January 15, 2021
SmartBrief on Sales
Sales and Marketing Management Strategies
Walker Sands' Erin Jordan Spanski outlines three ways business-to-business marketers can maximize budgets this year. She recommends investing in brand-building, optimizing martech to boost personalization, and identifying and prioritizing the highest-performing channels.
Full Story: MarketingProfs (free registration) (1/14) 
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The best way to improve sales effectiveness is often to get a clearer picture of your client's needs or viewing things from a new lens, writes Anthony Iannarino. "The more you improve your vantage point, the better you are able to create value for your contacts, resulting in a greater ability to create and win opportunities," Iannarino writes.
Full Story: The Sales Blog (1/12) 
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SmartBrief Originals
How to help your team all year, not just in January
The new year doesn't wipe away ongoing challenges, so leaders must continue to be resilient, compassionate, consistent and encouraging to help employees be inspired and motivated, writes Julie Winkle Giulioni. "Leaders who train their eyes to find and celebrate the positive inspire the same in those around them," she writes.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Leadership (1/14) 
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Daily Data Points
The consumer price index increased 0.4% in December, with the rising cost of gasoline a major factor, the Labor Department said. The increase was in line with economists' predictions.
Full Story: Reuters (1/13),  Bloomberg (1/13) 
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The Leaderboard
Companies want to keep their best talent as long as possible, but ineffective onboarding can make this difficult. Here are six suggestions to make onboarding as employee-friendly as possible.
Full Story: Business 2 Community (1/14) 
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How much do you save by telecommuting?
(Robyn Beck/Getty Images)
Companies could save about $11,000 a year per worker if they adopt a hybrid remote work model, according to Global Workplace Analytics. Employees who partially telecommute could save about $3,000 a year in expenses, the report shows.
Full Story: Fox Business (1/14) 
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On the Road
Delta Air Lines' Global Cleanliness division is deploying a team of "clean ambassadors" who will audit cleaning processes and procedures across US airports. "This team will serve as dedicated eyes and ears at our airports, advising employees and partners, answering questions from customers and bringing a focus and a rigor to cleanliness that will give customers even more confidence in their choice to fly with Delta," said Mike Medeiros, vice president of global cleanliness.
Full Story: Delta News Hub (1/13) 
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Tech Update
This infographic from LinkedIn displays how to implement five business-to-business customer engagement strategies recommended by LinkedIn's Tusar Barik and Edelman's Joe Kingsbury. The visual covers long-term brand positioning, understanding your customer's customers, aligning marketing and sales, centering efforts around the customer journey, and fostering trust through thought leadership.
Full Story: Social Media Today (1/14) 
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Twitter has launched a 108-page strategic guide to help marketers plan their 2021 tweets. The document includes advice on getting the most out of crucial tools, as well as monthly planning worksheets, tweet prompts and templates.
Full Story: Social Media Today (1/14) 
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Making Small Talk
The latest trend on TikTok is collaborative sea shanty singing. One example is a rendition of "Drunken Sailor" from Jonny Stewart that has attracted more than 88,500 views and 10,000 likes.
Full Story: Newsweek (tiered subscription model) (1/13) 
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Editor's Note
SmartBrief will not publish Monday
In observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the US, SmartBrief will not publish Monday. Publication will resume Tuesday.
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