Why restaurant chains are investing in manager retention | Improving management of employees with depression | HR's evolving role focuses on experiences
January 21, 2020
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Why restaurant chains are investing in manager retention
Restaurant chains including Shake Shack, Taco Bell and Red Robin Gourmet Burgers are experimenting with perks including four-day weeks and salary increases to keep store managers around longer. "The research is pretty clear that the higher the tenure of the staff person is, the higher the sales per square foot in that establishment," said Hudson Riehle, vice president of the National Restaurant Association's research division.
CNBC (1/16) 
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Improving management of employees with depression
Improving management of employees with depression
Management teams need to learn more about depression and move beyond the current provisional approach to managing employees with the diagnosis, a panel of experts say. Allowing a flexible schedule, simplifying an employee's scope of work and concentrating on positive outcomes are among the strategies for effectively managing employees with depression, the group suggests.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (1/15) 
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Teladoc Health 2020 Predictions
At Teladoc Health, we continually modernize how people access and experience healthcare. Read our five predictions about the future of virtual care and its increasingly vital role. Download now.
Aligning HR to the Business
HR's evolving role focuses on experiences
HR departments are becoming more like multifunctional consulting groups that design experiences, argues Josh Bersin. "And this new idea changes the way HR must be organized, the way HR teams design solutions, and the need for HR to be more of an ongoing, iterative, design and delivery operation," he writes.
Josh Bersin blog (1/18) 
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P&G execs: Ending gender inequity requires a holistic approach
Workplace gender equality by counterintuitively be improved by focusing less on women, which means ignoring stereotypes and thinking about solutions that affect all employees, write Procter & Gamble Chief Sales Officer Carolyn Tastad and Deanna Bass, director of global diversity and inclusion. "It's time to acknowledge that gender inequality must be fixed -- but women don't need to be," they write.
World Economic Forum (1/19) 
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Developing Leaders and Organizations
What it takes to build an inclusive organization
Create a more inclusive workplace by determining your biases, helping everyone feel valued and enacting a variety of anti-bias initiatives, HR leaders say. "Driving inclusion is as diverse as the employees involved, and what works for one person may not be a comfortable solution for another," says Pam Lipp Hendricks, head of executive talent management and diversity at JPMorgan Chase.
HR People + Strategy Blog (1/16) 
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Does your leadership training nurture positive mindsets?
Leadership development programs should focus on building growth, learning, deliberative and promotion mindsets, write management professors Ryan Gottfredson and Chris Reina. "Once you have a better understanding of these mindsets, you can tailor your leadership training programs to unlock most effective ones in your managers," they write.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (1/17) 
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Making the Most of Talent
Employees appreciate companies that care about the environment
Companies' sustainability efforts can help attract and keep talent and improve employee well-being and productivity, but make sure the efforts are authentic, says Nick Deligiannis, a managing director of Hays. "Any organization that overstates their green credentials leaves themselves vulnerable to accusations of so-called greenwashing, which will have a huge impact on their employer brand and ability to attract top talent," he says.
Human Resources Director (Canada) (1/17) 
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Feedback is essential to develop skills in workers
Meet with employees to determine their abilities, cater training to their needs and offer on-the-job opportunities to develop skills, writes Margaret Rogers, a vice president at Pariveda Solutions. "Feedback is perhaps the most valuable aspect of this process, and it starts with setting clear expectations," she writes.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (1/20) 
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HR People + Strategy Update
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