January 15, 2021
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Actionable steps to address current trends
Stephen Dupont, APR outlines seven key trends for the new year and offers actionable steps for addressing each, such as mobilizing employees to support food banks amid heightened "food insecurity" and craft messaging to address current mental health stresses. Dupont also suggests, "PR pros must work to build trust by helping organizational leaders communicate their visions of preferred futures as they wrestle with present-day challenges."
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Your LinkedIn profile is looking a little outdated.
Is your LinkedIn profile feeling a little neglected? Getting a bit dusty? In need of a refresh? Then join us on January 22 for Career Day. In this free one-day event, you'll learn from LinkedIn experts, hiring managers, and interview specialists—all dedicated to helping you land your dream job in 2021!
PR In the News
PR professionals are wise to conduct an internal communications audit before doing any planning for the new year, writes Michael DesRochers, PoliteMail co-founder and managing partner. DesRochers outlines an easy three-step plan for conducting an audit and highlight key elements to be included in the final report.
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The toll of being a social media manager
Social media managers talk about the challenges of their roles, particularly during the pandemic and social unrest, and how long hours, low pay, exposure to hateful content and a lack of support from employers/clients and platforms are affecting their mental health. "It takes a huge mental toll to consume this content, day in and day out," says social media strategist Amy Brown.
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Communication Strategies
This infographic from Hero's Journey Content highlights key challenges cited by content managers, with the top barriers being getting quality content, a lack of strategy and proving return on investment. Content creation is the most time-consuming task, topped by long-form and white papers, with social media and thought-leadership content cited as the least time-consuming.
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Many employees will be skeptical or fearful of COVID-19 vaccines, and while employers can require vaccinations, they'll succeed more with strong, empathetic and clear communication that aligns with employee well-being, public health communications and company policies, writes Inspire PR Group founder Hinda Mitchell. "Going in with a 'vaccinate or else' message is sure to fail, while a well-crafted set of messages will build a favorable climate for future vaccination requirements," she writes.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Leadership (1/13) 
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This infographic from LinkedIn displays how to implement five business-to-business customer engagement strategies recommended by LinkedIn's Tusar Barik and Edelman's Joe Kingsbury. The visual covers long-term brand positioning, understanding your customer's customers, aligning marketing and sales, centering efforts around the customer journey, and fostering trust through thought leadership.
Full Story: Social Media Today (1/14) 
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Advice & Best Practices
Tell a new story if you want new habits
(YouTube/Polina Marinova Pompliano)
James Clear has 1 million email subscribers, a successful book and a reputation for sound advice on habits, and he shares why his own habits -- what he reads, how he spends his time -- shape what he's able to deliver. "Ultimately, the process of changing your habits is really the process of re-writing your story and learning to believe something new about yourself," he says in this interview and video.
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Top athletes know that rest is essential to performing at their best, and leaders should insist that their teams take time off and be aware of how much is being demanded of them in their jobs. Leaders should also consider the differences between short- and long-term rest, such as breaks versus extended vacations.
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As we cautiously ease into the new year, the importance of open and honest communications is top of mind. Public relations professionals in particular face daunting challenges as their publics focus more and more attention on not only the "words," but also the deeper meaning of those words. Please join us for "PRSA Storytellers Series: Leading With Ethics -- A View From the Top" for an in-depth look at the state of ethical communications today and standards you can implement.
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