February 26, 2021
ISACA SmartBrief on Cybersecurity
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"Cybercrime groups often have complex supply chains, like real software companies, and they regularly develop relationships," writes Catalin Cimpanu. This article explains how CrowdStrike breaks down the services that criminals rely on for distribution and monetization, and it includes a chart.
Full Story: ZDNet (2/25) 
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Security in the News
US President Joe Biden has ordered a review of security in the country's supply chains, including IT. When signing the executive order -- which covers all major areas, such as pharmaceuticals and communications -- Biden said it was "of ... concern for economic security as well as our national security."
Full Story: CyberScoop (2/24) 
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Discussions about outsourcing the IT help desk "rarely address the issues of security and compliance," writes Brien Posey, who goes on to address the pitfalls. "If operating your own help desk isn't an option, then try to go with a help desk provider that does not rely on user validation methods that could be easily spoofed," Posey notes.
Full Story: IT PRO (London) (2/25) 
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Devashish Sharma, chief technology officer at collaboration software provider Flock, points out it "only takes one bad click to corrupt and breach your system." Sharma outlines steps to make a hybrid workforce productive, including using virtual private networks.
Full Story: CXOToday (2/25) 
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Frontline Orchestration: What it could mean for your operations
A true digital workplace consolidates all workplace activities – communications, collaboration, training, tasks, audits and HR functions – to a single app for mobile devices. It becomes your frontline workers’ central tool for managing their work. Read the SmartFocus for more.
Closing the Skills Gap
Educating children about the concepts of cybersecurity is "something that society as a whole has to make a paradigm shift on," said Callum Campbell, a lecturer at Scotland's Glasgow Clyde College, while speaking at CyberScotland. Other speakers at CyberScotland talked about the necessity for cooperation among educators, government and the tech industry.
Full Story: Infosecurity (U.K.) (2/25) 
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Data Breaches
Harvard Business School is responding to a data breach involving a software vendor that might have exposed students' personal information, including their Social Security numbers. One unidentified student called the situation a "huge breach in trust between students and HBS."
Full Story: The Harvard Crimson (2/25) 
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Managing Data
Companies' greater reliance on the cloud gives cybercriminals more opportunities, notes security software company Netskope, which has issued a new threat report with 10 security tips for protecting data. The report states that 61% of all malware was delivered via a cloud app last year, up 13 percentage points from the previous year.
Full Story: TechRepublic (2/24) 
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Impossible is potential. Impossible is temporary. Impossible is nothing.
Muhammad Ali,
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February is Black History Month
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