July 28, 2021
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Innovation in HR Technology
Johnson & Johnson's IT transformation also improved employee experience by encouraging localized decision-making and continuous technology improvement, "which is a different orientation than focusing only on delivering a project on time," says CIO of Corporate Technology Tom Weck.
Full Story: McKinsey (7/19) 
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Walmart's Me@Walmart app allows employees to manage clocking in, schedules and access a voice-activated personal assistant without switching platforms. Walmart is subsidizing company phones and protection plans for over 700,000 employees while allowing them to also use the phone as a personal device.
Full Story: Society for Human Resource Management (tiered subscription model) (7/23) 
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With remote and hybrid work apparently here to stay, using a virtual private network isn't enough to guarantee security, writes Chris Hass of Automox. Hass advocates for employee training and a zero-trust architecture that considers all vendors potential threats.
Full Story: Threatpost (7/20) 
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Step inside the HR Studio and get inspired
Today, HR leaders must be creative problem solvers, but new ideas don't pop up out of nowhere. Break routine and immerse yourself in diverse perspectives at the HR Studio, a one-day event where people professionals can connect and develop new strategies for the workplace. Launching fall 2021. Discover UKG.
Engagement Technology
HR teams can use employee personas, employee resource groups, employee journey maps and other structures to help employees see employee experience as one with diversity, equity and inclusion goals, writes Gartner's Emily Strother. "Analyzing journey maps through a DEI lens, specifically, allows HR leaders to identify the touchpoints where employees may experience bias, which stakeholder is accountable for the employee experience at that stage and how employees feel during that experience," Strother writes.
Full Story: Human Resource Executive (7/26) 
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Microsoft is literally rethinking tables as part of its attempt to redesign modern offices and meeting rooms. A large space is designed to be remote-friendly, with strategically placed cameras and microphones, while a smaller room for up to four people has a table protruding from the wall and a screen above, "putting the remote participants effectively at the head of the table," writes David Pierce.
Full Story: Protocol (7/17) 
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Zoom and other videoconferencing platforms are looking to improve the experience, whether through noise cancellation, placing participant's voices on an audio spectrum or deploying artificial intelligence to help with detecting emotion. Game-like environments could also be an alternative for conversational work gatherings.
Full Story: BBC (free registration) (7/26) 
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Workforce Data
How a mental health clinic protects PHI on Slack
(Drew Angerer/Getty Images)
Valley Behavioral Health's Slack Enterprise Grid system encrypts patient health information at rest and in transit on Slack's servers and is not integrated with the health system's EHR platform, making the messaging and collaboration system HIPAA-compliant, says Tyler Tait, Valley's chief information officer. Various channels are set up for care coordination, human resources inquiries, property management requests, IT assistance and general conversations, and employees are encouraged to share only essential patient information, and only in the proper channel.
Full Story: Computerworld (7/21) 
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An innovative approach to learning and sharing insights into the HR technology profession from entry (sunrise) through exit (sunset) with a focus on career development for prospective, emerging, and experienced HR technologists (supporting or leading HRIS or talent management software functions and projects). Registration is now open.
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This course is designed to help candidates review for the HRIP certification exam. It is not intended to replace professional experience or other sources of achieving professional competence. The key topics and terminology in each of the four (4) main knowledge areas will be covered. Learn more and register.
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