October 27, 2021
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Most companies struggle to execute business ideas and won't improve because executives underestimate their lack of success, their biases and the complexity of the organizations they lead, write Eric Colson, Daragh Sibley and Dave Spiegel. They offer a guide to better, more systematic experimentation that includes ending poor-performing experiments rather "than unknowingly providing on-going support to an idea that is doing nothing or actually hurting your metrics -- which is what happens most of the time."
Full Story: O'Reilly Radar blog (10/26) 
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Social media techniques from targeted advertising to contests and consistently posting schedules can generate qualified sales leads, writes entrepreneur Dinesh Agarwal. Agarwal explains these and seven other ways to experiment with social media marketing, such as polls and surveys, gated content, and videos.
Full Story: Business 2 Community (10/19) 
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LinkedIn boosts engagement, ad sales
LinkedIn engagement reached record levels, user sessions were up 19% and ad sales rose 42% during the third quarter (compared with Q3 2020) amid growing demand and an expanding job market, according to parent Microsoft. The social platform is betting future growth on more advertising tools, digital events and creator tools and creator funding initiatives.
Full Story: Social Media Today (10/27),  GeekWire (10/26) 
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How to make lifelong learning more successful
(Christin Hume/Unsplash)
Relevance, size and curation are key factors in making lifelong learning successful for workers, according to researchers at the London School of Economics. The team surveyed 15 top performers in continuing education across three companies to pinpoint problems -- such as finding time to complete courses and focusing on quick completion rather than subject mastery -- and offers suggestions for more optimal programs.
Full Story: London School of Economics (10/22) 
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Human resources influences companies' performance and deserves an executive-level voice, especially as the talent war persists, business adviser Jim Schleckser writes. To enlist executives who transcend HR's administrative tasks, look inside and outside the company, as well as considering temporary consultants, Schleckser recommends.
Full Story: Inc. (tiered subscription model) (10/26) 
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Free eBooks and Resources
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TIP: A Simple Strategy to Inspire High Performance and Lasting Success
Whatever your role, or level of success in your career, TIP will help you discover, or remember, how to consistently bring unique value to your team, your organization, and your most important customers. This easy read will provide a strategy for personal success, complete with coaching and action plans. Download now.
Effective Communication Skills—The 10 Things You Need to Know
This tips and tricks guide starts with explaining what communication skills are and the importance of them in the workplace. Then it will provide you with the top 10 communication skills and how to obtain each of them. This guide has everything you need to sharpen those skills. Download now.
A global minimum tax, which is being considered this week by the Group of 20 forum of leading nations, would help level the playing field between small businesses and large corporations, writes Rhett Buttle, executive director of the Small Business Roundtable. It would remove incentives from shifting jobs and profits abroad, make tax rates more equitable for small and large companies, and bolster small businesses' ability to compete, Buttle notes.
Full Story: Forbes (tiered subscription model) (10/26) 
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Business bank accounts simplify taxes and provide a path to other services, such as loans and business credit cards. Whether a company needs simplicity, loans or high-tech tools can help business owners narrow down the options, several of which are outlined in this guide.
Full Story: HubSpot (10/27) 
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Tips & Tools
Small-business owners can pay themselves through limited liability companies or owners' draws. The best method depends on the company's legal structure, the payment amount and the schedule, writes Brandi Marcene.
Full Story: Atlanta Small Business Network (10/26) 
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Just for Fun
Amoon, a dog dressed as an essential worker, won best in show at the 31st annual Tompkins Square Halloween Parade in New York City. Other honorees included dogs dressed as a dim sum cart, "Bark Obama" and a Great Dane dressed as Maleficent.
Full Story: Gothamist (New York) (10/25) 
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If the performance of your company hinges on the kind of talent you have inside the business, it's high time to give your HR function a voice in the strategic direction of the business.
Business adviser Jim Schleckser, writing in Inc.
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