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February 27, 2020
SmartBrief on Leadership
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Leading Edge
You have choices if you find yourself working for an unethical organization, writes Susan Fowler, including going along with it, advocating for change or exposing the behavior. "Empowerment is not something that is done to you; it is something you do for yourself," she writes.
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Great leaders possess and develop 10 basic skills, including integrity, humility, a willingness to help and inspiring others to trust them, writes Douglas Conant, former CEO of Campbell Soup. "To earn the confidence of your constituents and spread your influence, all of your actions must be tethered to a commitment to honoring people," he writes.
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4 Ways to Prevent Employee Burnout
Our survey of over 20,000 employees found that 79% of employees are experiencing burnout. The W.H.O. recently classified burnout as a syndrome. You can stay up-to-date on the latest research by reading these 4 ways to prevent burnout at your company. Read White Paper
Strategic Management
How Formula One racing can inform your strategy
Formula One (Mark Thompson/Getty Images)
A study of Formula One race car manufacturing suggests racing teams will replace an engine supplier when they and competitors are each underperforming. "Vicariously observing the supplier's other customers is no replacement for more direct forms of access to knowledge, such as being able to conduct site visits and look your business partners in the eye," write David Clough and Henning Piezunka.
Full Story: INSEAD Knowledge (2/26) 
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Smarter Communication
A trolling, disruptive employee needs to be contained by finding allies, reinforcing your organization's story and goals and finding effective ways to respond instead of reacting, writes Scott Eblin. "Choose the dignified response by focusing on what matters and the facts that support the goal," he writes.
Full Story: Eblin Group (2/26) 
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The Big Picture
Each Thursday, what's next for work and the economy
Robots that complement humans are more readily accepted, even to the point of being given nicknames. Other research suggests people prefer robots that make a few mistakes, in part because it's easier for humans to keep watch.
Full Story: BBC (2/25) 
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In Their Own Words
Boston Red Sox Chief Baseball Officer Chaim Bloom has been criticized for trading former MVP Mookie Betts and firing manager Alex Cora, but he says his job is making the tough decisions to better the team. "We owe it to not just ourselves, but we owe it to our fans ... we owe it to everybody not to shy away from that just because it will be painful to do it," he says.
Full Story: The Associated Press (2/25) 
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Daily Diversion
The FBI has used photographic pattern analysis on clothing material such as jeans as evidence in trials, but research shows the technique is relatively unreliable. Researchers Sophie Nightingale and Hany Farid write that more studies are needed but recommend that "identification based on denim jeans should be used with extreme caution, if at all."
Full Story: Ars Technica (2/25) 
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