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November 15, 2018
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Recruitment & Retention
How to show employees more respect
Help employees feel appreciated by recognizing their accomplishments, encouraging co-workers to praise each other and allowing flexible work structures, says Jesse Harriott of the WorkHuman Analytics and Research Institute at Globoforce. "Building that culture of safety where staff feel like they're getting something personal out of their employer relationships -- rather than just making a living -- gives a sense of purpose," Harriott says.
Human Resources Director (Canada) (11/13) 
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Why HR should set the tone for a thoughtful offboarding process
A good offboarding experience lowers the chances of former employees making negative comments about the workplace and increases the possibility of talent returning to the company, writes Ritva Nosov. Make the employees feel like part of the team until their final day and recognize them for their contributions, Nosov writes.
BetaKit (11/12) 
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Other News
Leadership & Diversity in Action
How age bias hurts the workplace
Age discrimination at work can result in federal fines and lawsuits, give the employer a bad name and leave the company with fewer mentors and knowledgeable employees, writes Andrea Choate. "Operating with a workforce skewed heavily toward younger workers may result in a higher percentage of employees who are lacking in practical experience," she writes.
HR People + Strategy Blog (11/13) 
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What makes for a good chief academic officer?
What makes for a good chief academic officer?
The best chief academic officers are those who know how to solve problems and listen to all constituents, but also remember that they serve the president's agenda, writes St. Norbert College dean Michael Marsden. Such leaders also should keep one foot in academia to better understand the concerns of faculty, Marsden asserts in this commentary.
Inside Higher Ed (11/15) 
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Other News
Trends & Technology
How to keep employees connected when they're virtually far apart
Research finds our reliance on technology to communicate is increasing employee loneliness and disengagement, writes Dan Schawbel. Leaders can turn this around by mentioning individual contributions when celebrating team success and encouraging members to support each other's professional development, he writes.
Fortune (11/13) 
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Conference Board expects US labor shortage to intensify
The US economy likely will continue to grow at an annual rate of slightly above 3%, but a labor shortage could affect that figure, economists said at a briefing by The Conference Board. Employers have had difficulty finding professional workers, and now it is becoming a challenge to recruit blue-collar workers.
ThinkAdvisor (free registration) (11/13) 
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HERC members receive discounts with top higher ed vendors
Have you checked out the list of HERC's partnerships? It is loaded with member-only discounts, partner insights and profiles, and recruitment resources. As a testimony of how significant the discounts are, some HERC members have reported saving more in discounts than the cost of annual membership.
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MEMBER INSIGHT: Have you set up a free employer profile on the HERC website?
"We, at Portland State University, set up a free multi-page Enhanced Member Profile on the HERC website. As a result, we saw a dramatic increase in visibility for our institution. In just one year, our profile was clicked on over 8,800 times by jobseekers." -- Greater Oregon HERC Member Christina Kraus, PHR, Employment Manager, Office of HR, Portland State University. Log into your HERConnect account to learn more.
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Selfless service has always been one of the most powerful methods of influence.
Stephen Covey,
writer and educator
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