Bringing together the best in tech. | New benchmarking insights on the Omnichannel Roadmap to Success | Resourcing teams -- Insights from Unilever and Walmart
December 18, 2019
FMI Tech
Talking tech
Bringing together the best in tech.
Bringing together the best in tech.

It's important to understand the shifts in consumer shopping trends and match them to your technology approach and strategies. Next month, we are hosting our second FMItech@ Midwinter program to promote collaboration, knowledge exchange and dialogue, and to enhance your technology strategy. We'll bring together FMI Midwinter attendees focused on technology, e-commerce and automation to create actionable next steps. The attendee list for Midwinter showcases the leaders that are gathering. Take a look at the list.

We are excited to bring together a dynamic set of leaders for Tech Talks, Tech Exchanges and our interactive workshop, FMI Marketplace in Focus: 10 Technologies to Watch in Food Retail. In our time together, we will be discussing everything from retail customization enabled by tech, the role of voice, virtual reality, augmented reality, virtual assistants, artificial intelligence, drones, robots, fulfillment, auto-replenishment, smart sensors, real-time analytics, search and other fast-moving omni-shopper and channel solutions.

In the workshop, facilitated by Thom Blischok of The Dialogic Group and Gary & Sterling Hawkins of CART, we will explore technology trends transforming and disrupting the retail industry. You will gain inspiring ideas on how to use these new tools and, more importantly, how to open up innovative thinking inside your business. Join your peers to discuss, debate and ponder platforms; current and emerging in-store technologies; and more to identify the 10 technologies destined to change the game in grocery retail.

Since I last wrote, we have released The Omnichannel Roadmap to Success, including a benchmarking index and several other resources for you below.

I look forward to seeing our tech leaders in Arizona.

Happy holidays!
Tech insights
New benchmarking insights on the Omnichannel Roadmap to Success
FMI has teamed up with FitForCommerce to complete the Grocery Omnichannel Index to benchmark and evaluate how food retailers deliver on customer expectations for unified shopping experiences across digital (online and mobile), in-store and cross-channel criteria. Dive in to gain key insights from the Index and share omnichannel best practices that should be on every food retailer's roadmap. Download the free insights publication and access the presentation or recording.
Resourcing teams -- Insights from Unilever and Walmart
The secret to consumer engagement lies in partnerships. Erin Dress, Walmart omnichannel team lead, Unilever; and Austin Leonard, industry manager, CPG food and beverages, Walmart Media Group, discussed what retailers and brands are doing to address changing customer behavior and expectations at this year's Groceryshop. Read more.
Reliable resources
Exploring AI voice assistants and application in grocery
Many in the industry can't hear it yet, but artificial intelligence voice assistants -- on a home-based smart speaker, smartphone or a car dashboard -- are on their way to the grocery industry. As they arrive, it will not only accelerate the move to online grocery but solidify consumer-to-brand relationships for retailers that connect with shoppers via voice. FMI and the Open Voice Network have formed a working group that will support OVN, and recently the FMI Chief Information Officer Council visited the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Auto-ID Lab to better understand AI voice. Read more.
How grocers are investing in technology
According to the Food Retailing Industry Speaks 2019 report, three-quarters of food retailers are experimenting with new technologies to improve efficiency. Many are using data analytics to assist with assortment planning and replenishment to optimize decision-making around pricing and promotion, and to leverage customer data. However, use of artificial intelligence for these activities is still the exception in the food retail world.

One in three food retailers is making significant efforts to use technology to personalize or customize their marketing and shopping experience. Almost one-half of food retailers responding to the Speaks survey plan to increase the number of data analysts and/or digital technologists. Dive in to see more on the tech investment areas and download the Food Industry Speaks report.
Delving deeper
This workbook examines seven key digital imperatives to help you think through your organizational structure, partnering opportunities and strategy to adopt at the pace which is upon us. Download today.
Organizational structure -- and ways of working -- often act as the biggest obstacles to serving digitally engaged shoppers. How should leading food retailers and CPG companies adapt? This white paper by FMI and A.T. Kearney addresses the digital shopper imperative of strategic organizational structure. Download your copy and watch the video.
The Secure Payments Partnership released a white paper outlining the current scheme of EMVCo acting as the de-facto, standard-setting body for payment card security. Let's just say it isn't working. Read more.
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