July 27, 2021
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Educator shares how to choose a program to teach coding
(Allison Shelley/Deeper Learning)
Schools should offer a coding curriculum, according to Paola Valdivia, director of science, technology and engineering instruction at the KIPP Foundation. In this blog post, Valdivia shares five features that schools should look for in an effective program, including measurement of mastery and engagement of students.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Education (7/20) 
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A number of universities offer instruction to help engineers commercialize their ideas and products. Examples include Cornell University's Commercialization Fellowship Program, which helped then-student Juan Guzman develop fermentation technology that converts dairy waste into bio-oils and other useful substances.
Full Story: ASME (7/26) 
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The Latest in STEM
Three top US philanthropists are investing $200 million to help schools lift up Black, Latino and low-income students via the new Advanced Education Research & Development Fund, starting this fall with district leaders in California, Newark, N.J., and Middletown, Ohio. AERDF is promoting the science of learning as well as executive functioning skills and also is working on better student assessments.
Full Story: Chalkbeat (7/21) 
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A system for culling structural safety reports anonymously from professional engineers can help avoid disasters like the partial condo collapse in Surfside, Fla., A US version of the UK’s Collaborative Reporting on Structural Safety was established in 2019. The Surfside incident "should be our profession's call to action" and motivation to use the CROSS-US system, says engineer and US system cofounder Glenn Bell, president of ASCE's Structural Engineering Institute for fiscal 2020.
Full Story: American Society of Civil Engineers (7/19) 
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Teachers: Use pandemic experiences to boost education
The challenging experience of teaching amid a pandemic offers opportunities to improve education going forward based on lessons learned, some Colorado teachers say in interviews. Among the educators, veteran math teacher Jason Cianfrance says he will keep using some tech tools that have helped students learn interactively, while chemistry teacher Adrian Parker says he will retain a virtual reference library of lessons to support students.
Full Story: Colorado Public Radio (7/19) 
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Cultural competency becomes priority in S.C. district
The Charleston, S.C., school district has hired a director of intercultural development to lead efforts to address issues including segregation, teacher diversity, curriculum and cultural understanding. The district's focus on cultural competency, or culturally responsive teaching, aims to close racial performance gaps and has included learning materials that reflect diversity among students as well as teacher training on implicit bias and racial equity.
Full Story: The Post and Courier (Charleston, S.C.) (tiered subscription model) (7/21) 
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Leadership/Professional Development & Training
Mindfulness can be practiced in almost any situation to improve your focus, regulate your emotions, set better goals and be more grateful, writes LaRae Quy. "At its core, mindfulness allows us to observe our interior thoughts and external circumstances with compassion and a lack of judgment, no matter how harsh the reality," she writes.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Leadership (7/21) 
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Leadership will always require long-term effort to develop "the full repertoire of the skill set," says Michael Useem, a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania. His recent book profiles such leaders across eras, including Progressive CEO Tricia Griffith and President George Washington.
Full Story: Knowledge@Wharton (7/20) 
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Diversity, Inclusion, & Engagement
Alaska Airlines is collaborating with aviation services provider AAR on a program that will create a pipeline from aircraft maintenance training, to a position with AAR, which will qualify applicants to apply for a career with Alaska. Nathan Engel, interim vice president of maintenance & engineering at Alaska, noted that the airline is "in a unique position to strengthen the talent pipeline through recruitment of groups historically underrepresented in aviation."
Full Story: Aviation Week Network (tiered subscription model) (7/21) 
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Align the workplace culture with diversity, equity and inclusion efforts by considering how decisions affect the culture, having leaders serve as positive role models and addressing behaviors that violate company values, writes Reed Deshler, principal at Alignorg Solutions. "Long-term success requires moving DEI initiatives beyond the purview of human resources to the boardroom and the front line," Deshler writes.
Full Story: Newsweek (tiered subscription model) (7/21) 
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Research & Innovations in STEM
A new prediction method could warn Earth of potentially damaging stealth solar storms in time to take steps to mitigate damage to energy grids and technology due to electromagnetic radiation. The imaging technique, described in Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences, pinpoints the region where a coronal mass ejection originated from and figures out its route to see if it is on a course for Earth.
Full Story: Frontiers Media (7/21) 
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Three male and two female Mexican gray wolf pups born in April at Chapultepec Zoo are happy to have quail and chicken meat delivered daily by zookeeper Jorge Gutierrez, but they will eventually fend for themselves in the wild. The wolves were born through a captive breeding program intended to restore the subspecies, which was functionally extinct in the wild until two years ago, when its status was upgraded to endangered.
Full Story: The Associated Press (7/20) 
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MentorSHPE changes lives!
The all-new MentorSHPE program facilitates one-to-one mentoring relationships. Sign up as a mentor to develop your skills, grow your network and give back to the SHPE Familia in a meaningful way. Sign up now!
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Learn how to pitch your idea to investors
Join us this Thursday to prepare for the first annual SHPE Pitch Competition. Learn best practices and expert tips for pitching your idea to leading venture capitalists and other investors in this pressure-filled "Shark Tank"-style competition. Register now!
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