April 21, 2021
SmartBrief on Sustainability
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PepsiCo has released its sweeping Positive Agriculture initiative, which aims to decrease greenhouse gas emissions by 3 million tons by 2030 and improve the lives of more than 250,000 people working and living across its global supply chain. The program includes sustainably sourcing 100% of key ingredients by expanding its regenerative agriculture acres to 7 million, which is roughly equal to its existing global agriculture footprint.
Full Story: Sustainable Brands (4/20),  BakeryAndSnacks (France) (4/21),  Successful Farming (4/20) 
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Setting the Example
Hiring for sustainability includes having clear descriptions of the role and the ideal candidates, as well as specific interview questions and an interviewing team that is well-versed in this subject, according to Russell Reynolds research. "In addition to candidates' interview responses, carefully selected references and psychometric testing can provide valuable inputs as to the sustainability mindset, competencies and track record," the authors write.
Full Story: Russell Reynolds Associates (4/16) 
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Kroger's sustainability program made gains in 2020
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Kroger's Zero Hunger | Zero Waste campaign helped divert 81% of waste from landfills in 2020 and fueled expansion of the grocer's recycling programs, which grew from 2,120 stores in 2019 to 2,285 stores last year, the company reports. Kroger also contributed $213 million through the program to fight hunger in the communities it serves, while its associates rescued 90 million pounds of food that would have gone to waste in 2020.
Full Story: Supermarket News (free registration) (4/20) 
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Alaska Airlines has outlined a plan to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, and reduce other environmental impacts, including deploying more efficient aircraft, investing in sustainable aviation fuel and exploring innovative propulsion methods. Alaska has signed onto Amazon's Climate Pledge and included emission reduction targets as incentives for employees and executives.
Full Story: Sustainable Brands (4/21),  Alaska Airlines Blog (4/21) 
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Heineken is addressing climate change by pledging to make its production carbon neutral by 2030 and its entire value chain carbon neutral by 2040. The plan includes using returnable glass bottles, shifting to renewable energy and replacing plastic packaging with cardboard.
Full Story: BeverageDaily (France) (4/19) 
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Mondelez plans to leverage its success with its Cocoa Life sustainability program by partnering with cocoa supplier Olam to develop a sustainable cocoa farm in Indonesia. The collaboration also aims to restore deforested land and provide employment opportunities for women, as well as healthcare, childcare, housing and education for the 200 families living near the site.
Full Story: ConfectioneryNews (France) (4/21) 
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Powering Tomorrow
Urban buildings offer a lot of surface area to mount solar panels -- rooftops alone can make up 15% to 35% of a city's land area. But solar panels are often considered aesthetically unpleasing. One solution becoming more viable is building-integrated photovoltaics such as roof tiles, dye-sensitized solar cells and crystalline silicon wall panels, writes Laurie Winkless.
Full Story: Forbes (tiered subscription model) (4/20) 
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How Green Finance is Funding the Energy TransitionWhen it comes to project finance, investors are increasingly voting with their conscience. The Environmental, Social and Governance criteria for investing have grown exponentially as fund managers race to find assets that will satisfy customers' sustainability principles. Christopher Hurst, Director General of the Projects Directorate at the European Investment Bank, explained the burst of interest. Read more.

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    The social justice movement that gathered momentum in the aftermath of George Floyd's murder forced many industries, including renewables, to take a long, hard look at their diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives. This podcast features (Kenneth) Labeja, co-founder and chief financial officer of Triple Oak Power, and Dareem David, director of finance at Primergy Solar -- two Black men who have worked in renewables for years who share their insider perspectives on what the industry gets right, what it gets wrong and how it can get better.
    Full Story: Renewable Energy SmartPod (4/21) 
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