July 30, 2021
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Top Story
SNMMI and other imaging groups have joined ACGME Equity Matters, a joint collaboration between the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education and the Council of Medical Specialty Societies that aims to improve diversity, health equity and inclusion in medicine. "We are committed to the significant and sustained efforts that will be needed to achieve diversity, equity, and inclusion in medicine and counter structural racism," said CMMS CEO Dr. Helen Burstin.
Full Story: Health Imaging (7/29) 
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Clinical News & Research
A study presented at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference suggests that high sugar intake might increase a person's risk of developing Alzheimer's disease. "Most sugars readily convert to glucose, whose metabolism is regulated by insulin and the insulin-mediated glucose transporter GLUT4, which is highly expressed in the hippocampus and may play a role in memory," researcher Christopher Ford said.
Full Story: Healio (free registration) (7/29) 
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A study in the journal Neurology found that adults who ate at least half a serving of foods rich in flavonoids every day had a 20% reduced risk for cognitive decline, compared with those who ate fewer foods rich in flavonoids. The findings, based on data from 49,493 women and 27,842 men, also revealed that flavones, commonly found in yellow and orange fruits and vegetables -- and anthocyanins, commonly found in blackberries, blueberries and cherries -- had the most protective effect against cognitive decline among individual flavonoids.
Full Story: News Medical (7/28) 
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A study published in Scientific Reports found that the experimental oral therapy CKD-506 was able to suppress demyelination and reduce symptoms of multiple sclerosis in mouse models. The study's findings suggest that CKD-506 might be a possible therapy for multiple sclerosis.
Full Story: Multiple Sclerosis News Today (7/29) 
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Industry Report
Medtronic's AI algorithms for cardiac monitoring cleared
The FDA has cleared two of Medtronic's AccuRhythm AI algorithms for use with the Linq II insertable cardiac monitor. "Applying AccuRhythm AI to Linq II data is a significant ICM innovation, enabling us to reduce clinical inefficiencies resulting from false alerts, and help physicians better identify and focus on the actionable data they need to treat their patients," said Rob Kowal, CMO of Medtronic's cardiovascular diagnostics and services business.
Full Story: MassDevice (Boston) (7/28) 
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News from the Field
An online survey of 248 family physicians, published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine, showed that loneliness is a common issue among family medicine physicians and may be tied to burnout, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. The survey found that 50.4% of responding physicians met the criteria for burnout.
Full Story: Healio (free registration) (7/28) 
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A study in Pediatrics found that depression screening among adolescents ages 12 to 21 years decreased from 77.6% to 75.8% and adolescents screening positive for depression increased from 5% to 6.2%, with greater increases seen among female, non-Hispanic Black and non-Hispanic white youths, during the COVID-19 pandemic, compared with the same period before the pandemic. The findings also showed that positive suicide risk screens increased from 6.1% to 7.1% during the same period.
Full Story: Physician's Briefing/HealthDay News (7/28) 
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Health Policy
The White House is taking additional steps to boost the number of vaccinated Americans as a new wave of COVID-19 infections threatens areas with low vaccination rates with the mandate to require proof of vaccination from federal workers and contractors and payments of $100 for each newly vaccinated. "With freedom comes responsibility. So please exercise responsible judgment. Get vaccinated for yourself, the people you love, for your country," President Joe Biden said. Presently, the number of fully vaccinated Americans has reached 163.9 million, while the number of administered COVID-19 vaccine doses now totals 344.1 million, according to the CDC.
Full Story: Reuters (7/29),  Reuters (7/29) 
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CDC: 163.6M Americans fully vaccinated as of Wednesday
(Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
As of Wednesday the CDC reports that 343.4 million COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered in the US. The agency said 163.6 million Americans are now fully vaccinated.
Full Story: Reuters (7/28) 
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Advancing Health Care
A World Health Organization report titled Ethics & Governance of Artificial Intelligence for Health warns about the risks of overestimating the benefits of artificial intelligence in health care at the cost of investments and strategies to achieve universal health coverage. The report, developed by a panel of experts, outlines six consensus principles for ensuring AI works to the public benefit and does not subordinate patient and community rights to commercial interests or government surveillance and social control.
Full Story: Healthcare IT News (7/28) 
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As our armamentarium of PET tracers increases, there is a need for a shift in thinking away from simply detecting to disease toward a deeper understanding of the biology underpinning the uptake of PET tracers. In this complimentary webinar on Friday, Aug. 27, Rodney Hicks, MD, will discuss the evolution of FDG and why new tracers, and FDG itself, should be reconsidered in the context of modern oncology. Register.
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