacation, or treat yourself to a new culinary experience in 2022 at our locations in Napa, Calif; Hyde Park, N.Y.; and San Antonio, Texas. See the full schedule.
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Save 50% on exclusive access to the CIA
(The Culinary Institute of America)
Get exclusive access to our tested recipes, learn proper techniques, get weekly menu plans, ask our chefs questions, receive discounts from our partners, stores, restaurants, classes and more! Start your free trial today and you'll save 50% off our regular price, and get a FREE embroidered apron, courtesy of the CIA!
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About the editors
Tricia Contreras
Tricia Contreras
I joined SmartBrief in 2011 as an intern fresh out of journalism school, and over the years I have covered food news from grocery to culinary.

Chewy molasses cookies are one of my favorite holiday treats. I recently made a big batch using this excellent recipe from the "Dessert Person" cookbook, but I may need to try out some of the variations mentioned in the TASTE story in this issue.

What holiday foods do you look forward to all year long? Send me a note to share your favorite recipes, and use this link to share The Friday Feed with family and friends.
Amy Sung
Amy Sung
Since I joined SmartBrief in 2013, I have produced content on topics ranging from food retail and consumer packaged goods to the wine and spirits industry and the produce world.

Holiday cookies were never really a thing for me until my adult years. I still have yet to figure out what my go-to holiday cookie is. This year, our neighbor is calling for a submission of everyone's favorite holiday cookie to share ... vegan, nonetheless. If you have a recipe to share (vegan or not), send it my way!
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