April 20, 2021
SmartBrief on Sales
Sales and Marketing Management Strategies
Free trials and one-call closing models can be effective ways to shorten sales cycles, writes Zac Muir. Reject the assumption that sales cycles require a minimum amount of time and try using sales engineers, support teams and other roles creatively to speed up selling activities, Muir suggests.
Full Story: Sales Hacker (4/15) 
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Generation Z consumers are a challenging crowd to please, with 57% of this consumer group reporting they're less loyal to brands than they were pre-pandemic, based on a study from Sitecore. Digital sales channels are at particular risk, with 37% of Gen Zers reporting abandoning a purchase or leaving a negative review due to a poor digital shopping experience.
Full Story: Marketing Dive (4/16) 
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Humanscale Chief Marketing Officer Leena Jain explains how the brand pivoted during the pandemic from selling to business-to-business companies to catering for the working-from-home market. Jain talks about how digital asset management technology facilitated the creation of a campaign in just two weeks.
Full Story: ClickZ (4/19) 
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Daily Data Points
The Dow Jones Industrial Average ended last week with a 0.5% gain, lifting it to a record high of 34,200.67 points. The S&P 500 also reached a record with a rise to 4,185.47 points, with both indexes recording a fourth consecutive week of upturns, while the Nasdaq composite fared well with a gain of 13.58 points that brought it narrowly short of a record.
Full Story: Barron's (tiered subscription model) (4/16) 
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The Leaderboard
Most companies have some policy regarding location-based compensation, according to a WorldatWork study that also found 67% of employees expect location to be factored into their salaries. More than 40% of employers with existing location-based policies have adjusted or are reconsidering their guidelines.
Full Story: Society for Human Resource Management (tiered subscription model) (4/19) 
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When the pandemic ends, companies need to be ready to clearly communicate their policies on virtual work, how employees meet and collaborate, in-person events and whether recruiting will cover a larger geography, writes Optimal Networks CEO Heinan Landa.
Full Story: Chief Executive (4/15) 
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On the Road
Airlines will be deploying widebody planes on longer domestic routes this summer as demand for domestic destinations continues to recover. "It's like buying a Porsche to drive it to church on Sundays," said Brian Znotins, vice president of network planning at American Airlines.
Full Story: CNBC (4/18) 
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Tech Update
The UK Financial Conduct Authority is scrutinising use of unauthorised messaging systems, such as Signal, Telegram and WhatsApp, among firms. Use of such apps has grown since widespread remote work began, but the FCA regards their use as suspicious.
Full Story: Financial News (UK) (tiered subscription model) (3/29) 
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YouTube: Boost engagement with regular posts, CTAs
(Creator Insider/YouTube)
YouTube product manager Rachel Alves sheds light on how the social platform's recommendation systems use analytics beyond standard watch times to encourage repeat visits. Content creators can maximize home feed views by posting consistently with material that has general appeal, improve "suggested" section viewership with video series or topically related videos and increase overall engagement by employing call to action buttons and "watch more" labels.
Full Story: Social Media Today (4/17) 
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Making Small Talk
Secrets of the world's first color photos revealed
Lippman (Print Collector/Getty Images)
Scientist and inventor Gabriel Lippmann won the 1908 Nobel Prize in physics for his method of reproducing colors in photography. Researchers recently studied the original photographic plates Lippmann used and found that while most photographic techniques take just three spectral measurements, Lippmann's approach typically captured 26 to 64 spectral samples.
Full Story: EPFL (Switzerland) (4/15) 
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