January 25, 2022
How technology is changing business and lives
Wisear: Scroll through playlists by moving your face
Wisear audio electrode technology transforms brain activity and facial movements into controls, which enable users to pause or skip through a playlist without the need to physically touch buttons on a device. "Muscular activity is the real new interface that you can build in 2022," Wisear co-founder Yacine Achiakh says.
Full Story: TechCrunch (tiered subscription model) (1/20) 
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Current and future cybersecurity issues
A new malware called BHUNT steals crypto wallet contents and data, as well as account passwords and browser cookies, and researchers are finding it hard to analyze and reverse-engineer because it is encrypted with two virtual machine packers. Systems are typically infected through pirated software downloads and illegitimate product activators.
Full Story: BleepingComputer (1/19) 
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A phishing attack on environmental protection organizations was uncovered by researcher William Thomas, who also found that Zetta Hosting Solutions owns the hostnames. "Zetta is used a lot by APTs and malware, and I'd be very surprised if they didn't know," said Thomas, a member of Curated Intelligence Trust Group, adding, "[t]hreat actors also like these types of free hostname services where they can setup infrastructure quickly, freely and anonymously."
Full Story: BleepingComputer (1/17) 
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Litigation Trends
Intellectual property, lawsuit, privacy and security news
Big tech companies are lobbying against the bipartisan American Innovation and Choice Online Act, which would prevent Google, Amazon and other companies from favoring their own products on their search engines, as the Senate Judiciary Committee votes on it today. Also, the Federal Trade Commission and Justice Department have announced a joint review of their antitrust enforcement practices, with a focus on digital markets.
Full Story: The Verge (1/18),  The Wall Street Journal (1/19) 
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Governance and Regulation
Policy developments, legislation and regulatory news
President Joe Biden has signed a memorandum giving the National Security Agency greater oversight of cybersecurity for the government's networks inside the Defense Department, intelligence agencies and affiliated federal contractors. The move will require the entities to strengthen their security practices to align them with civilian agencies working under an executive order from May.
Full Story: Federal News Network/WFED-AM (Washington, D.C.) (1/19),  The Wall Street Journal (1/19) 
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The use of security screening equipment from Nuctech, a Chinese company connected to the country's government and military, is causing concern in Europe, with records showing Nuctech equipment installed in all but one European Union member country. The US has restricted the use of the company's products, while a Nuctech deputy general manager says the company's business in Europe has been harmed by unsupported accusations.
Full Story: The Associated Press (1/20) 
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Pay it Forward
How technology companies are improving the lives of others
The charitable arm of former Google CEO Eric Schmidt and Wendy Schmidt, Schmidt Futures, will invest $40 million over five years to establish the Virtual Institute for Scientific Software with centers housed at the Georgia Institute of Technology, Johns Hopkins University and other institutions. The institute will encourage the development of flexible, open-source software that will enhance the scientific research coming out of universities.
Full Story: Science (tiered subscription model) (1/18) 
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Aon News
Jillian Slyfield, managing director and digital economy practice leader, shares tips on mitigating the risks of digital exposures in a challenging environment. Watch now.
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Watch as Aon's Cyber Solutions professionals from our risk transfer, proactive solutions, and digital forensics and incident response practice groups discuss the current cyber threat landscape and offer actionable guidance for building a strong cyber security strategy for the portfolio, including identifying and mitigating cyber risk. Watch now.
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Ransomware has become the top cyber threat facing businesses today. In fact, it's menacing growth has helped drive cyber attacks to the top of the list of global risk concerns organizations face today. Read more.
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