San Francisco investor bets on women-run food businesses | Wambach says being benched taught her leadership lessons | How "should" and "need to" kill your motivation
November 6, 2019
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San Francisco investor bets on women-run food businesses
Investor Allison Rose actively supports women in the food world, champions female chefs and puts her money into local restaurants throughout San Francisco. "I love to empower people I believe in," she says.
Nob Hill Gazette (San Francisco) (11/2) 
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Career Progression: Developing Leaders
Wambach says being benched taught her leadership lessons
Retired soccer star Abby Wambach told the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics' Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo that being benched in the 2015 World Cup taught her valuable leadership lessons she would not have learned on the field. Wambach said women must learn to "fail up" and benefit from setbacks.
SmartBrief/Leadership (10/30) 
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How "should" and "need to" kill your motivation
We sap our motivation and energy when we keep telling ourselves what we need to do, should be doing or don't have time to do, writes Kristin Hendrix. "Maybe ... we can give ourselves a little grace and the space to occasionally make the choices we need today and get back to our aspirations tomorrow," she writes.
Leadership Vitae (10/31) 
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Tap the knowledge of older workers to boost culture
Organizations can tap into older employees' skills and knowledge by creating ways for them to mentor younger team members and giving them new challenges, writes Janice Sutherland. Give performance feedback to more mature team members to increase motivation and allow them to help shape a culture of high expectations, she writes.
Thrive Global (11/4) 
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SmartBrief Originals
Consumer concern for environmental issues fuels focus on sustainability
Growing consumer concern about climate change, plastic waste and other environmental problems has businesses taking serious steps to address sustainability issues, The Hartman Group CEO Laurie Demeritt writes. "The moral, even spiritual, overtones evident in consumers' relationship to sustainability stem not just from a search for hope and resilience but also a sense that collective action and even sacrifice is necessary for progress," she writes.
SmartBrief/Food & Beverage (11/6) 
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Diversity and Inclusion
How to achieve a culture of diversity and inclusion
Leaders must educate themselves on the experiences of different groups in order to be truly diverse and inclusive, writes Caroline Stokes. Take accountability for past mistakes; earn the trust of employees; and be intentional about listening to all voices, she writes.
Entrepreneur online (11/4) 
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Writer contemplates why diversity is slow to gain momentum
The lack of diversity in some fields has become so commonplace that if just one or two people of color are represented, it's easy to claim diversity is on the upswing, says author Pamela Newkirk. "We have so many people whose talents are being overlooked or whose potential is not being developed because we have this idea of who should be in these fields," Newkirk says.
Workforce online (10/30) 
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Women and Innovation in the Workforce
Savannah, Ga., celebrates women culinary leaders
Women in the culinary field joined forces Monday to host a "culinary cool" kickoff to this year's 2019 Savannah Food and Wine Festival. Les Dame Escoffier hosted the event, which paired chefs with local culinary students and included a panel discussion.
WTOC-TV (Savannah, Ga.) (11/5) 
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Growth comes when women invest in women
When female investors back startups launched by other women, they can bring about change that spreads far beyond the individual business being funded, writes Ambika Singh, co-founder of clothing rental startup Armoire. "More women succeeding means more mentors, more torch-bearers, more examples to follow -- and fewer boardrooms lacking in diversity," she writes.
Fortune (10/31) 
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WFF News
Build camaraderie without adding bias
The corporate off-site is supposed to bring people together, but sometimes the go-to events are unintentionally male-centric or don't consider the backgrounds, experience and interests of diverse team members. "Get a lot of feedback, provide plenty of options and focus on the opportunity to interact to ensure the net result is inclusion and not exclusion," says Christine Geissler, Chief HR Officer and Regional Vice President for Kerry North America. Read more.
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