October 28, 2021
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Leading Edge
Job descriptions for CEOs and other top management have been increasingly focused on social skills -- people who listen, empathize and communicate a common vision -- according to listings from 2000 to 2017. "It's related to the increasing complexity associated with managing larger and more knowledge-intensive organizations," says Raffaella Sadun of Harvard Business School, who was one of the researchers.
Full Story: Harvard Business School Working Knowledge (10/26) 
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Procrastination is commonly attributed to poor time management, but what's often more important is proper motivation and meaning, writes Susan Fowler. "At the beginning of each day, focus on making choices that connect to meaningful values and build your competence for facing everyday challenges," Fowler writes.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Leadership (10/27) 
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2022 Global Culture Report
The 2022 Global Culture Report examines the impact that hybrid workplaces, peak experiences, employee recognition, and our need for connection will have on cultures and business performance. Read here.
Strategic Management
Companies with operational resilience have treated the issue as a leadership priority that trickles down to every level of the business, according to this McKinsey analysis. This approach is especially important for industrial companies, as McKinsey shares examples from manufacturers related to outsourcing production, what assets to prioritize and managing risk in supply chains.
Full Story: McKinsey (10/27) 
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Instead of cutting costs in response to inflation, try being deliberate about price increases while considering your competition, supply chain challenges and growth opportunities. "You've now got the opportunity to think about reinvesting in the brand, strengthening the brand, and spending on things you've always wished you could spend on," says Tim Calkins, a Kellogg School of Management professor.
Full Story: Kellogg Insight (10/22) 
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5 Stock Picks For Retiring Early
The Motley Fool is known for picking stocks. And we think it's never too late to start building wealth through investing. That's why we're giving away 5 stock picks for any investor looking to retire - for free. Get the free report today!
Smarter Communication
Avoid micromanaging your team by giving them clear guidance on what success looks like, a system of regular progress reports, motivation to meet deadlines and an accountability process, writes Know Your Team CEO Claire Lew. "True team accountability is about doing everything you can to create the clearest possible picture for what needs to get done and why, and sharing as much context as possible to achieve those expectations," Lew writes.
Full Story: Know Your Team (10/27) 
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A Guide to Recruiter/Hiring Manager Relationships
Recruiters, build a strategic partnership with your hiring manager to improve the quality of your recruiting workflow. Show them the valuable insights that recruiting brings to the table. Get best practices to define responsibilities for better meetings.
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In Their Own Words
How Dave Grohl survived Nirvana and found a path forward
Grohl (Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images)
Dave Grohl shares what he learned from a lifetime in music, from Scream to Nirvana to Foo Fighters, how he tried to process Kurt Cobain's death and why he wants people to know the history of music. "The whole idea with the Foo Fighters was to be a continuation of life," Grohl says.
Full Story: Vulture (tiered subscription model) (10/26) 
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Daily Diversion
Love it or hate it, it's pumpkin spice season, and Johns Hopkins University researcher Jason Fischer says our reaction to the aroma is really a form of nostalgia that our brain concocts around the fall season. The scent of pumpkin spice doesn't even have pumpkin -- it's usually a combination of nutmeg, allspice and cinnamon.
Full Story: National Public Radio (10/26) 
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