July 30, 2021
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6 tips to connect with mobile readers
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Mobile website readers are often more distracted, read more slowly and recall and act on less information than desktop users, writes Ann Wylie, a communications expert who helps communicators better connect with their readers. To boost engagement with mobile users, "[g]et to the point faster, organize better, make it easier to read and more skimmable," suggests Wylie.
Full Story: PRSAY (7/28) 
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Empower your marketing with analytics and identity resolution
Marketers who expand their brands' data-driven culture with analytics, insights, and actions will win in today's competitive world. This can all be done without relying on cookies or other tactics that might seem invasive to today's consumer. This report shows you how to unify journeys across devices, browsers, and apps to create clean, dependable analytics that help you make actionable, data-driven decisions. Download the Report
PR In the News
Communications, marketing and human resources need to work together to construct a social media policy "that covers the employee and company with an assortment of separate and combined narratives," suggests Charlette Smith, SK³Consulting principal. Smith outlines key policy components such as employee conduct and negative comments protocol, with the goal being "to set expectations and guidelines for the unknowns that are closer than we think."
Full Story: Strategies & Tactics (June/July) 
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Dan Dunkin argues that the old-fashioned marketing funnel strategy is short-sighted and doesn't put enough emphasis on the customer experience. Instead, Dunkin offers a five-step customer loop process that begins with onboarding and ends with advocacy and works to "ensure the company will build closer relationships with its customers."
Full Story: PR Daily (7/29) 
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Communication Strategies
How to stand out on TikTok
Members of the Forbes Business Council highlight the most creative ways brands can capture the attention of TikTok users such as CoolSys' Adam Coffey, who suggests encouraging consumers to use products in unique spaces. Other experts point to the value of discussing current issues to connect with a community, sharing authentic testimonials, conducting hashtag challenges and demonstrating a charity affiliation to demonstrate goodwill.
Full Story: Forbes (tiered subscription model) (7/27) 
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Clubhouse has been all the rage among consumers and marketers, but interest has been waning as Facebook, Spotify's Greenroom and Twitter Spaces ramp up their social audio platforms and creator programs to gain "top dog" status, writes Phoebe Bain. Aubrey Strobel, Lolli's head of communications, predicts platforms will differentiate themselves by focusing on different types of content and urges marketers to "enjoy that flexibility to experiment and find the most successful platform for their brand."
Full Story: Morning Brew (7/28) 
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Marketers should take heed with emoji selections
Marketers need to exercise caution when selecting emojis as the "seemingly innocent images" can have different meanings for political, age and geographic groups and subcultures, write Ashley Cooksley and Elizabeth Koenig. For example, the baseball cap symbol represents a lie among the hip-hop community, and the two warn that "if brands are looking to create a credible voice online, they need to understand the context surrounding emojis."
Full Story: MediaPost Communications (free registration) (7/29) 
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Advice & Best Practices
PowerPoint is synonymous with slide decks at this point, but you don't always need slides to get your point across, writes Stephanie Scotti. That said, Scotti offers advice for how to put together a concise, thoughtful slide deck and argues for presentations where the audience can "easily glance at your media, grab the key information, and turn their attention to what you are saying."
Full Story: SmartBrief/Leadership (7/29) 
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Simply deciding to set audacious stretch goals is an important step for companies and individuals, provided the goals are clear and accountable, writes Nick McLean of Four Pillars Investors. "Shooting for the stars requires stretch goals that might feel uncomfortable to some, yet clear goals and achievable growth metrics make it possible," McLean writes.
Full Story: Chief Executive (7/29) 
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What's going to be around the corner for PR and communications professionals in 2022 as well as the years ahead? Join us Future Trends of PR and Communications as we apply a futurist mindset and explore what trends are driving changes in the public relations profession.
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