AI's march into US government security is speeding up | Pai will put 5.9 GHz band remake up for vote in Nov. | Startup developing over-water drone
October 29, 2020
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Policy Watch
The US government's involvement with artificial intelligence in cybersecurity functions is increasing rapidly, writes Aaron Faulkner of Accenture Federal Services. Faulkner notes that in an Accenture survey of more than 4,600 security professionals in 16 countries, AI received high marks for "reducing breach impact, ensuring consistent quality of response, more precise incident detection and cost reduction."
Full Story: Washington Technology (10/20) 
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Federal Communications Commission Chairman Ajit Pai is proposing to allocate most of the 5.9 GHz band to unlicensed Wi-Fi use. The proposal would reserve 35 MHz for cellular vehicle-to-everything technology and vehicle-to-vehicle communications.
Full Story: Next TV/Multichannel News (10/27) 
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Technology Trends
Startup developing over-water drone
Startup The Flying Ship Company is at work on a ground effect high speed drone for cargo transport over water. The concept for ground effect ships, called ekranoplans, was pioneered in Russia.
Full Story: CNN (10/22) 
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Silicon Labs will collaborate with Teledyne e2v to provide a line of high-reliability products with the US company's isolated-gate driver technology. The product line will aim at military/aerospace, oil/gas and outer space applications.
Full Story: Electronics Weekly (UK) (10/22) 
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South Korea's Ulsan CLX is collaborating with Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology on a project aimed at generating electricity and hydrogen from carbon dioxide, emissions of which are making the Earth's atmosphere warmer. SK Innovation, the parent of Ulsan CLX, is also working on development of metal carbon dioxide battery technology.
Full Story: Pulse by Maeil Business Newspaper (South Korea) (10/22) 
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Career & Workforce Development
3 ways tech can future-proof the workforce
Technology can be harnessed during the pandemic to not only improve productivity but create leaders from within, Matthew Bragstad writes. Bragstad advises adopting behavioral analytics technology to improve recruitment diversity, investing in learning and development technology, and seeking solutions that enable the strategic distribution of existing employees based on their transferable skills.
Full Story: Training magazine (10/21) 
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This new three-part video series on "Getting Started as an Independent Consultant" provides an excellent resource for those just beginning their consultant businesses. IEEE-USA InSight
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Networking is a skill that is always in demand, and, when honed properly, reaps dividends. In this article, Jacquelyn Adams gives her five top tips for improving your networking skills, whether you're doing so in person, or - more often these days - virtually. IEEE-USA InSight
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