Why employers are the first line of defense for the flu | What to look for in an influencer | How marketers can prepare for a "cookie-less" world
January 21, 2020
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Why employers are the first line of defense for the flu
Why employers are the first line of defense for the flu
Employers who encourage workers to stay home when they're sick could cut the spread of the flu, according to a study by three economists. Because public transportation, shared work spaces and children in daycare contribute to transmission of the virus, "firms should consider more generous sick day policies, particularly during the flu season," says researcher Erik Nesson.
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What to look for in an influencer
Gretta Van Riel, whose company connects entrepreneurs with influencers, shares three tips for choosing the right influencer, a tactic with huge conversion potential. Focus on the growth rate of influencers' follower counts, the relevance of their expertise and the relationships they have with their audience, Van Riel says.
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How marketers can prepare for a "cookie-less" world
Ad buyers and brands are rattled by the fact that Chrome is eliminating cookies and they're "losing their foundational tracking mechanism," Alison Weissbrot writes. She contends Google's Privacy Sandbox solution is "still too theoretical" and suggests marketers start the changeover process by considering first-party data usage, rethinking targeting and optimization and considering new measurement techniques.
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Turn employee dissatisfaction into collaboration
Lift employees out of a "subculture of dissatisfaction" with messages of how they fit within the company's vision and reward them for their success, writes small-business advocate Carissa Reiniger. Other ways to inspire collaboration are by offering work-life balance, delegation and ongoing education, Reiniger writes.
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The work environment: How to bring mindfulness to mind
In the face of the ever-increasing level of busyness, Mabbly CEO Hank Ostholthoff recommends instituting guiding principles of mindfulness to bring peace and productivity. Implementing "monotasking," focusing on team engagement and sticking with the efforts to shape culture can lead to improvements, he says.
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Make these moves before taking out a business loan
Make these moves before taking out a business loan
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Before borrowing money for growth, business owners should check credit scores and file taxes before April 15, writes Rohit Arora, co-founder of a financing platform. Avoid a common reason for rejection by including all required information in the credit application, he notes.
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Tips & Tools
Growth predicted for small-manufacturing, home-remodeling industries
Experts expect upticks for small manufacturers and home-remodeling companies this year. "We've probably seen the worst of it behind us," says Tim Fiore of the Institute for Supply Management.
The Associated Press (1/20) 
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Take these steps to prevent a data breach
Phishing is becoming one of the most common forms of hacking, and entrepreneurs can take steps to prevent a breach from occurring. Instituting training and procedures and understanding how companies can be a target, in addition to using security software, are among experts' recommendations for avoiding such an event.
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Firewalls adapt to keep providing strong cybersecurity
Firewall vendors have kept their products relevant by adding intrusion prevention system capabilities and other security features, writes Tufin Chairman and CEO Ruvi Kitov. Even with the rise in cloud computing, firewalls remain important for on-premises security and the internet of things, he writes.
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Meteorites reveal age and stench of the universe
Fragments of a meteorite that hit Australia in 1969 has revealed particles that are as much as 7 billion years old -- and that space rocks often stink like "rotten peanut butter" or "wet hay." The sniff test is a curious byproduct of the research because "scientists are human, too," says researcher Jennika Greer, co-author of a study.
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Video and even audio influencers are able to develop a more human connection with their audience because their audience feels like they know them which helps scale trust that much further.
Gretta Van Riel of Hey Influencers, quoted in Forbes
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