PR campaign launch considerations amid "new normal" | Amazon exec extols importance of marketing values | Girl Scouts stays flexible to serve diverse audiences
August 7, 2020
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PR campaign launch considerations amid "new normal"
Deciding whether or not to start a new public relations campaign can be a bit daunting amid the "new normal" of the coronavirus pandemic, protests and other societal issues, writes Dick Grove. He suggests key considerations such as the value and client expectations and urges PR pros to "listen to our gut instincts."
Full Story: PRSAY (8/5) 
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Coronavirus Impact on the Digital Advertising Market
COVID-19 has deeply affected the digital advertising industry. Pathmatics brings you the latest in how advertisers across industries including travel, sports, and entertainment are responding, how campaigns are changing, and what to expect in the coming weeks. Get the report.
PR In the News
Today's brands need to be focused and intentional given the global circumstances, said Sabena Gupta, brand marketing lead for Amazon's Alexa. She explains brand values and principles and the importance of brand identity and offers tips on adapting to changing consumer lifestyles.
Full Story: Strategies & Tactics (7/1) 
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Sonia Acosta, director of brand content for Girl Scouts of the United States of America, talks in this interview about how the organization adapts with its audience and places a priority on diversity in communications, both visual and verbal. She urges brands to ask questions, be humble and be aware of biases and assumptions when crafting content.
Full Story: PR Daily (8/4) 
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Communication Strategies
Emulate success of "Tiger King" on YouTube, Facebook
Clipchamp's Anna Ji offers YouTube and Facebook content marketing lessons from the viral success of "Tiger King," including the importance of developing a brand voice and shooting videos with interesting backgrounds and locations. Post content frequently, optimize videos with keywords in tags and titles, and add graphics and music during editing, she advises.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Marketing (8/6) 
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Launch Marketing's Christa Tuttle recommends three ways business-to-business leaders can boost content marketing efforts, such as pulling in bigger audiences by being presenters during webinars and identifying hot topics gleaned during conversations with other leaders or during industry events. B2B leaders should also let the marketing team interview them on key industry issues and star in informational videos that can be distributed on social, websites or emails.
Full Story: MarketingProfs (free registration) (8/5) 
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The recent Purpose Power Index study reveals that having a brand purpose is good for business when it's activated effectively over time, write Strawberryfrog's Scott Goodson and Chip Walker. They point to leaders such as Seventh Generation and Toms Shoes and highlight their differentiating factors such as bold activations, holistic efforts and sparking movements.
Full Story: Inc. (8/3) 
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5 insights from the sports conversation on Twitter
With pro sports returning to empty stadiums, fans are turning to Twitter to cheer on their favorite squads and argue over who's the GOAT. This latest report looks at the numbers behind people's sports obsessions and how brands can take part in this major cultural moment. Learn more
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How brands can lead the conversation on Twitter
Read about the seven strategies of brands driving the conversation on Twitter. People want to hear what your brand has to say, and these conversations help drive tangible business results. But finding the right ways to respond isn't always easy. Learn how your brand can take action.
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Advice & Best Practices
People often jump right to solving problems, but starting with six questions focused on root causes can be more productive, writes Art Petty. "While tackling a symptom might feel good, it's the systemic issues we want to fix to eliminate future problems and improve the situation," he writes.
Full Story: Art Petty (8/6) 
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Spending less time with screens requires planning, a gradual transition and a new mindset, say experts. "You'll have a greater sense of control, just from being more conscious of your behavior," says Loretta Graziano Breuning.
Full Story: Everyday Health (7/31) 
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