October 19, 2021
SmartBrief on IT Privacy
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Trusting government entities -- or any business -- to keep data secure is bad because technology has advanced more quickly than security precautions, says Purandar Das of Sotero, a security platform. "The end result is that security is being retrofitted to very complex products, platforms and operations," Das notes.
Full Story: ClearanceJobs (10/18) 
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Privacy in the News
The US needs a comprehensive law covering data privacy because "[l]osing out to China on yet another issue could be catastrophic for America's future," argues Mike Davis, president of the Internet Accountability Project. In this commentary, Davis endorses House legislation that "would empower consumers to reward tech companies that respect their data and punish those that don't."
Full Story: Roll Call (10/14) 
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Regulator: 7-Eleven wrong to scan faces in Australia
(Noam Galai/Getty Images)
The privacy regulator in Australia has determined that the 7-Eleven convenience store chain encroached on the privacy of individuals on which it collected "faceprints" as part of a customer feedback initiative. However, the chain faces no penalties beyond having to delete the data.
Full Story: InnovationAus (Australia) (10/15) 
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Among hackers, Social Security numbers are a prize catch. In this article, Teo Spengler explains the bad things that can happen to individuals whose numbers have been stolen, including having credit card accounts opened in their name.
Full Story: Yahoo (10/14) 
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Best Practices
Small businesses should prepare for data loss by using the 3-2-1 rule, writes Jimmy Rodela. That means creating three copies of all data, one primary and two backup; keeping the duplicates in two separate types of storage media; and storing one copy off-site.
Full Story: TechZone360 (10/15) 
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Policy, Trends and Research
After a delay of a year because of concerns over the sharing of COVID-19 information, California has enacted its Genetic Information Privacy Act, which applies to direct-to-consumer companies. Under the law, companies must get consumers' consent to collect or use genetic data.
Full Story: The National Law Review (10/12) 
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The Irish Data Protection Commission apparently is ready to fine Facebook up to $41.7 million for failing to properly advise users of its practices in a case brought by Austrian lawyer Max Schrems and his nonprofit organization. European Union regulators will have the final word.
Full Story: The Wall Street Journal (10/15) 
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