January 24, 2022
SmartBrief on IT Governance
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A study conducted by CyberRisk Alliance Business Intelligence finds that companies are strengthening IT security teams and acknowledging the growing risk of cyberthreats. Many are outsourcing cybersecurity risk management functions and buying governance, risk and compliance tools, according to the research.
Full Story: SC Media (1/18) 
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Governance Matters
Bill Kehoe, chief information officer for the state of Washington, talks about improving digital equity and broadband access, including the last mile. "Solutions for that can vary from community to community, depending on the needs," Kehoe says.
Full Story: GeekWire (1/22) 
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Chief information and security officers can strengthen their own insider threat protocols by studying Iran's information-gathering tactics, such as the use of Facebook to build relationships. CISOs must constantly vet people and understand that even loyal insiders can be involved in long-term plots to access data.
Full Story: CSO (free registration) (1/20) 
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Compliance and Risk Management
Phishing emails target aspiring Labor Dept. vendors
Government vendors are being lured by an email phishing campaign that encourages them to click on links to bid on Labor Department projects that are actually fake, according to INKY threat researchers. The links are typically sent from a spoofed government email address and harvest the respondents' credentials.
Full Story: Threatpost (1/19) 
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IT Strategy
DefendX CEO Joe Cutroneo sees investing in secure cloud storage, addressing the risk of social engineering attacks and organizing unstructured data as among the key steps organizations must take to protect themselves from data breaches. "Ransomware as a service (RaaS) is continuing to expand and develop, and there's no reason to think this trend won't keep worsening," Cutroneo writes.
Full Story: Forbes (tiered subscription model) (1/21) 
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Policy Developments and Legal Trends
The California State Auditor has issued a "high risk" report that takes aim at the California Department of Technology for failing to complete security compliance audits and not pushing agencies to finish required self-assessments. CDT cited its work on a "comprehensive cybersecurity plan that is a national model for ensuring the security of state information" in disagreeing with the findings.
Full Story: Government Technology (1/19) 
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