January 14, 2021
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ACI Showcase
A research study backed by the American Cleaning Institute contends that the European Union's methodology overestimates the environmental impact of alkyl sulphate surfactants. "These results indicate the very conservative nature of the EUSES model for these materials," said Kathleen Stanton, a co-author on the research and an ACI associate vice president, adding: "While predicted concentrations can be informative, these concentrations should be corroborated by other means, including measuring environmental concentrations."
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Business Buzz & Industry Trends
Packaging design has taken on added importance in wake of the coronavirus pandemic as the role of packaging continues to evolve beyond just a branding tool. Marketing and branding expert Katie Lundin identifies six major trends that will shape packaging design in 2021, including sustainability, durability, porous materials, reassuring copy and clear typography.
Full Story: CleanLink (1/12) 
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Procter & Gamble is hosting the LifeLab exhibit at this week's virtual Consumer Electronics Show, where visitors learn about P&G's sustainability-focused solutions. Products in development include a cleaning swatch users mix with water at home to reduce packaging use.
Full Story: Adweek (1/12),  Consumer Goods Technology News (1/12) 
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During the latest episode of the SupplyChainBrain Podcast, Slate.com writer Aaron Mak says a lack of plastic and cardboard packaging was the main factor that led to shortages of cleaning supplies, yeast, pasta and other products during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. "It's actually really difficult to ramp up the supply chains for packaging in particular," Mak explains.
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Science, Policy & Health
Counting on continued consumer demand for cleaning and disinfection solutions, LG Electronics and other tech companies are developing autonomous robots that emit UV-C light to disinfect surfaces, laying the foundation for what could become a robust market. "Now there are all kinds of companies, probably 100 companies, around the world that are all jumping into that market because of covid," said Barry Hunt, CEO of Prescientx, which started developing a UV-robot in 2016, when there was no demand for such a product.
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Reuse platforms such as TerraCycle's Loop program have gained greater acceptance among consumers during the coronavirus pandemic and continued to make inroads into retail, according to TerraCycle founder and CEO Tom Szaky. "We anticipate when Loop is widely in-store, with tens of thousands of SKUs and regular trips to the grocery, the return cycle will be even shorter and quicker than it is now, adding to the savings," Szaky says.
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Unilever's ambition to achieve carbon neutrality in its cleaning products by 2030 is a daunting task that will require the consumer goods giant and its ingredient suppliers to step up the use of enzymes and live microbes, and optimize the supply chain for biobased ingredients. Unilever also needs to address issues related to palm oil sustainability, water conservation, wildlife protection and reforestation, as well as invest in low-carbon innovations such as its powdered laundry detergent that contains soda ash made from sequestered carbon dioxide.
Full Story: Chemical & Engineering News (tiered subscription model) (1/10) 
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ACI News
Regulations, Sustainability, Marketplace After COVID Among Virtual Summit "Hot Topics"
What are the major lessons learned from COVID for our supply chain? How will the regulatory landscape play out in the year ahead? What prospects does 2021 hold to help us advance climate action, a circular economy and sustainability success? These questions will be discussed in three Hot Topic discussions during ACI's Virtual Summit, January 25-29, which is free to all ACI member companies. Sign up today on our website.
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Global Industry Issues Take Center Stage at ACI Virtual Summit
Cleaning product association leaders from around the globe will come together and offer insights on the priority supply chain issues affecting their regions during the ACI Virtual Summit, January 25-29. The Global Industry Update, set for Jan. 26 at 12 p.m. EST, features executives from Asia, Oceania, Europe and the Americas sharing their perspectives on 2020 and the issues their associations will face in the year ahead. The Virtual Summit is free to all ACI member company representatives, so make sure you register today.
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