Salesforce returns to single CEO, plans $1.3B acquisition | Feds change strategy on access to encrypted data | Amazon testing "neural-network-based" AI chatbot
February 26, 2020
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Salesforce returns to single CEO, plans $1.3B acquisition
Benioff (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Keith Block has resigned from his position as co-CEO of Salesforce but will remain as an adviser to Marc Benioff, who will once again be the lone CEO. Separately, Salesforce has announced that it is acquiring industry cloud and mobile software provider Vlocity for $1.33 billion to enhance its industry-specific offerings.
Full Story: ZDNet (2/25),  CNBC (2/25) 
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Internet of Things
Feds change strategy on access to encrypted data
The federal government is shifting its strategy in its campaign to gain access to encrypted communications, abandoning its efforts to work with tech companies. Instead, the Justice Department is seeking legislation that would limit encryption and could be used to force companies to turn over the information, as is done in Australia.
Full Story: The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (2/25),  Nextgov (2/25) 
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Amazon testing "neural-network-based" AI chatbot
Amazon is using what could be a truly unique artificial intelligence language version to test a customer service chatbot capable of conducting real-time conversations with original dialogue. The AI chatbot is being tested to help human agents but the company intends for it to be used directly with customers, and Amazon's Jared Kramer wrote in a blog, "We are unaware of any announced deployments of end-to-end, neural-network-based dialogue models like ours."
Full Story: Adweek (tiered subscription model) (2/25) 
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Mobile & Wireless
Politico chronicles the lack of a coherent 5G policy in President Donald Trump's administration, as well as among various governmental agencies, pointing to the White House's failure to follow up on a Commerce Department initiative as one example. The publication also cites US policy toward Huawei Technologies, while CNBC says the administration has few options for responding to national security concerns regarding the Chinese vendor.
Full Story: Politico (2/25),  CNBC (2/25) 
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Security & Privacy
Mozilla activating DoH by default for US Firefox users
Firefox has started switching US browser users to encrypted DNS over HTTPS service, or DoH. Mozilla says DoH increases user privacy and security, but the technology has faced criticisms that it hampers legitimate attempts by enterprise system administrators to block content such as terrorist materials and child abuse imagery, and that it can be used by hackers to avoid detection.
Full Story: ZDNet (2/25),  VentureBeat (2/25) 
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Health Care IT
A new wearable device uses artificial intelligence to help identify worsening heart failure in patients, according to a study in Circulation: Heart Failure. The adhesive sensor patch triggers a clinical alert when the wearer's electrocardiogram deviates from baseline data established by an AI algorithm.
Full Story: Health IT Analytics (2/25) 
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Veloce is developing a remote-controlled and wirelessly powered smart pill called SmartTab that delivers medication to the appropriate area of the body. The device uses patients' smart devices to notify them of the pill's placement and patients then use their devices to activate the medication's release.
Full Story: American Inno (2/24) 
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Researchers in Taiwan are using machine learning techniques to select drugs that can improve treatment for schizophrenia. The technique helped researchers identify individualized anti-psychotic medications for patients with first-episode schizophrenia.
Full Story: MD Magazine online (2/26) 
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Government IT
Nearly half of the 142 largest federal agencies are using artificial intelligence technologies, ranging from chatbots to luggage-scanning algorithms, finds a report that explores not only the state of AI in government, but also the tech's implications and wider concerns. AI expert Lance Eliot dives into the report, which was produced by the independent, nonpartisan Administrative Conference of the United States in conjunction with Stanford Law School and New York University School of Law.
Full Story: Forbes (2/24) 
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On Dec. 12, SIIA hosted a webinar for members and non-members on how to navigate the CCPA. The webinar provided a high-level overview of assessing whether your business is covered by the CCPA, the definition of personal information, relevant exclusions from the law, guidance from the proposed regulations, and recommendations for compliance programs. We also discussed our successful and ongoing work to ensure exceptions for public records and the public domain, and critical updates regarding the CCPA's service provider provisions for EdTech companies. The recording can be found here. Please log in to access the webinar.

For more information on privacy and data security updates, please contact Sara DePaul.
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