January 15, 2021
SmartBrief on Leadership
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Leading Edge
Smart leaders recognize when they're being overtaken by bad habits such as trying to control everything, creating too many rules or thinking they don't need feedback or advice, writes Lolly Daskal. "Even smart, committed leaders have blind spots, and you may be needlessly frustrating and irritating people with unthinking behavior and attitudes," she writes.
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How to help your team all year, not just January
The new year doesn't wipe away ongoing challenges, so leaders must continue to be resilient, compassionate, consistent and encouraging to help employees be inspired and motivated, writes Julie Winkle Giulioni. "Leaders who train their eyes to find and celebrate the positive inspire the same in those around them," she writes.
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What's your office reopening plan?
HR and facilities management leaders need a reopening solution that doesn't require expensive and bulky hardware, is fully anonymous to protect employee privacy, can be customized to meet the unique needs of their organization, and functions specifically for the unprecedented purposes of the pandemic. But how? Watch the on-demand webinar to find out.
Strategic Management
The 30-year-long success of Adobe's Portable Document Format hinges on the company's willingness to share PDF specifications and make Acrobat Reader free, which expanded the audience of users and developers, writes Rob Walker. The company has relinquished control of the PDF format but continues to improve its offering for cloud subscribers, bringing in $1.5 billion in fiscal 2020.
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Optimizing Your Remote Business Processes
The global pandemic has shifted much of the world's workforce into a remote setting, but the need to collaborate within - and between - teams remains. Cloud content tools have become a significant solution, but which features and benefits are most needed at this time? This infographic provides insight into what makes a strong collaboration tool
Smarter Communication
Businesses are the most trusted institution and the information source most readily believed by employees, according to the annual Edelman Trust Barometer, writes Rachel Miller. She explains the report's findings, why the need for trustworthy information will keep increasing, and what that means for communications teams and CEOs.
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2020 Hindsight
What did leading Fortune 500 Brands do to take on 2021 and manage ‘ops-down’ to each associate? Learn about the one gap they once had in common and different approaches taken to close that gap. #2020Hindsight Register for the Webinar
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Smarter Living
Get your mind and body right each Friday
Top athletes know that rest is essential to performing at their best, and leaders should insist that their teams take time off and be aware of how much is being demanded of them in their jobs. Leaders should also consider the differences between short- and long-term rest, such as breaks versus extended vacations.
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Stress doesn't have to be inevitable for hard-driving career-minded people, particularly if you build calm into your routines, exercise regularly and sleep enough, writes Larry Cornett. "It is not a weakness to admit that you need personal time to take your stress levels down a notch," he writes.
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2021 Workplace Technology Innovation Awards
SmartBrief is excited to announce the 2021 Innovation Awards for Workplace Technology. Launched in partnership with AV Technology, these awards celebrate the products and services that help organizations keep pace with and meet the challenges of the quickly evolving workplace. Nominate your product today!
In Their Own Words
Tell a new story if you want new habits
(YouTube/Polina Marinova Pompliano)
James Clear has 1 million email subscribers, a successful book and a reputation for sound advice on habits, and he shares why his own habits -- what he reads, how he spends his time -- shape what he's able to deliver. "Ultimately, the process of changing your habits is really the process of re-writing your story and learning to believe something new about yourself," he says in this interview and video.
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Daily Diversion
Cuneiform tablets found in the ruins of Kanesh, in modern-day Turkey, from the 19th century B.C. show women were deeply involved in the textile trade business with Iraq, writing to their brothers and husbands about issues of profits and fraud. The letters are part of a book about the thriving business of the Assyrian traders who sold textiles and other luxury goods.
Full Story: BBC (free registration) (1/13) 
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In observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the US, SmartBrief will not publish Monday. Publication will resume Tuesday.
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