January 19, 2022
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Why Yumi seeks women to invest in its company
Sutherland (Stefanie Keenan/Getty Images)
A special-purpose vehicle in baby food company Yumi's latest funding round was aimed at women investors and offered them a 20% discount, and it yielded investors from about 70 women and women-led firms, co-founders Angela Sutherland and Evelyn Rusli say. "It's not all about money: It's about knowing each other, having access to each other, giving each other advice, and learning from one another," Yumi Chief Financial Officer Sarah-Marie Martin says.
Full Story: Fast Company (tiered subscription model) (1/14) 
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Business Trends
"Meaningful" business builds community, sales growth
Goldman (Roy Rochlin/Getty Images)
Creating education-focused events -- both in person and online -- brought a wider swath of customers to entrepreneur Ariane Goldman's Hatch, a direct-to-consumer company with pre-, post- and during pregnancy clothing. The 2020 launch of Hatch's Babe content platform has helped build a community among customers, 20% of whom aren't pregnant, along with annual sales growth of 80% in 2021, Goldman says.
Full Story: Glossy (tiered subscription model) (1/19) 
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Jenice Hill, the Memphis-based founder of 1-year-old juice company The Juicy Cactus, serves a clientele that's mostly women, selling a variety of juices such as Black Excellence, which combines coconut charcoal, pineapple, Bosc pear, yellow squash, lemon and cactus. "Whether it's women, whether it's African Americans, any disenfranchised group of people, those type of people are cactuses, because they live in a very unforgiving environment where they really have to fight to survive," says Hill, who very intentionally chose the name Black Excellence for that variety of juice in an effort to reinforce that "Black" can be "equated with beauty and excellence and deliciousness and everything positive."
Full Story: The Business Journals (tiered subscription model)/Bizwomen (1/14) 
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Audrey McGuckin, CEO of talent design innovation consultancy The McGuckin Group, discusses the steps companies must take to empower women leaders and prevent burnout, as well as the women's leadership program she founded, called Women On Their Way, that aims to overcome deep-rooted obstacles. "Corporate systems are broken and it's only when we identify, name and work to update those systems that real change happens," McGuckin says.
Full Story: AllworkSpace (1/18) 
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Small Business Spotlight
A desire to buy a Calico Critters Maple Cat Family figure led 4-year-old Sky Meng to ask her parents to help her start Chance of Rainbow, a web-based greeting card company, so she could earn money. Her mom and former day spa owner, Serena, built math, language arts, geography and other subjects into the entrepreneurship lessons, and Sky has designed 40 different cards and already has set a long-term goal: a horse.
Full Story: The Post and Courier (Charleston, S.C.) (tiered subscription model) (1/17) 
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Social Media Buzz
Every social media platform creates new varieties of storytelling through its format and how audiences receive the content, but what remains consistent is the need to find "an enclave, which is essentially a group of people who have a shared experience, or shared interest," says Deb Roy, director of the MIT Center for Constructive Communication. This ever-expanding universe of platforms and audiences creates trade-offs in terms of more "microcultures" but less common ground, Roy says.
Full Story: McKinsey (1/13) 
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NAWBO (R) News
Rethink success with the Circle Program from The NAWBO Institute
NAWBO understands how vital embracing a more holistic and sustainable version of success is to the long-term health of our women business owner community. That is why our Circle Program is designed to challenge successful women, like you, to invest in your most valuable resource -- yourself. We provide top-tier women business owners with a transformational blueprint that aligns all aspects of their lives to develop deeper bonds, better businesses and stronger communities. More information about the NAWBO Circle and other NAWBO Institute Programs may be found here.
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Best Practices
Define your core values and what you believe in, and then create frameworks for how you will achieve those goals, writes Shalini Rao, growth equity partner at Generation Investment Management. Rao cites a Deloitte study that showed a shared vision and sense of purpose can improve employee retention.
Full Story: Fast Company (tiered subscription model) (1/18) 
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Research suggests that burnout and stress are key issues for employees who are planning to resign from their positions. Leaders can address these issues -- and encourage more staff members to stay -- by engaging in genuine conversation to learn how to ease their burdens.
Full Story: Fast Company (tiered subscription model) (1/17) 
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Policy Update
A National Bureau of Economic Research study of the $800 billion Paycheck Protection Program found from 23% to 34% of the funds in the first round in 2020 went to employees who otherwise would have lost their jobs, while up to three-fourths of the rest went to the business owners or shareholders, Fast Company reported. The report estimated PPP funding saved 2 million to 3 million "job years" of employment at a cost of $170,000 to $257,000 for each job-year saved.
Full Story: Fast Company (tiered subscription model) (1/17) 
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Managing your stress can lead to more productivity, writes Meeky Hwang, co-founder and chief technology officer of Ndevr. Hwang suggests starting the day on "a positive note," blocking out time to focus on your own needs and learning how to let go of things that are beyond your control.
Full Story: Forbes (tiered subscription model) (1/18) 
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