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January 16, 2020
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Customer Service Highlight
How to level up on B2B customer experience
Phil Britt, with the help of several business-to-business marketers, explores how to elevate B2B customer experience, including humanizing messaging, acting on customer feedback and understanding the need for a consistent team and wide-ranging strategy. "Building good B2B customer experience is all about being intentional with that experience throughout the entire lifecycle of your interactions with a new prospect or company," says Sendoso Chief Marketing Officer Dan Frohnen.
CMSWire (1/10) 
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Using data to build a better customer culture
Becoming customer-centric depends upon data-collection practices and maintaining cybersecurity, according to Danny Bluestone. It's also critical for an organization's leadership to ensure that insights about customers are shared liberally, he writes.
The Drum (free registration) (1/9) 
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Digital Trends & Transformation
Mastercard gives customers AR app to explore benefits
Mastercard gives customers AR app to explore benefits
Mastercard revealed at CES 2020 that it's launching an augmented reality app for iPhones in the second quarter, and it features three AR experiences -- Peace of Mind, Experiences and Everyday Value -- that can be accessed by customers via scanning their cards. "By leveraging an intuitive AR design, cardholders can now easily find and fully explore their benefits that otherwise might have been overlooked," says Mastercard's Raja Rajamannar.
Next Reality (1/8) 
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Health insurers testing plan to expedite prior authorizations
A group of health insurance companies is testing the Fast Prior Authorization Technology Highway, which uses technology to expedite prior authorizations and gives doctors the ability to know whether a medication requires prior authorization and how much a patient's medication will cost before they leave the office. Many physician offices still manually obtain prior authorizations, and 83% of them recently surveyed by the Medical Group Management Association say it is their No. 1 burden.
Health Data Management (free registration) (1/6) 
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Data & Analytics
Experts: More banks likely to limit third-party access to data
Industry experts say more financial services companies will likely follow PNC and JPMorgan Chase in tightening third-party access to banking data this year. Ray Walsh, a digital privacy expert at, said such a move would improve privacy and security, but it could also lead companies to limit the number of services bank customers could attach to their accounts.
Banking Dive (1/7) 
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Innovation & Disruption
Protecting data privacy provides "competitive advantage"
Protecting data privacy provides "competitive advantage"
Marketers need to take steps now to protect data privacy, experts say, as 2020 saw the implementation of the California Consumer Privacy Act. "You might have to make some adjustments, but honestly, you'll be way ahead of other organizations, and you'll be realizing a competitive advantage which a lot of people lack today," says Kristina Podnar, a digital policy consultant.
CMSWire (1/15) 
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Hotel vending machines that dispense Champagne
Guests at Lennox Miami Beach with a sudden taste for bubbly can turn to a vending machine stocked with three types of Champagne in 7-ounce bottles. The golden-hued machine requires a $30 token purchased from the front desk, but it comes with two flutes. New York's Lexington Hotel and Naples, Fla.'s Ritz-Carlton have similar vending machines.
TheTravel (1/13) 
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Public outreach, education help utilities' advance renewables
Utilities can avoid public opposition that can delay and ultimately result in the denial of renewables such as wind and solar by being aware of local ordinances, holding information sessions with local officials and hosting education sessions where the community and local leaders can learn about projects, write Alex Garel-Frantzen, Amy Antoniolli and Brett Cooper of law firm Schiff Hardin. Utilities should also create information-sharing websites and promote the economic benefits of proposed projects, they write.
The National Law Review (1/13) 
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T-Mobile extends 5G NR tests to more of 600 MHz band
T-Mobile extends 5G NR tests to more of 600 MHz band
(Mario Tama/Getty Images)
The Federal Communications Commission has approved T-Mobile's request to broaden its testing of 5G New Radio technology across parts of the 600 MHz band for which it does not have a long-term license. T-Mobile received a two-year permit for tests in Las Vegas, Dallas, Los Angeles and Seattle in order to work with several vendors and test the technology in areas with large populations.
RCR Wireless News (1/10) 
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J.D. Power News
"Uniform process" for self-driving vehicle repairs would benefit drivers, insurance
With as complex as vehicles are, new technologies like self-driving vehicles are making them even more so, write J.D. Power's Kristin Kolodge and David Pieffer. To ensure consumers' confidence, such as for repairs, and to help repair shops and the insurance industry, automakers should "develop a uniform process and governance that all repair facilities can use to verify that any repairs for vehicles equipped with ADAS features are calibrated correctly."
Insurance Thought Leadership (9/30) 
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