January 25, 2022
SmartBrief on IT Privacy
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Opinion: Federal data privacy law is necessary
Congress needs to enact a federal data privacy law this year, write Ashley Johnson and Daniel Castro of the Information Technology and Innovation Foundation. "Federal legislation is necessary to prevent the United States from becoming a patchwork of 50 different state laws, which would make enforcement more costly and impose unnecessary barriers to innovation in the digital economy, which runs on personal data," they note.
Full Story: The Hill (1/24) 
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Privacy in the News
While a few states are addressing students' data privacy, many school districts are not doing enough to protect them, writes Charlie Sander, chairman and CEO at ManagedMethods, which assists schools with cybersecurity. A survey of school district administrators found that 77% were not very concerned about data breaches and 79% were not very concerned about compliance with data privacy regulation.
Full Story: T.H.E. Journal (1/24) 
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German publishers and media organizations are pushing the EU to block Google's plan to end support for tracking cookies in its Chrome browser, arguing that the changes violate EU antitrust laws. Google intends to replace current tracking options with a "Privacy Sandbox" the company says will be more protective of users' data privacy.
Full Story: TechCrunch (tiered subscription model) (1/24) 
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The rise in remote work creates new vulnerabilities for organizations and new challenges for information technology departments seeking to safeguard company and customer data. Employee training and cloud technology that emphasizes cybersecurity are the key elements, writes Tom Goodmanson, president and CEO at Calabrio.
Full Story: Forbes (tiered subscription model) (1/24) 
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Join the conversation: Empowering your developers with integrated pipeline security
Integrating application security testing and scanning into the DevOps pipeline can help developers remediate vulnerabilities faster and scale delivery. In this webinar, SANS and AWS Marketplace will focus on application security best practices, processes, and controls for the pre-deployment pipeline. Watch now.
Best Practices
So-called "purple" teams in a cyberattack exercise should take on both red "attacker" and blue "defender" mindsets. Walmart's purple team comprises internal experts and consultants, says vice president of security operations Jason O'Dell, who notes that "[blue and red team members] meet several times per month to help drive constant improvement for both teams, and we have seen fantastic collaboration."
Full Story: CSO (free registration) (1/24) 
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Professional Development
Employees who don't feel a sense of purpose, don't feel heard and don't see growth opportunities are more likely to leave, so better to regularly inquire about those areas now than at the exit interview, writes executive coach Susan Peppercorn. "[W]hen managers help individuals on their teams feel that way, they're more likely to be rewarded by employees who become advocates for the department and organization, no matter how long they stay," Peppercorn writes.
Full Story: Harvard Business Review (tiered subscription model) (1/21) 
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