ATMs decrease as consumers turn to apps, cards | Amazon wins fight with Latin America over name | British restaurants benefit from smartphone orders
22 May 2019
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ATMs decrease as consumers turn to apps, cards
The number of ATMs worldwide declined 1% in 2018 as consumers used cards more than cash and turned to mobile apps for banking. The decrease was driven by drops in Brazil, China, Japan and the US, according to consultancy RBR.
Bloomberg (tiered subscription model) (20 May.) 
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How is marketing changing in 2019?
Digital-first marketing strategies are obsolete. To succeed in 2019, marketers need to adopt a data-first mindset that takes in the entire customer journey. Learn how top brands are already doing so. Get the ebook.
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Amazon wins fight with Latin America over name
It took seven years, but Amazon, the internet giant, has won the right to use Amazon as a domain name over the objections of several Latin American countries. The nations argued that they had rights to the name because of their proximity to the Amazon river and rainforest.
NDTV (India) (21 May.) 
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British restaurants benefit from smartphone orders
British restaurants benefit from smartphone orders
(Jack Taylor/Getty Images)
British consumers are increasingly ordering food over mobile phones, a trend that restaurant analysts say can drive up business by more than 10%. Research by Yext found that about 20% of respondents use restaurant websites, while about 50% begin with search engines.
Mobile Marketing Magazine (17 May.) 
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Location data’s use in AI-driven segmentation
Progressive advertising uses AI to quickly and easily identify data patterns, making it ideal for audience segmentation, personalization and targeting. Discover location data's importance in AI-driven segmentation. Download the HERE Technologies' whitepaper now.
Integrated Marketing
Louis Arriola's Dominican Republic studio will come with 5G
Tech entrepreneur Louis Arriola is investing $100 million in the Dominican Republic to build a 5G network as well as a film studio. Arriola, who does business in seven other countries in Latin America, is planning to develop media properties that include streaming video and games.
The Hollywood Reporter (21 May.) 
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Ford is deploying AI, machine learning across its portfolio
Ford's investment in artificial intelligence and machine learning is helping the company with its US and China vehicles, motorsports and autonomous vehicle development, among other areas, Bernard Marr writes. The latest Ford Edge uses AI to make decisions when it comes to using two-wheel drive or four-wheel drive.
Forbes (17 May.) 
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How to run ROAS UA campaigns for ad-based games
Accessing and measuring ad revenue on the user level has been a major challenge for the industry, which has prevented developers from driving user growth with maximum efficiency. This piece will show how developers monetizing their game with ads can run UA campaigns based on user-level ad revenue data. Read more.
How fraud hit the headlines in April
As fraud prevention becomes more sophisticated, fraudsters are hellbent on outwitting their victims by any means necessary. It's the reason disincentivizing fraudsters with fraud prevention tools is the best way to protect your app, as well as taking steps to ensure you're working with trusted partners. Read more.
Market Trends & Research
Chinese app company says it creates 20m jobs
Chinese app company says it creates 20m jobs
(Greg Baker/AFP/Getty Images)
China's Meituan-Dianping says its multi-service platform is responsible for creating as many as 20 million jobs through its food delivery, entertainment and leisure services. One of China's most popular apps, it has a base of more than 400 billion people, and half of the smartphone users in China make payments with it.
ZDNet (17 May.) 
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Gender digital gap affects women most in poor African countries
The gap between women and men who have internet access, own mobile phones or possess computers is largest in low-income African countries, says UN Women representative in Rwanda Fatou Lo. Closing that divide could be worth $140 million to the mobile phone industry, but women and girls need equal access to the technology and training on how to use it, Lo adds.
Xinhua News Agency (China) (16 May.) 
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MMA International News
Trying to Execute Multi-Touch Attribution? Get the Insights You Need
Data sharing is at the heart of MTA, but being able to connect the consumer journey across touchpoints - particularly in the era of Walled Gardens and GDPR - takes learning and dedication. This new paper from MMA's Marketing Attribution Think Tank (MATT) is here to help. It gives marketers an overview of the state of data restriction, and suggests workarounds to make MTA deployment successful. Download here.
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MMA Discovers Brands Need a One-Second Strategy
The human brain processes mobile ads in less than one second, according to groundbreaking neuroscience cognition research from the MMA. For more about the research - and some insight into how your brand can elicit a positive response - even in the blink of an eye - check out the Executive Summary here.
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SMARTIES: Get Recognized for Your Best Work
Today's marketers are creating ideas that are transforming and inspiring the mobile marketing industry. Are you one of them? If you've made advances for your brand through mobile programs that generated meaningful impact to your business and its bottom line, then you should send your best work to our annual SMARTIES awards and get recognized for your efforts. Share your story now!
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