More working adults considering additional college | How higher-education faculty have epitomized grit | Interactive texts increase adult math student interest
September 22, 2020
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Leadership & Innovation
More working adults considering additional college
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There is a growing interest in postsecondary training and education among working adults, a poll by Strada's Center for Consumer Insights shows. While 59% of respondents questioned the value of more education, 64% said they thought it might help them get a job.
Full Story: Inside Higher Ed (9/17) 
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Paige Francis describes how higher-education teachers have embodied grit to deliver quality education in uncharted pandemic territory. She points to a faculty response that "is nothing short of inspirational" and explains how educators have met head-on all five of psychologist Angela Lee Duckworth's characteristics of grit.
Full Story: Forbes (9/18) 
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Well-designed interactive textbooks can help adult students better commit to math courses, according to a University of Phoenix pilot study. The university worked with John Wiley & Sons' zyBooks to reimagine the curricula for two quantitative reasoning courses, and the new format created less stress and more engagement for students, the study showed.
Full Story: Campus Technology (9/21) 
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Think in reality TV terms to engage adult students
A new UPCEA study suggests that higher-education institutions may want to adopt a reality TV mindset -- learning how to stand out without standing too far out -- to successfully appeal to Generation Z and millennial adult learners, Jim Fong, the founding director of UPCEA's Center for Research and Strategy, writes. UPCEA reviewed the "request for information" exchanges between several institutions and prospective students, leaving Fong to posit: "Are you creeping out the new adult learner or are your processes designed for the final rose ceremony?"
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Policy Matters
Age and gender more than political party seem to factor into views about whether college in the US should be free, and those without college educations tend to value the idea more than those who've graduated, according to recent surveys. Meanwhile, a new study connected to the Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce shows that while "free" college isn't really free, "its value will start to outweigh its costs within a decade."
Full Story: Inside Higher Ed (9/16) 
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Research & Analysis
A majority of colleges hadn't filled their classes by July 1 and most schools that removed standardized test scores as an admissions requirement don't imagine the decision ever will be reversed, a survey of college and university admissions officers finds. "Our hope is that we can make use of this crisis to change course in our public policy to view education as a public good, rather than a private good," says David Hawkins of the National Association for College Admission Counseling.
Full Story: Inside Higher Ed (9/21) 
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Justice Ginsburg's contributions to higher ed
Ginsburg (Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)
Several people in the higher-education arena weighed in on the important role played by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, who died Friday at age 87. She was instrumental in decisions involving affirmative action in admissions, as well as the separation of church and state in education.
Full Story: Diverse: Issues In Higher Education (9/20) 
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Telehealth counseling is on the rise at colleges
Colleges and universities are increasing their telehealth options for mental health counseling, with many finding ways to provide the services across state lines for students who aren't on campus during the pandemic.
Full Story: Tech & Learning University (9/14) 
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UPCEA Updates
Featured jobs from the UPCEA Job Board
Are you seeking the perfect addition to your team? Look no further than the UPCEA job board. Check out this week's featured jobs:
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Request for Proposals: 2021 UPCEA Summit for Online Leadership and Administration + Roundtable
Submit session proposals for the 2021 Summit for Online Learning and Administration + Roundtable (SOLA+R)! SOLA+R is the leading event focused on the online enterprise from both strategic and operational perspectives. Proposals are due today. Learn more and submit today!
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