Stepping stones to get started on TikTok | 4 stumbling blocks for your business | Keys to successful employee training
February 21, 2020
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Connecting with Customers
Stepping stones to get started on TikTok
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TikTok's base of active users has passed 500 million per month, and downloads on Google Play and the App Store have exceeded 1.5 billion. Authentic content -- particularly featuring children and animals -- combined with user-generated material and judicious use of ads and influencers can make the platform an asset to brands as well, writes Marly Broudie.
Full Story: Social Media Examiner (2/18) 
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Keeping Shop
Reflecting on the red flags that can indicate trouble, Ryan Robinson explains business mistakes to avoid. Hiring the wrong people, neglecting the need for a clear marketing plan and failing to communicate throughout the organization can all cause problems.
Full Story: Forbes (2/20) 
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Stellar training gives new employees tools for success with clear objectives, regular updates and supervised practice, writes Jonathan Herrick, a marketing executive. Ongoing training for existing employees in areas they choose can also boost engagement and loyalty, he notes.
Full Story: Entrepreneur online (2/21) 
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Managing the Money
Smart decisions made with taxes in mind can save money, and Danielle Higley explains what small-business owners should consider. She discusses several tax breaks, including those related to hiring, vehicle use and insurance.
Full Story: Independent Retailer (2/20) 
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With an increasing number of companies using professional employer organizations, Joshua Stowers explains everything you need to know about the services, including pros and cons. "Businesses that partner with PEOs are able to outsource payroll and all of their other HR tasks to a company that specializes in these undertakings," Stowers notes.
Full Story: Business (2/20) 
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Policy & Trends
Study: Tax-related scams target small businesses
Scammers are hacking small businesses with "tax" in website names and sending tax-related phishing emails, according to research by security company Proofpoint. Watch out for emails with poor grammar or from unfamiliar email addresses, Proofpoint suggests.
Full Story: Fox Business (2/20) 
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Stories from the Street
Don Myers tapped into his passion for comic books by opening The Comic Signal in Grand Rapids, Mich., four years ago. "I never thought my hobby would turn into something like this," said Myers, who will be hosting a daylong event for the company's anniversary.
Full Story: WZZM-TV (Grand Rapids, Mich.) (2/20) 
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NRF News
How consumers plan to spend their refunds
While more Americans than ever plan to put their tax refunds into savings this year, they are also putting some money toward purchases, according to NRF's annual survey. Of the 65% of taxpayers expecting a refund, 10% say they will make a major purchase and 9% say they will make a "splurge purchase." Additionally, 10% plan to use their refunds for home improvement. See the data here.
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Finding lost treasures at the Unclaimed Baggage Center
Fifty years after its founding, the Unclaimed Baggage Center is an international shopping destination that attracts nearly 1 million visitors a year from all 50 states and multiple foreign countries. Take a look inside the Alabama store where the country's lost luggage finds new owners.
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MainStreet SmartStat: Feb. 21, 2020
70% of shoppers say buy online, pickup in store has improved their experience. Source: NRF's Winter 2020 Consumer View report.
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Our customers have been generous and supportive, and I have appreciated them growing with me as I've made my dream of owning and operating a comic book store ... a reality.
Don Myers, owner of The Comic Signal, as quoted by WZZM-TV
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