April 19, 2021
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SPACs -- or special purpose acquisition companies -- have risen in popularity, and many celebrities have gotten involved with these entities. SPACs can pose significant risk for investors, because the ultimate performance of a SPAC is difficult to forecast.
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Moving Forward in 2021
Learn from the best and the brightest in the not-for-profit field to give you the power to pursue your mission with confidence.
Industry News and Trends
Registered investment advisers should be aware of their obligations under the Department of Labor's new fiduciary exemption rule, which has a safe harbor provision expiring Dec. 20. One key area of the new rule relates to advice on rollovers. (PFP/PFS members -- guide to investment advisory business models)
Full Story: WealthManagement (4/12) 
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The Labor Department has issued guidance related to its fiduciary rule, including information to help investors pick advisers and to help advisers stay in compliance. The agency said it is still considering "issues of fact, law and policy related to the exemption, and more generally, its regulation of fiduciary investment advice."
Full Story: ThinkAdvisor (free registration) (4/13) 
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Estate & Elder Planning
A simple but important task you can help married couples with is to make sure the beneficiary designations on their IRAs are updated. Otherwise, other heirs might be able to access the accounts, and the rollover rights of the surviving spouses might be compromised. (PFP/PFS members -- practical retirement planning guide; AICPA members -- excerpt)
Full Story: TheStreet (4/9) 
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Retirement, Investment & Insurance Planning
The coronavirus relief legislation passed near the end of 2020 ultimately omitted a provision that would have called on the Social Security Administration to remind people nearing age 65 of their ability to sign up for Medicare Part B. This article reviews Medicare enrollment issues as well as some pitfalls to watch for. (PFP/PFS members -- retirement health care coverage guide; AICPA members -- excerpt)
Full Story: WealthManagement (4/15) 
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IRAs with automatic enrollment features can in some circumstances help people delay filing for Social Security, thus boosting the value of benefits payments, research shows. Modeling by The Pew Charitable Trusts suggests that, by 2050, a majority of workers with auto-IRAs with 6% default contributions could postpone filing for Social Security for a year or more. (PFP/PFS members -- Social Security planning guide and a free webcast with CPE on Tuesday.
Full Story: ThinkAdvisor (free registration) (4/15) 
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Tax Topics
Bipartisan momentum is building in Congress to repeal the $10,000 cap on state and local tax deductions. A caucus of 21 Democrats and nine Republicans has formed to push for an expansion of the SALT deduction.
Full Story: BNN Bloomberg (Canada) (4/15) 
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The Internal Revenue Service is working on implementing a program for the enhanced child tax credit, and IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig told a Senate committee that "we fully anticipate to launch by July 1." Under recent legislative changes, parents will be able to receive $3,600 for children younger than 6 and $3,000 for other children age 17 or younger.
Full Story: Financial Planning (4/14) 
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Timely Planning Topics
Concerns about inflation have returned to haunt investors and savers given the federal government's enactment of policies designed to help the economy recover from the coronavirus crisis. Clients can use several vehicles to prepare for inflation, including Treasury inflation-protected securities, investments that track commodities and dividend growth stocks.
Full Story: ThinkAdvisor (free registration) (4/14) 
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You and Your Practice
Millennial investors have shown an affinity for investment products and advice that incorporate environmental, social and governance factors, according to a study by J.D. Power. In addition, some $68 trillion in assets are expected to pass from baby boomers to millennials during the next decade.
Full Story: Financial Advisor (4/15) 
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New podcast: The Sensible Taxation and Equity Promotion Act (STEP) of 2021
On March 29, Sen. Chris Van Hollen and Rep. Bill Pascrell proposed legislation that would result in the realization of capital gains on the date property is transferred by gift, trust or death. In this PFP Section podcast episode, Bob Keebler, CPA/PFS, gets you up to speed on the latest, including:
  • What the proposals say and the similarities and differences in the Senate and House versions
  • Exceptions for personal property, transfers to spouses and gifts/bequests to charity
  • The need to be mindful of the connection between these proposals and others that suggest a 39.6% tax rate on capital gains when income exceeds $1 million
  • Planning strategies to be prepared if these bills become law
(Open to all)
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New in the PFP Learning Library: Financial Advice in the Age of COVID
Check out Dr. Carolyn McClanahan's popular webcast now available in the PFP Learning Library. Both the recording and slides are available. You will:
  • Determine the interplay between the financial planning and medical worlds in today's environment
  • Identify how COVID-19 has affected financial planning projections, insurance planning, estate planning and the delivery of financial planning services
  • Learn the status of our health care system and upcoming coverage policies that will affect your clients, including the latest from the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021
(PFP/PFS member benefit)
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