Workers' sleep is becoming a wellness priority | Improving management of employees with depression | Lawsuit weighs if employee can plan startup while employed
January 21, 2020
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Workers' sleep is becoming a wellness priority
Sleep has become a targeted wellness issue so employers can improve their workers' health and control medical costs. Around 25% of large employers offer programs to help improve a worker's sleep, and more than 50% plan to implement a program by 2021, according to Willis Towers Watson.
Kaiser Health News (1/17) 
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Improving management of employees with depression
Management teams need to learn more about depression and move beyond the current provisional approach to managing employees with the diagnosis, according to a panel of experts. Allowing a flexible schedule, simplifying an employee's scope of work and concentrating on positive outcomes are all strategies for effectively managing employees with depression, the group suggests.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (1/15) 
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Leadership & Diversity in Action
Does your leadership training nurture positive mindsets?
Leadership development programs should focus on building growth, learning, deliberative and promotion mindsets, write management professors Ryan Gottfredson and Chris Reina. "Once you have a better understanding of these mindsets, you can tailor your leadership training programs to unlock most effective ones in your managers," they write.
Harvard Business Review online (tiered subscription model) (1/17) 
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Chancellor: Balancing specialization, diversity
Chancellor: Balancing specialization, diversity
Universities are often criticized for not having a diverse faculty, but often the reason behind it is not bias but the desire to hire candidates who are highly specialized, writes University of Massachusetts Boston interim chancellor Katherine Newman. She describes her institution's approach to this issue, which involves allowing the hire of a second candidate who may be less specialized but who is a member of an underrepresented group in addition to the highly specialized candidate.
Inside Higher Ed (1/20) 
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Trends & Technology
Crunching hiring data: AI steps to the plate
Job applications are quite often vetted by artificial intelligence platforms, automated video interviews or chatbots, with more of the hiring process shouldered by tech. This deep dive from Fortune examines the pros and cons of these trends.
Fortune (tiered subscription model) (1/20) 
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Hard, soft skills necessary for leaders, employees
Going forward, leaders and employees need a range of abilities to thrive, including hard and soft skills, according to LinkedIn. A purpose-driven and caring mindset is crucial for leaders, a survey finds.
ZDNet (1/16) 
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HERC's jobseekers outpace national averages in top measures for diversity and education level
Check out HERC's jobseeker demographic data to see just how diverse and highly educated the professionals are who use the HERC site.
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Is your campus using HERC as a compliance tool?
If your campus is a federal contractor, your HERC membership can enable your Institution to demonstrate that it is engaging in good faith affirmative action efforts, including outreach, should it be audited by OFCCP. Learn more.
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