October 18, 2021
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Food Safety News
The FDA, CDC and the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service are working together under the Interagency Food Safety Analytics Collaboration to help assess the efficacy of preventative food safety measures. "(To) develop effective prevention measures, we need to understand the percentage of foodborne illnesses associated with specific foods, we call this work foodborne illness source attribution," the group stated.
Full Story: Food Safety News (10/18) 
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Learn How to Help Your Retail Customers Be Ready
Retailers know that the proposed food traceability mandate is coming, and they expect suppliers to help them comply. You will have to send Key Data Elements (KDEs) with each shipment in the format and in the way each retailer wants it. It is easy and extraordinarily low-cost through us. Learn More.
Innovation & Technology
Brazil-based FarmBox has developed a tool to monitor soybean crop pests and diseases with a targeted approach that allows the farmer to cut pesticide use. The Integrated Pest Management Tool cut pesticide costs by more than half in a study by the Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation.
Full Story: Future Farming (The Netherlands) (free registration) (10/13) 
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Solutions & Best Practices
Nestle employees have generated more than 4,000 new product concepts since the company created the Open Channel internal accelerator in 2018, as well as several market hits such as Stouffer's Mac & Cheese Bites and the Blenderful frozen smoothie cube brand, said Doug Munk, senior director of new business ventures at Nestle USA. The program helps build a collaborative work culture and a startup mindset, added Munk.
Full Story: Food Business News (free registration) (10/14) 
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Sweden-based TrusTrace has raised $6 million in a new funding round to further develop its traceability technology that uses blockchain and artificial intelligence to help companies source more sustainable and socially responsible food and other products. The company uses QR codes to track products through the supply chain.
Full Story: Ag Funder News (10/14) 
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Kraft Heinz's plans to use 100% compostable, reusable or recyclable packaging by 2025 will include introducing a fully circular PET ketchup bottle in Europe next year. Other initiatives, such as developing fully recyclable and compostable Maxwell House coffee pods in Canada, prove Kraft Heinz is "committed to holding ourselves to a higher standard," said CEO Miguel Patricio.
Full Story: FoodBev (10/15) 
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Free eBooks and Resources
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SmartBrief Originals
Although the pandemic pushed many people to drink more alcohol than normal, a counter-trend has emerged as health-conscious consumers start scaling down on their alcohol consumption. New research on the "sober curious" by the Hartman Group shows the trend is being bolstered by a renewed focus on better-for-you products along with "a demand for personalization in food and beverage," among other factors.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Food & Travel (10/18) 
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Regulations & Policy
The USDA is making local crop insurance, disaster relief and other information available to farmers via text or email. Farmers can subscribe to the messaging service for free at the USDA website and customize their messages by topic and geographic region.
Full Story: The Farmer (10/13) 
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SQFI Update
Train and gain greater food safety by identifying risks
Train and gain greater food safety by identifying risks
Within this industry, there will always be a risk that the food we make can become unsafe. Our job is to minimize that risk as much as possible. One tool we have to accomplish that is a Risk Assessment. As part of a new set of online, self-paced trainings and exams, our SQF Implementing: Risk Assessment is now available to help you address this issue. Learn more.
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What's in store for you at 2021 SQF Unites
What's in store for you at 2021 SQF Unites
The SQF Unites team has been hard at work designing an education program to bring you the latest updates on traceability tips, food safety culture tactics and more. Get ready for two and a half days of powerful education sessions and peer engagement. Join us for SQF Unites this October.
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