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October 16, 2018
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Dole debuts new logo, tagline
Dole debuts new logo, tagline
(Dole Food Co.)
Dole Food has introduced a redesigned logo and a new tagline, "Powering You." The company has started rolling out products featuring the updated logo and will continue through next year.
The Packer (Lenexa, Kan.) (10/15) 
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Chefs bring local tastes to the table through foraging
Chefs are turning to foraged ingredients to highlight local and seasonal fare worldwide. At Colorado's Taste of Native Cuisine, Karlos Baca highlights indigenous ingredients such as elk, sweet potato, chokecherries, blue cornmeal and wild mushrooms, while at South Africa's Foliage, Chris Erasmus showcases berries, flowers and other plants from the country's Western Cape.
Food Tank (10/15) 
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How Thrive has brought healthy food to middle class
Thrive Market has found success by bringing healthier food to the US middle class via delivery, offering an annual membership for $60 and wholesale pricing for natural and organic items. "It came down to really listening to the customer of what is the problem for someone who is middle class, middle America wanting to get healthy today," CEO Nick Green said.
ABC News/The Associated Press (10/14) 
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Pumpkin growers aim to grow heftier gourds
US pumpkin growers are working on new methods for growing bigger gourds to recover the record for the world's heaviest pumpkin from a European grower, who set the latest mark two years ago with a pumpkin that weighed more than a Toyota Prius. Growers of the American native squash are trying new horticultural methods.
San Jose Mercury News (Calif.) (tiered subscription model) (10/16) 
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The Revenge of the Rejected Rep!
Episode 2: PMA Pandemonium!
The villainous Half Baked attempts to sabotage PMA Fresh Summit for Idaho® Potatoes and their guests. Luckily "Dynamite" Dave Rhodes swoops in to the rescue! Don't miss the Great Idaho® Potato Fair at PMA Booth #731! And check out our new episodes!
SmartBrief Originals
Tech takes up more places at the food innovation table
Technology is playing an increasingly key role in the ongoing transformation of the food industry in areas such as transparency and cooking innovation, said The Spoon founder Michael Wolf at last week's Smart Kitchen Summit. "From the minute food is created to the second it is put on a fork to eat, the meal journey is being disrupted," he said.
SmartBrief/Food & Beverage (10/16) 
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Science & Technology
Machine learning focused on perfect balance for produce supply
Afresh Technologies was founded in 2017 to help grocers meet the key challenge of having just enough fresh produce on hand to meet demand but not so much as to spur waste. The Afresh machine learning system has helped regional grocers cut down on out-of-stocks by 80% and food waste by 50% in pilot projects, the company said.
The Spoon (10/15) 
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Public Affairs
Opinion: Farm subsidies are a trap for farmers
Ending farm subsidies in New Zealand helped revive that country's economy, and doing the same in the US could have similar effects across America, according to Michael Farren. "Conservatives who worry that welfare programs foster dependency and trap poor people in a vicious cycle of poverty should apply that same level of logic and scrutiny to the farm bill, which does exactly that to farmers," he writes.
The Hill (10/15) 
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Industry Talent – Center for Growing Talent
Think beyond yourself when leading a team
Leaders will arrive at better solutions if they look at problems through a variety of perspectives, writes Joel Garfinkle. "Your credentials in your field are already established; now it's your turn to draw ideas out of others and build effective leadership qualities in those below you," he writes.
SmartBrief/Leadership (10/15) 
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Why are you a bad listener?
There are many reasons managers don't listen well, including being unaware, unsure how to listen well or even having medical problems with their hearing, writes Dan McCarthy. Present a focused listening posture, paraphrase to check for comprehension and make eye contact to develop stronger listening skills over time, he writes.
Great Leadership (10/9) 
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PMA News
Why should your employees stay? Ask a bricklayer
Why do employees stay with you? In this new article, Center for Growing Talent's Margi Prueitt tells us what a bricklayer has to say about the future of our industry's talent. To learn how to keep your top talent, visit CGT's Experience Extension "Stay" between Fresh Summit's Forums for the Future on Thurs., Oct. 18. For more information and to register in advance, visit
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Buyers look to Fresh Summit Expo for industry edge
Fresh Summit attendees from around the globe can expect to find more in the way of ideas and inspiration at this year's largest expo ever, featuring more than 1,200 exhibiting companies displaying over 330,000+ net square feet. Among the many new features to this year's expo is an additional hour of floor time on Friday, Oct. 19. Learn more about all things Fresh Summit, including the expo.
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