Focus on deal execution over forecast accuracy | How to use 3 digital tactics to drive B2B awareness | Is your psychological well-being at risk?
October 30, 2020
SmartBrief on Sales
Sales and Marketing Management Strategies
Sales organizations that spend too much time and energy worrying about forecast accuracy are missing out on opportunities to improve in other areas, writes David Brock. High-performing organizations tend to focus more on consistent performance than accurately forecasting deal success, Brock writes.
Full Story: Partners in Excellence Blog (10/28) 
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Business-to-business marketers can leverage their website, search engine optimization and social media to drive brand awareness by delivering relevant content and experiences, writes Loyalty Builder's Adam Feiner. He explains how to maximize each channel, advising for social -- "Listening can keep you ahead of your competition, help you construct an effective influencer program and even build more impactful brand partnerships."
Full Story: Forbes (10/29) 
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SmartBrief Originals
If you're feeling fearful, agitated, overwhelmed and can't muster compassion and empathy for people, you might be endangering your psychological well-being and inhibiting your leadership, writes Susan Fowler. "The erosion of your psychological needs jeopardizes your ability to generate the vitality you need for meeting everyday challenges, let alone the epic challenges we all face today," she writes.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Leadership (10/28) 
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Daily Data Points
A wave of consumer debt defaults looks increasingly likely as unemployment remains high and relief initiatives run dry with no sign of further federal aid. "I fear jobless workers are going to have to make tough choices," said Fiona Greig, director of consumer research at the JPMorgan Chase Institute.
Full Story: Politico (10/29) 
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The Leaderboard
Resumes fail to reveal candidates who are adjusting successfully to a quickly shifting job market, writes Dina Bayasanova of PitchMe. Bayasanova's suggestions for evaluating job seekers include using secondary sources, such as their blogs, portfolios or peer reviews, and updating screening criteria.
Full Story: Fast Company online (10/29) 
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Research from Gusto shows the continued disproportionate effect of the pandemic on women, revealing female employees have been furloughed and terminated at higher rates since March than men -- at 24% and 22%, respectively. "[E]mployers must aggressively protect the gains women have made in the workforce," Naz Beheshti writes.
Full Story: Forbes (10/29) 
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On the Road
The latest update to United Airlines' mobile app has improved access for people with visual disabilities by changing the way information is displayed so that it is easier to read and works better with programs that convert text to audio. United has also made day-of-travel information that had previously been accessible only to frequent flyer members available to all passengers.
Full Story: The Points Guy (10/28) 
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Tech Update
Budget-savvy consumers turn to social media
Mediahub research shows that budget shoppers include more men, parents, millennials and affluent consumers. Many use TikTok, Twitter and other online communities for ideas, reviews and even purchases.
Full Story: MediaPost Communications (10/28) 
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Link-building is an essential component of a business-to-business digital strategy and Matt Diggity explains how to develop an ethical strategy via guest posts, "link reclamation" and business directories relevant for your industry. "If you consistently publish high-quality, valuable content and establish yourself as a go-to expert in your industry, other writers and site owners will naturally start linking to you," Diggity writes.
Full Story: MarketingProfs (free registration) (10/29) 
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Making Small Talk
Dinner was served on a Ferris wheel
(Attila Kisbenedek/AFP via Getty Images)
One of Budapest's Michelin star restaurants, Cortes, is helping diners observe social distancing by serving meals on the Budapest Eye. The $155 four-course meals were served in private glass cabins on the Ferris wheel in the heart of the city.
Full Story: Lonely Planet (10/29) 
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