Math, English grad requirements may change in Ohio | Teacher links math lessons to "Hidden Figures" scenes | School sees benefits of collaborative math approach
February 27, 2020
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Math, English grad requirements may change in Ohio
Ohio is considering changing high-school graduation requirements so students only have to be "competent," rather than "proficient," in Algebra I and English II to receive a diploma. The state superintendent, Paolo DeMaria, proposed the change, which will affect students graduating in 2023 if the plan passes.
Full Story: WBNS-TV (Columbus, Ohio) (2/25) 
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Melynee Naegele, a math and special-education teacher at Will Rogers Junior High School in Oklahoma, uses the film "Hidden Figures" to talk to students about perseverance and a growth mindset in math. Naegele points out similarities between the characters' work on math problems and her students' math assignments, and students get to work on a group project similar to one from the movie.
Full Story: Claremore Daily Progress (Okla.) (2/26) 
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School sees benefits of collaborative math approach
Nikolay Middle School in Wisconsin is seeing some improvements in math scores after its district implemented the Core Connections curriculum, which focuses more on collaboration and reasoning instead of memorization. Students work in groups to solve problems, and teachers answer questions by asking their own questions to guide students through their thinking, principal Krista Jones says.
Full Story: Cambridge News & Deerfield Independent (Wis.) (2/25) 
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Calif. students use avatars to learn about finance
Students from 19 schools recently participated in a financial literacy program hosted by Junior Achievement of Northern California. After 13 in-class lessons on topics such as budgeting and investing, students went to the local fairgrounds where they visited stations to explore how to meet the financial needs of an avatar with a backstory.
Full Story: North Bay Business Journal (Santa Rosa, Calif.) (2/24) 
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3-5 Webinar: Early Algebra Program from TERC
Didax is excited to partner with TERC, the U. of TX and U. of WI to create the first early algebra curriculum for students in grades 3-5. Join us for a webinar on March 10th at 3:00 PM to discuss the research-basis of the program, share LEAP lessons and discuss how to implement LEAP with your curriculum.
How teachers can marry art, STEM through theater
The theater is full of magic -- and, for teachers, a potential STEAM lesson in action, writes former educator Anne Jolly. In this blog post, she shares lesson plans that marry arts and STEM, such as asking students to act out scientific ideas through music and dance.
Full Story: MiddleWeb (2/25) 
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Policy & Legislation
CDC warns schools about outbreak of coronavirus
(Gerard Julien/Getty Images)
A coronavirus outbreak is expected to affect the US, and schools should begin preparations if they have not already, said Nancy Messonnier, a CDC director. While other administration officials downplayed concerns, Messonnier said schools should consider virtual options to help prevent disruptions in learning and maintain the health of students.
Full Story: Education Week (tiered subscription model) (2/25) 
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