January 25, 2022
ISACA SmartBrief on Cybersecurity
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Last week's Global Affairs Canada hack left some services unavailable, and the hacker's identity isn't known. The breach occurred around when the Canadian Centre for Cyber Security was warning critical infrastructure operators to protect themselves from Russia-backed cyberthreats.
Full Story: BleepingComputer (1/25) 
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Security in the News
A Biden administration memorandum grants new powers to the National Security Agency, including the ability to issue binding operational directives compelling government agencies to take additional measures against cyberthreats, such as patching systems right away or taking them offline. The memorandum also includes other cybersecurity standards that must be met.
Full Story: TechRadar (1/21) 
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Are schools prepared for cyberthreats?
Schools face a growing risk of cyberthreats, yet many are not proactively thwarting them, says Eileen Belastock, director of technology and information for Nauset public schools in Massachusetts. School leaders must become well-versed in common cyberattacks, such as phishing scams and ransomware, and then educate teachers and staff on such threats, experts say.
Full Story: Education Week (1/24),  Education Next (Winter 2022) 
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A 2021 survey by SITA, the aviation industry's primary IT provider, finds most airlines and airports will have a cybersecurity program in place by 2024. Cloud services also are a tech priority, with 95% of airlines reporting that they would be investing in cloud computing.
Full Story: Simple Flying (1/23) 
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Closing the Skills Gap
So-called "purple" teams in a cyberattack exercise should take on both red "attacker" and blue "defender" mindsets. Walmart's purple team comprises internal experts and consultants, says vice president of security operations Jason O'Dell, who notes that "[blue and red team members] meet several times per month to help drive constant improvement for both teams, and we have seen fantastic collaboration."
Full Story: CSO (free registration) (1/24) 
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Data Breaches
Digital health care systems and medical devices are constantly facing cyberattacks, John Koon writes. Black Book Research reports that since 2016's third quarter, more than 93% of health care organizations have been hacked, 57% of them more than five times.
Full Story: Semiconductor Engineering (1/24) 
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Managing Data
The rise in remote work creates new vulnerabilities for organizations and new challenges for information technology departments seeking to safeguard company and customer data. Employee training and cloud technology that emphasizes cybersecurity are the key elements, writes Tom Goodmanson, president and CEO at Calabrio.
Full Story: Forbes (tiered subscription model) (1/24) 
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