January 12, 2021
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AT&T is putting a heavy focus on retaining subscribers, company executive John Stephens told an investor conference, adding that the carrier is providing incentives for consumers to upgrade to higher tiers or sign up for HBO Max. He described a recent aggressive offer as "rational" because subscribers who take it will be among the most loyal.
Full Story: FierceWireless (1/7) 
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Maine is seeking to attract new residents with remote-working ambitions by expanding broadband access in rural areas. ConnectME grants and $15 million in state bonds are among the recent initiatives, which experts say need to focus on inclusion and equity.
Full Story: Mainebiz (1/11) 
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Bidding in the C-band auction has begun to markedly slow after reaching a record $80.5 billion. Cowen analysts estimate Verizon has already bid about $35 billion on mid-band licenses the Federal Communications Commission will award followed by AT&T at around $20 billion.
Full Story: Next TV/Multichannel News (1/7),  FierceWireless (1/7) 
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Delta Air Lines is partnering with satellite operator Viasat to provide Wi-Fi for more than 300 aircraft starting this summer, along with an associated portal that will connect with other day-of-travel services. "In working with Viasat, we gain the tools needed to deepen customer interactions and bring us closer to delivering more personalized in-flight content as well as an ability to consistently provide free, fast, streaming Wi-Fi in the future," said Delta's Bill Lentsch.
Full Story: SpaceNews (1/5),  Runway Girl Network (1/5),  Delta News Hub (1/5) 
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Technology, Manufacturing & Trends
Perso, L'Oreal's personalized beauty device that dispenses single-use beauty products, will be available in the second quarter of this year, company officials said at the annual CES showcase. The product will launch with YSL Beauty to use the brand's lipsticks in more than 5,000 shades via an artificial intelligence-based app.
Full Story: Glossy (tiered subscription model) (1/10) 
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Collar tracks dog's activity, emotional state
A device displayed at CES 2021 uses voice recognition technology and machine learning to determine a dog's emotional state by analyzing the tone and pitch of its bark. The device, which includes an activity-tracking accelerometer, attaches to a collar and is paired with a smartphone app.
Full Story: Digital Trends (1/10) 
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TCL announced that it will begin to ship smart televisions running Google TV to the US, where it controls 14% of the market, during 2021. The Chinese supplier built Roku into its sets last year and used that platform for the 8K TVs it exhibited at CES.
Full Story: Next TV (1/11),  CNET (1/11) 
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Alexa skill gets updated with follow-up feature
(Stephen Brashear/Getty Images)
Alexa's latest "tell me when" update is designed to offer users reminders and follow-up tasks after an initial command. The feature can also connect with other apps, as well as notifications for messages received from contacts.
Full Story: PC Magazine (1/10) 
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SBCA Praises FCC Action Permanently Invalidating Chicago's Dish-Placement Legislation
WASHINGTON, DC. January 11, 2021. The Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association praised the Federal Communications Commission's decision yesterday to permanently invalidate Chicago's onerous satellite dish restrictions, which had been suspended since 2012. SBCA President Steve Hill stated: "We are pleased that the FCC found that Chicago's dish-placement restrictions were unreasonable, and would have made television service much more expensive for tens of thousands of Chigago residents."

Here is the link for the Bureau's order: DA-21-38A1.pdf
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