January 15, 2021
SmartBrief on Small Business
Problem. Solved.
Business dropped about 75% last year at Dagar's Catering in Austin, Texas, with large events canceled, so the owners created a popup barbecue restaurant in front of their business. "Its showing that there are small businesses out there that need to keep moving forward, and we're doing whatever we can to do that," says Frank Albarado, who runs the business with his wife, Kathryn.
Full Story: KEYE-TV (Austin, Texas) (1/14) 
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Expert: How to fix failing Facebook ads
(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Mistakes -- either technical or creative -- can hamper Facebook campaigns, warns advertising expert Tara Zirker. She outlines how to test and improve copy, images and landing pages, and how to use the Dynamic Creative feature.
Full Story: Social Media Examiner (1/15) 
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Twitter has launched a 108-page strategic guide to help marketers plan their 2021 tweets. The document includes advice on getting the most out of crucial tools, as well as monthly planning worksheets, tweet prompts and templates.
Full Story: Social Media Today (1/14) 
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Employers can design productive performance evaluations in five steps, writes Peter Navarro, who works in employer branding. Navarro explains how to make an organization chart, categorize each job, decide how many evaluators will participate, give post-evaluation feedback and write a development plan.
Full Story: Business 2 Community (1/13) 
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Companies want to keep their best talent as long as possible, but ineffective onboarding can make this difficult. Here are six suggestions to make onboarding as employee-friendly as possible.
Full Story: Business 2 Community (1/14) 
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Final 2020 payments for small businesses that pay estimated quarterly taxes are due today. In most cases, businesses must pay 90% or more of their taxes for the current year or all of their taxes for the previous year to avoid penalties.
Full Story: CNBC (1/14) 
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If you were unemployed or under-employed in 2020, there are one-time tax advantages to look for when filing your tax return this year. This primer explains how the lookback provision that is part of the federal economic relief package passed in December will work.
Full Story: USA Today (1/13) 
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Tips & Tools
Cyberinsurance won't protect businesses from hackers but can mitigate financial losses. Among the coverage to look for are business interruption, network security, errors and omissions, and privacy liability, insurance executive Dan Burke says.
Full Story: TechRepublic (1/14) 
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President-elect Joe Biden says he will ask Congress to act swiftly to provide $1.9 trillion in immediate relief to help the economy recover from the coronavirus pandemic. The package includes aid to states and cities, additional unemployment benefits, larger direct payments to Americans and a minimum wage increase.
Full Story: Bloomberg (1/14),  CNBC (1/14),  The New York Times (1/15),  Reuters (1/15) 
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Just for Fun
Cuneiform tablets found in the ruins of Kanesh, in modern-day Turkey, from the 19th century B.C. show women were deeply involved in the textile trade business with Iraq, writing to their brothers and husbands about issues of profits and fraud. The letters are part of a book about the thriving business of the Assyrian traders who sold textiles and other luxury goods.
Full Story: BBC (free registration) (1/13) 
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A performance evaluation needs to be prepared with dedication to obtain true, sustainable results.
Peter Navarro, head of employer branding at Sixt SE, writing for Business 2 Community
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