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May 17, 2019
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Promote your brand with LinkedIn video
Promote your brand with LinkedIn video
Establish your expertise and marketability by posting videos on LinkedIn using your smartphone, writes Syed Balkhi, who offers production tips. Videos that get to the point quickly and end with a call to action will net the best results.
Entrepreneur online (5/14) 
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Is it time to let a side gig move front and center?
People often find their side hustle is more fulfilling than their full-time job, writes career consultant Joseph Liu. These seven questions help them decide if it's feasible to make a living from their passion.
Forbes (5/14) 
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Other News
Higher Ed Employment Trends
LinkedIn lists top companies hiring fresh grads
Amazon, Goldman Sachs and Google are among 15 companies hiring the most people who have recently graduated from college, according to LinkedIn. Entry-level positions are most abundant in software engineering, but jobs in nursing, sales and teaching are on the rise.
Fox Business (5/14) 
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Higher Ed in the News
Gates Foundation to study whether college pays off
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is launching a study aimed at determining whether a college education is worth the increasing price tag and potential to accrue student debt. The study will involve a 30-person commission that will evaluate student outcomes, particularly for students of color and those from low-income households.
U.S. News & World Report (5/16) 
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Tuition rates up more than 40% over 10 years
Tuition and fees at four-year public colleges and universities have risen by 55% over the past 10 years, but private, four-year institutions saw increases of 44%, according to a report by GoBankingRates. The increases come as state funding for higher education has declined.
CNBC (5/14) 
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Other News
Leadership Focus
4 steps to being better at empathy
Leaders have a number of ways to become more empathetic, including appreciating the perspectives of others, expanding their own horizons and listening deeply without getting overwhelmed, writes Pamela McLean. "Whether we over-empathize and care too much, or completely miss the opportunity to connect with empathy, the result is similar -- we miss the opportunity to build a working relationship," she writes.
SmartBrief/Leadership (5/16) 
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Preparing for a job interview in higher ed?
Check out our top interviewing tips and videos for faculty and staff. From interviewing in academia to job talks and Skype interviews - we've got you covered.
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