January 24, 2022
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The Federal Communications Commission is looking at rule changes that would take on what some see as loopholes in the multi-tenant internet service provider rules. The new rules wouldn't prohibit exclusive deals between building owners and ISPs, but would require the companies to inform tenants about them "in plain language."
Full Story: Next TV/Multichannel News (1/21) 
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Prepare for the Gigabit Era
The Mimosa by Airspan 6-series platform introduces the first Gigabit subscriber speed fixed wireless PTMP solution. As an incredibly affordable and scalable fiber-fast wireless solution, the 6-series is ready to tackle any rural, suburban and even the densest underserved cities. Extend your network reach into the gigabit fixed wireless era. Learn more!
The Latest from Washington
The Biden administration is working on an executive order that sets out a strategy for dealing with digital assets, with a goal of presenting the order to the president in coming weeks, sources say. The order reportedly requires regulators to examine aspects of digital assets and their systemic impact.
Full Story: BNN Bloomberg (Canada) (1/21),  CoinDesk (UK) (1/24) 
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Digitally Enhancing Government Efficiency
The pandemic changed the way constituents and government agencies interact with each other. Learn how governments have seen returns on digitization investments by addressing key challenges such as effectively communicating with constituents. Download the white paper.
Business, Strategies and Access
Cisco debuts switch with edge networking features
(Horacio Villalobos/Getty Images)
Cisco Systems brought out the Catalyst Industrial Ethernet 9300, a rugged rack-mountable switch that has the IOS XE operating system and the company's programmable Unified Access Data Plane application-specific integrated circuit. The Catalyst IE9300 boasts 28 Gigabit Ethernet ports and is meant to blend information technology and operational technology systems.
Full Story: Network World (1/20) 
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Lumen Technologies will provide a major overhaul to the USDA's legacy networks under a newly signed $1.2 billion, 11-year task order that will cover 9,500 US locations. The operator will install software-defined WAN and network functions virtualizations solutions to bring edge computing closer to farmlands, Lumen's Zain Ahmed said.
Full Story: FierceTelecom (1/20) 
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Fixed wireless access is part of Midco's $500 million multi-gigabit fiber rebuild, which will also be a base for DOCSIS 4.0 installation. Chief Technology Innovation Officer Jon Pederson says that "if you combine multiple efforts you can build out your network much faster" and that supply chain problems haven't caused any major disruptions.
Full Story: FierceTelecom (1/21) 
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Trends & Research
DefendX CEO Joe Cutroneo sees investing in secure cloud storage, addressing the risk of social engineering attacks and organizing unstructured data as among the key steps organizations must take to protect themselves from data breaches. "Ransomware as a service (RaaS) is continuing to expand and develop, and there's no reason to think this trend won't keep worsening," Cutroneo writes.
Full Story: Forbes (tiered subscription model) (1/21) 
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Airline executives see smooth flying for 5G ahead
Airline executives expressed optimism that telecoms will be able to go forward with full deployment of their 5G networks when the six-month moratorium of building them near airports expires. They predicted the airlines, aircraft makers, telecoms and the federal government will find a technological solution to prevent potential interference with radio altimeters.
Full Story: Ars Technica (1/21) 
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Improving supply chain security, using hybrid and multicloud strategy, planning for a sustainable future and -- most especially -- establishing a successful hybrid workforce model are the main themes Deloitte's 2022 Technology Industry Outlook report says tech companies must focus on to thrive this year. Deloitte's Paul Silverglate asserts that "[t]he companies that are best able to work collaboratively and in a heterogeneous environment are the ones that are going to be the most successful."
Full Story: ZDNet (1/19) 
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We must do extraordinary things. We have to. It would be absurd not to.
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