January 24, 2022
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Crop Insurance Industry News
The USDA's Risk Management Agency is giving apple crop producers until Feb. 14 to request changes to the existing apple crop insurance program, which has not been revised in 11 years. The RMA aims to expand coverage options with the changes set to roll out in 2023.
Full Story: Michigan Farmer (1/21) 
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The USDA's Risk Management Agency is making $2 million in funding available to nonprofits for the development of educational programs focused on agricultural risk management, including crop insurance, that target producers from historically under-served groups and the organic and specialty crop industries. "We're committed to improving access to crop insurance, and our partnerships with organizations help us reach communities that have historically lacked access to training and resources," said RMA administrator Marcia Bunger. "We want to make sure all producers know and understand how to manage risk and what options are available to them."
Full Story: HudsonValley360 (Hudson, N.Y.) (1/20) 
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Legislation and Policy
Producers have until March 15 to make changes to their 2022 Price Loss Coverage and Agricultural Risk Coverage. These programs address the risks associated with commodity prices, yields and revenue not meeting marketing year estimates.
Full Story: Daily Journal (Tupelo, Miss.) (1/20) 
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Weather and the Economic Climate
Agtech firm Granular has developed the Corn vs. Soybean calculator to help farmers determine the most profitable acreage mix this year as fertilizer prices soar. Farmers should consider rotating more crops in 2022 to support weed control, soil nutrients and herbicide acceptance, said Steve Cromley, a retail product agronomist at Brevant seeds.
Full Story: AGDAILY (1/18) 
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Upland cotton prices may remain at roughly $1 per pound this year due to strong demand from China and despite inflationary pressures potentially slowing US demand for clothing, said Jody Campiche, vice president of economics at the National Cotton Council. Campiche predicts US cotton production will grow this year and that some farmers may plant cotton instead of corn due to rising fertilizer costs.
Full Story: Western Farm Press (1/18) 
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Florida orange growers are on track to produce 44.5 million boxes of fruit this season, 1.5 million fewer than forecast in December, according to the Agriculture Department. The season is set to be the smallest in terms of production since the mid-1940s.
Full Story: The Associated Press (1/19) 
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Trends and Tips
US produce growers navigate soaring shipping costs
Fresh produce growers in the US West are paying a premium to ship perishables like berries and lettuce to markets across the country before they spoil and holding off on shipping less-perishable items like onions in the hopes that costs come down. The combination of storms and pandemic-related labor shortages have driven trucking prices up to about three times pre-pandemic levels.
Full Story: Reuters (1/14) 
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Can weed-smashing seed mills replace herbicides?
(Tim Graham/Getty Images)
Scientists are working on high-velocity seed mills that are bolted onto combines and can smash weed seeds, addressing the growing need for weed control as herbicides continue to become less effective. "I feel confident we'll have seed mill units running on combines in our fields within five years," University of Arkansas weed scientist Jason Norsworthy said.
Full Story: AgWeb (1/17) 
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Crop insurance is so vital to this state; so vital to every crop in (Texas). Whether it be corn, wheat, or cotton - all of the crops come very much into play when it comes to crop insurance.
Russell Boening, president, Texas Farm Bureau
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