October 27, 2021
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What is NaNoWriMo and How Can It Be Used to Teach Writing?
National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) aims to help aspiring writers of all ages and levels, including students, get their novels written. It is designed to help writers silence their inner critic and get their thoughts down on the page, which it accomplishes by encouraging participants to wait until the end of the month to go back and edit, by helping them establish a deadline, and by using technology to help them connect and inspire one another. Educators can facilitate their students' participation in NaNoWrMo in order to teach storytelling, grammar, written communication, creativity, and more, all while helping encourage young novelists.
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SmartBrief Education STEM Pathways Summit
Join us on October 28 for our annual SmartBrief Education STEM Pathways Summit when we explore the intersection of STEM and social-emotional learning. Don't miss this opportunity to get fresh ideas, hear about new programs and talk with your peers in STEM education. Register today.
Defining a Digital Curriculum
"We have heard and used the phrase 'digital curriculum' almost daily in education since March 2020," writes Dr. Matthew X. Joseph, Executive Director of Learning for Providence Public Schools. "As a district leader, I always want to ensure that when our educators provide a digital curriculum or move to more online resources, it fits the students' needs and is rooted in best practice. Digital curriculum is a lot of things, but what it has yet to deliver is a universal understanding."
Full Story: Tech & Learning (10/26) 
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What is the state of student safety?
• 131% increase in student safety incidents
• 142K+ references to suicide and self-harm
• 104% increase in incidents involving violence
• 60K+ incidents flagged for nudity and sexual content

Learn more about what Gaggle saw during the 2020-21 school year.
Learning Management and Edtech Tools
What is Anchor and How Does It Work? Best Tips and Tricks
Anchor is a podcasting app created to make the process of recording and producing a podcast as easy as possible. The simplicity of it makes it a great option for teachers who want to help students learn to create their own podcasts. It's actually also built to help monetize the podcast, something that could eventually be helpful for older students. This free-to-use platform lets you create and offers podcasts to listen to that have been created by other Anchor users. Since this works via the web as well as in app form, it's easily accessible and can be used both inside and outside of the classroom.
Full Story: Tech & Learning (10/27) 
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Tech Support Starter Pack
Thanks to the pandemic, most teachers have had to learn to be their own tech support. To help with that, here are some recent articles from Tech & Learning:

For more general edtech advice, visit T&L's How To hub.

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What is the worst Halloween treat?
Candy corn
Black licorice
Mary Janes
Circus Peanuts
Necco Wafers
An apple and/or toothbrush
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Editor's Note
Dear New Teacher
Dear New Teacher
(Evette Rawls/YouTube)
Like many teachers, Evette Rawls has tried to help her colleagues cope with the challenges of the pandemic. Unlike others, she's produced her own documentary to do so.

Dear New Teacher: Teaching During the Pandemic (available here on YouTube) features candid conversations about around those just starting out in teaching, particularly educators of color. Rawls, a middle school teacher in Durham, North Carolina, remembers how isolated she felt at the beginning of her career more than two decades ago. And that has only been exacerbated for many by the pandemic.

"New teachers are facing expectations from the parents, students, the district," she recently told WRAL. "They have to find somebody they trust and can be transparent with."

Rawls had never made a film before, but with her iphone and some help from colleagues and a local production company, she created the 34-minute documentary that shares experiences, feelings, and concerns of trying to navigate the challenges of instruction during such a critical time.

"The heart of the teacher is so important," she said. "Because sometimes you hear the stories of teachers, but you don't hear from the teachers themselves. It's important to let their voices be heard."
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