Why colleges need onboarding for new presidents | How leaders may cause employees to leave | Simple advice that academic leaders should heed
September 12, 2019
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Why colleges need onboarding for new presidents
Why colleges need onboarding for new presidents
Colleges and universities need to create an effective onboarding experience for new presidents to help them understand campus culture, form relationships with key stakeholders and know what's expected of them, writes Katherine Haley, the former president of Gettysburg College and Whittier College. Such steps can help a new president "gain traction" and increase their chances for success, she notes in this commentary.
University Business magazine online (9/3) 
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How leaders may cause employees to leave
Jon Christiansen, co-founder of Insights and Outcomes, identifies eight mistakes employers make that can lead employees to quit. Christiansen outlines how to avoid each of the situations, which range from putting people in the wrong roles to lacking transparency with employees.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (9/10) 
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Leadership & Diversity in Action
Simple advice that academic leaders should heed
Some simple advice such as "Don't respond until you've slept on it," holds lessons for academic leaders, writes Matt Reed, vice president for learning at Brookdale Community College. Other tidbits leaders should heed, he writes in this blog post, include, "It's not about you," and "Emails can be subpoenaed."
Inside Higher Ed (9/12) 
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Here's a strategy for building teams that solve complex problems
David Komlos and David Benjamin of Syntegrity have devised a formula for selecting diverse, efficient and effective teams from across your organization "based on their role, perspective, knowledge and expertise." Talent isn't necessarily in short supply, they argue, but the trick is selecting and assembling the right talent in the right place and time.
Knowledge@Wharton (9/5) 
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Trends & Technology
How to attract more candidates for tech jobs
Chief HR officers can attract more technology talent by developing a positive brand, making sure jobs offer competitive salaries and benefits, and giving candidates a good experience, according to Gartner research. "Attracting technology talent isn't an HR problem; it's a business problem," says Gartner executive James Atkinson.
Gartner (9/10) 
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Why HR should work closely with IT
Collaboration between HR and IT has become more important as employers rely on data to help make decisions, including in recruiting, writes Susan Insley, vice president at VMware. "IT expertise is essential in simplifying how candidates apply for roles, how responses are generated, how invitations to interview are issued, and more," she writes.
HR Technologist (9/10) 
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