April 19, 2021
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AI Writing Programs Are Getting Better. Is That a Good Thing?
Artificial intelligence (AI) is evolving at a rapid pace, including writing platforms such as GPT-3, which made headlines last year for creating a blog post that most readers assumed was written by a human. In addition, AI tutoring technology and grading tools have already become common in the world of education, spurring an assortment of ethical questions and concerns. How these developing technologies are used will determine whether or not AI in the classroom is a good thing, say educators.
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The Value of Families and Relationships in Education
The Value of Families and Relationships in Education
(Dr. Cynthia Lim)
In the most recent episode of T&L's Honor Role podcast, author and leader extraordinaire, Dr. Cynthia Lim, talks about her education journey, including influences such as her grandmother, who as a young girl in China was not allowed to be educated. Hear how learning the importance of not taking education for granted, and leading with an open heart, has been critical to her success.
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Webinar. April 28 - Why Active Learning is More Crucial Than Ever
Join our free Tech & Learning Virtual Roundtable, April 28, 3:30 ET where Dr. Kecia Ray talks with a panel of experts about the research that confirms the efficacy of active learning in the areas of math, literacy, and social emotional learning. Register Now to learn practical strategies that school leadership teams can put into place to make the most of active learning.
Learning Management and Edtech Tools
What is Wakelet and How Does it Work?
Wakelet is a digital curation platform that lets teachers and students organize a mix of content for easy access. If you think of a media feed on something such as Pinterest, that's a little what Wakelet feels like -- a recognizable tool for students that can make sharing a mix of digital content easy. From social media posts and videos to images and links, this lets you collate it all in one stream. These combinations are known as wakes and can be easily created and shared with a single link, making any widely accessible for students, teachers, and families.
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Updating Bloom's Taxonomy for Digital Learning
Bloom’s Digital Taxonomy is an update of the classic framework with a focus on high-quality technology-rich instruction that is essential for increased student engagement and improved student performance.
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Go Big or Go Home
In January 2021, Hall Research rebranded as Hall Technologies and concurrently announced HIVE Control, its bold entry into cloud-based AV control technology. Cindy Davis sat down with Hal Truax, vice president of sales and marketing at Hall, to discuss how HIVE Control is addressing some of the technology problems being experienced in the education space.
Read the full interview.
Extra Credit
Webinar: Wed May 19, 3:30 ET, Creating Engaging STEM Lessons, sponsored by Boxlight and Samsung
Find out the latest tools and lesson plans that you can use to teach STEM and engage all of your students, and gain an understanding from teachers on how they present STEM lessons that you can easily replicate in any learning environment.
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