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April 9, 2020
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Five years ago, Yessenia Monserrate opened the doors to New You Beauty Bar, but the company has had to close during the current crisis. Monserrate is trying to keep her team's spirits up until the business can reopen, and in the meantime she is referring customers to YouTube for beauty tips and planning the rollout of an app.
Full Story: WPIX-TV (New York City) (4/8) 
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Caring for Customers
While the business world has changed during the past few weeks, eliminating marketing initiatives isn't necessarily the right choice, writes Lee Wilson. However, it is important to adjust your approach, striving to understand your audience and renewing emphasis on search engine optimization, Wilson writes.
Full Story: Search Engine Journal (4/8) 
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Your top digital marketing questions answered
Marketers answer the top online questions about digital marketing, including best email subject lines, automation benefits, email marketing tips, Google Trends and the most effective digital marketing trends. The advice offered covers using automation to improve sales and marketing alignment, how to personalize business-to-business messaging and a six-step guide to creating effective email campaigns.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Marketing (4/7) 
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Keeping Shop
Focus on the aspects of your business that you can control rather than getting hung up on everything else, writes Sageworks co-founder Brian Hamilton, providing advice for leading during the pandemic. Also, preserve cash reserves whenever possible, work to bolster employee morale and be proactive about applying for assistance if you need it.
Full Story: Inc. (4/8) 
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Leadership models are more effective when they are easy to remember and align with the organization's needs, says Kamila Sip, the NeuroLeadership Institute's director of neuroscience research. "If leaders actually feel they can succeed in applying the models to their daily behavior and the outcomes are meaningful to them, they're then more motivated to actually think and act in accordance with the model," Sip says.
Full Story: Forbes (4/7) 
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Managing the Money
The US government has introduced a system to let financial institutions not registered with the Small Business Administration participate in a $350 billion program for small-business lending. The move is expected to add hundreds of lenders to the program, created in response to the coronavirus pandemic.
Full Story: Reuters (4/8) 
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Tips & Tools
A crisis forces leaders to be innovative, learn as they go and make decisions without succumbing to fear, writes Michael McKinney. "When we deal with the crisis with a positive expectation and manage the fear, we open ourselves up to possibility, opportunities, and self-efficacy," he writes.
Full Story: Leadership Now (4/6) 
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Businesses at West Acres in Fargo, N.D., like Essentia Health, Best Buy and a handful of eateries have remained open during the coronavirus while local stores get creative to stay afloat. Apricot Lane is selling clothing online through Instagram, and Evereve is creating stylized boxes to complement its online shopping assortment.
Full Story: The Forum (Fargo, N.D.-Moorhead, Minn.)/WDAY-TV (Fargo, N.D.) (4/6) 
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News You Can Use
Democrats in the Senate blocked an attempt to unanimously approve a measure providing an additional $250 billion for a small-business loan program. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have indicated that they want an emergency bill to include funding for health systems, hospitals and other groups.
Full Story: CNBC (4/9) 
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We're patient, and we're praying. Stay calm, stay at home, and this too shall pass.
Yessenia Monserrate, owner of New You Beauty Bar, as quoted by WPIX-TV
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