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December 14, 2018
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Ideas on making the faculty interview enjoyable
Ideas on making the faculty interview enjoyable
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The faculty interview process can be stressful, but it can also be enjoyable as a candidate shares research and meets new colleagues, four university educators write in this commentary. They offer advice for tackling the job talk as well for as one-on-one and group meetings.
Science (tiered subscription model) (12/12) 
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How to avoid self-sabotaging your job search
Focusing on job statistics and limiting beliefs won't get you the job, explains Karlyn Borysenko, as this will kill motivation and confidence. Focus on the goal at hand and pursue the things that you can control while ignoring the things you can't, she adds.
Forbes (12/11) 
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Other News
Higher Ed Employment Trends
Survey finds fewer employees getting a raise
A survey by Bankrate finds 62% of workers have not gotten a pay increase during the past year, up from a 2017 finding of 52%. The survey finds 91% of participants have the "same or greater confidence" in the job market than they did in 2017, but only 25% of respondents who have not gotten a raise plan to look for a different job.
Fortune (12/12) 
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Higher Ed in the News
How will state laws affect Title IX enforcement?
How will state laws affect Title IX enforcement?
New Title IX guidance coming from the Trump administration may conflict with sexual assault laws in states such as California and New York, say legal experts, but many college and university leaders are taking a wait-and-see approach. Education Department spokeswoman Liz Hill said that although some state requirements may be different, "that does not inherently create a conflict between state and federal law."
Inside Higher Ed (12/13) 
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CFPB misses deadline for annual student-loan report
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau has missed a federally mandated deadline for releasing its annual report on the top complaints of student-loan borrowers. The CFPB has not commented on the missed deadline, but critics, such as Seth Frotman, the former student-loan ombudsman at the CFPB, says the agency "is trying to make the struggles of student loan borrowers invisible."
MarketWatch (12/14) 
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Other News
Leadership Focus
Ariz. State U. president: Completion is higher-ed dilemma
Arizona State University President Michael Crow says higher education doesn't have a debt crisis as much as it has a "completion crisis" that can exacerbate debt. In this interview, Crow notes that half the students who have gone to college since 1980 never graduated and recommends that institutions become more flexible to accommodate nontraditional students.
CNBC (12/13) 
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Preparing for a job interview in higher ed?
Check out our top interviewing tips and videos for faculty and staff. From interviewing in academia to job talks and Skype interviews - we've got you covered.
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