October 27, 2021
SmartBrief on Sustainability
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How COP26 might change climate finance
The financial-services sector is poised to play a key role in how the world tackles climate change, and industry veteran Simon Puleston Jones explains how the UN Climate Change Conference of the Parties might influence the flow of capital aimed at the issue. Puleston Jones, co-founder and CEO of Climate Solutions, also details crucial steps policymakers can take at COP26 and outlines the educational journey taking place regarding environmental, social and governance factors and impact investing.
Full Story: Modern Money SmartPod (10/27) 
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Setting the Example
Deploying new solutions to fight the food waste problem has become top of mind for many food retailers and suppliers, and has thrust the efforts of companies such as iFoodDS and Apeel into the spotlight. Both are focused on using technology to identify food that may not meet retail standards but could be used by wholesalers or food banks instead of being thrown away.
Full Story: Supermarket Perimeter (tiered subscription model) (10/26) 
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Skin care brand Rodan + Fields has rolled out a facial serum in refillable glass bottle packaging made from 90% recycled content. The bottle is expected to reduce the brand's packaging by 26,600 pounds annually, making it the brand's most sustainable product launch ever.
Full Story: Beauty Packaging (10/25) 
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A team made up of researchers and experts from the University of Edinburg, Farne Salmon, the Industrial Biotechnology Innovation Centre and Impact Solutions are working on developing a method to convert fish-processing waste into nylon by using enzymes and genetically-modified bacteria. The process creates adipic acid, which is used to make a range of products including nylon, insulation, cushions, lubricants and flavorings.
Full Story: SeafoodSource online (10/20) 
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Alaska Airlines is collaborating with ZeroAvia to develop a hydrogen-electric engine that can power a 76-passenger aircraft with a 500-mile range.
Full Story: Electrek (10/26) 
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Swiss textile company HeiQ Materials and The Lycra Co. are working together to develop AeoniQ, a textile fiber that is made out of cellulose biopolymer, which can be sourced from materials like coffee grounds, bacteria or algae.
Full Story: Bloomberg (10/26) 
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Powering tomorrow
Aviation fuel made from the inedible oilseed crop Brassica carinata could reduce harmful emissions by up to 68% at a cost of 12 cents to 66 cents per liter after accounting for all available US credits and subsidies, according to research from the University of Georgia. "If we can secure feedstock supply and provide suitable economic incentives along the supply chain, we could potentially produce carinata-based SAF in the southern United States," said Puneet Dwivedi, lead author of the study in GCB Bioenergy.
Full Story: ScienceAlert (Australia) (10/16) 
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Major interstate interchanges in the lower 48 states could support 23 gigawatts of solar capacity, per Webber Energy, and put the US well on the way to President Joe Biden's 2030 clean power target, but what will it take to turn this projection into reality? This piece explores the role of solar developers and federal and state agencies, as well as technical considerations.
Full Story: Canary Media (10/26) 
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Full Story: SmartBrief/Leadership (10/26) 
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