January 25, 2022
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Walmart giving $2.9M to help Black-owned businesses
(Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)
Walmart will give $2.9 million in grants to groups that help Black-owned businesses find and secure access to working capital. The grants will "make it easier for entrepreneurs in the retail industry to strengthen and scale their companies, in turn helping to sustain their communities across the country," said Monique Carswell, director of the Walmart.org Center for Racial Equity, which will administer the grants.
Full Story: Winsight Grocery Business (1/21) 
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A California federal judge has reversed a ruling that had initially dismissed Byron Allen's $10 billion discrimination lawsuit against McDonald's Corp., clearing the way for the case to move forward with an amended complaint. The original complaint states that McDonald's spends less than .3% of its $1.6 billion advertising budget with Black-owned media companies, however the company says Allen's claims are meritless.
Full Story: Bloomberg (1/22) 
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Roy Choi's TV series brings diverse voices to the table
Choi and Puck in the "Broken Bread" episode "The Future of Restaurants" (Stephen Vanasco/Public Media Group of Southern California)
In the second season of his television series "Broken Bread," chef Roy Choi will highlight the people who work in all parts of the food system, from farmers to fine dining chefs. In the first episode, which premieres Jan. 25 on KCET and Tastemade, Choi visits the food stalls at Los Angeles' Avenue 26 night market and Wolfgang Puck's upscale Beverly Hills restaurant, Spago, to shed a light on the way people often assign less value to food they perceive as low-end.
Full Story: Robb Report (1/19),  The Manual (1/20) 
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Husband-and-wife entrepreneurs Jamie and Jilea Hemmings say they have opened the first Black-owned contactless grocery store in the Atlanta area. At Nourish + Bloom Market, in Fayetteville, Ga., shoppers scan items on the store's app as they walk through the store and are automatically charged for the groceries and prepared foods as they leave.
Full Story: TechCrunch (tiered subscription model) (1/21) 
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According to a December survey of airline executives, JetBlue became the first airline in five years to have a majority of women employed among its executives. While the survey found 15% of executive roles were filled by women, the number of women leading carriers doubled from three to six.
Full Story: FlightGlobal (U.K.) (1/24) 
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Innovation in the Workforce
Improving company culture amid uncertainty requires leaders who embrace diversity, value mental health and are capable of growth with limited resources, author and speaker John Hall writes. In addition, leaders should be teachable and facilitate professional development for employees, Hall notes.
Full Story: Inc. (tiered subscription model) (1/22) 
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Technological advances will make it easier for employers to find diverse, global candidates, but the recruitment process should still include a human element to prevent bias in artificially intelligent solutions, Pooja Maggon writes. Maggon recommends that employers use standardized interview processes to eliminate bias and incorporate inclusion into onboarding programs.
Full Story: Training magazine (1/18) 
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Leadership and Management
A lack of empathy from leaders can encourage employees to resign. Here are three suggestions for managers to better connect with employees, including devoting time during meetings to learn how employees are doing.
Full Story: Entrepreneur (1/23) 
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Many leadership development initiatives are focused on high performers or people who are already in leadership positions, so some of the people who could most use the training may be overlooked. One way to address this shortcoming is to assess candidates based on their room to develop rather than their current attributes.
Full Story: Harvard Business Review (tiered subscription model) (1/20) 
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