Square serves small businesses with debit card | Amazon "Stores" is quiet but may soon roar | Heart patients can track pacemakers with new Medtronic apps
January 18, 2019
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Square serves small businesses with debit card
Square serves small businesses with debit card
Square's new debit for small businesses, offered with Mastercard, makes funds from Square sales immediately available. No bank is involved, as the money comes entirely from a business's balance in its Square account.
Reuters (1/17),  ZDNet (1/17) 
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How is marketing changing in 2019?
Digital-first marketing strategies are obsolete. To succeed in 2019, marketers need to adopt a data-first mindset that takes in the entire customer journey. Learn how top brands are already doing so. Get the ebook.
Consumer Engagement
Amazon "Stores" is quiet but may soon roar
Amazon "Stores" is quiet but may soon roar
(David McNew/Getty Images)
Amazon has yet to very actively promote its influencer program, "Stores," which is based on individual pages from celebrities and other people with followings, but reports that the company has approached more potential contributors hint at upcoming activity. Agencies and brands are keeping a close eye on developments due to the initiative's potential.
Digiday (free content) (1/18) 
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Marketing & Sector Solutions
Anchor links surge in ad-backed podcasts to its platform
Podcasting platform Anchor is crediting its monetization program for a doubling in the number of ad-backed podcasts on the market since the program rolled out in November. The platform touts its one-stop package of production, distribution and monetization tools as particularly advantageous for smaller podcasters.
Adweek (tiered subscription model) (1/17) 
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Data-tracking tools central to effective CRO
There's no simple step-by-step formula for conversion rate optimization, and the best tactics vary from one brand to another. Data are the key in every case, writes Laura Robinson, and for that companies need to audit their tracking tools.
Marketing Land (1/17) 
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Industry By the Numbers
Instagram may hit road bumps in 2019
Instagram posted strong growth in 2018, but its path may not be as smooth in 2019, eMarketer argues. Among the challenges are an increased ad load that may turn off some users and disappointment with trolling and possible election meddling.
eMarketer (1/18) 
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Making It Work
Researchers develop self-teaching chatbot
Researchers develop self-teaching chatbot
Chatbots have distinct limitations when it comes to engaging in human conversations for very long, but that may be about to change. Researchers from Stanford University and the AI Research team at Facebook say they've developed a chatbot that can improve itself by learning from natural-language interactions.
VentureBeat (1/17) 
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New tool could help detect flaws in tech devices early on
A new tool developed by researchers at Australian National University could help identify defects in tech devices such as solar cells, mobile phones and sensors early on in the manufacturing process. The innovative system can spot flaws exponentially faster than current techniques by analyzing high-resolution images of semiconductor materials.
ECN Magazine (1/17) 
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MMA News
How to help your app drive value and utility for consumers
Want to find out how marketers are driving app engagement? And how integrating with other apps can help enhance consumer utility and loyalty for your app? This new report from MMA and Waze will help you discover strategies that will help your app resonate in the cluttered app universe. Download the report.
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Class in session with Harvard Business School Professor Sunil Gupta at Impact, March 5-6
Sunil Gupta, Edward W. Carter Professor of Business Administration and Chair of the General Management Program at Harvard Business School, will demonstrate how the rules of business have changed and why it is no longer enough for firms to be better or cheaper to gain competitive advantage. Secure your seat now!
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I liked being half-educated; you were so much more surprised at everything when you were ignorant.
Gerald Durrell,
naturalist and television presenter
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