April 20, 2021
ISACA SmartBrief on Privacy
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Top Story
Those building global digital platforms should "consider the varying standards of censorship and privacy in different markets," writes William Emmanuel Yu for ISACA®. Yu uses the social media site Parler as an example and points out the importance of compliance, "as platform owners run the risk of running afoul of governments or organizations in areas in which they operate."
Full Story: ISACA (4/16) 
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How to build a security observability strategy
Architecting a security observability strategy can provide heightened visibility into cloud-native infrastructures, such as microservices, serverless, and containers. In this upcoming webinar, we will cover cloud-native security monitoring sources and guardrails, discuss integrating automation capabilities to reduce manual efforts, and share practical guidance and tips for executing on this strategy. Register now
Privacy in the News
Legislation has been introduced in the US Senate to prohibit companies from exporting Americans' data to countries deemed adversarial. "Shady data brokers shouldn't get rich selling Americans' private data to foreign countries that could use it to threaten our national security," says Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore.
Full Story: Nextgov (4/15) 
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Putting hardware out to pasture is as important as onboarding hardware, especially in terms of data and privacy, argues Sue Poremba. Tools and software can help with end-of-lifecycle issues, Poremba writes, noting, "this is not an area to try to save a few bucks" because if the data is breached, "you will pay the penalty."
Full Story: Security Intelligence (4/14) 
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Zoom has installed privacy features that will save some users from gaffes in workplace settings. One upgrade will advise when the host or any attendee is employing a connected third-party app.
Full Story: Neowin (4/19) 
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Best Practices
Interviewing job candidates via teleconference could expose enterprises to data privacy and security risks, writes attorney Damon Silver of Jackson Lewis. In this tutorial, Silver outlines the risks involved and proposes strategies to counter them.
Full Story: The National Law Review (4/13) 
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Policy, Trends and Research
The US and the EU continue to negotiate data transfers to replace Privacy Shield, which was struck down by the European Court of Justice in the Schrems II ruling. Meanwhile, data continues to flow if it is guarded by standard contractual clauses.
Full Story: CNBC (4/19) 
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US Rep. Suzan DelBene, D-Wash., a former executive at Microsoft, says national privacy legislation is necessary because "our laws have not kept up" with advances in technology. DelBene warns that the "patchwork" of state laws threatens to diminish the US on the international stage.
Full Story: GeekWire (4/17) 
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