Calif. voters to consider new privacy regulations | Google tosses 3 child-oriented apps from Play Store | Some see Brazil's privacy law as great opportunity
October 27, 2020
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The proposed California Privacy Rights Act, known as Prop. 24, would take the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 even further by allowing consumers to request that companies not share their data, instead of simply not selling it. Laura Hautala breaks down the proposal, which will be on US State of California ballots next week, and describes parties for or against it.
Full Story: CNET (10/26) 
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Privacy in the News
Google has expunged three popular apps aimed at children from its Play Store after an investigation of their data collection practices by the International Digital Accountability Council. Google says it is working with privacy groups to police developers trying to flout its rules.
Full Story: TechSpot (10/25) 
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Brazil's new privacy law, inspired by the EU's, brings the possibility of fines for businesses improperly using data, but also "a great opportunity for serious companies wanting to gain trust with consumers," says Gil Mildar of marketing tech company Zoomd. The law also applies to companies providing e-commerce services to Brazilians.
Full Story: IDG Connect (10/20) 
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Despite the increase in distance learning due to the pandemic, almost half of teachers surveyed say they have received no training concerning data privacy, finds a study from the Center for Democracy and Technology. The report recommends privacy training for teachers and more communication with parents about the issue.
Full Story: Education Dive (10/23) 
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Best Practices
The drive to protect individuals' medical records is intensifying because they "are worth as much as 10 times more than credit card numbers on the dark web," estimates CI Security. While Apple, Google and Microsoft have health record initiatives, critics point to the tech giants' spotty security records.
Full Story: TechNewsWorld (10/20) 
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Policy, Trends and Research
New Zealand's new privacy law goes into effect Dec. 1, updating regulations for the first time in 27 years. Attorney Laura Littlewood says the onus will be on businesses to "ensure that when you are collating databases you have all the relevant authorizations in place and that you are being transparent with the relevant individuals."
Full Story: Newsroom (New Zealand) (10/23) 
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New privacy measures will be required should augmented reality devices such as smartglasses catch on widely, write Katitza Rodriguez and Kurt Opsahl. They note that AR and other tools such as facial recognition can be combined "into a powerful identification tool capable of providing a rich and instantaneous profile of any random person on the street."
Full Story: Electronic Frontier Foundation (10/16) 
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