Taking to the grill. | Why the seafood category is distinct and intriguing | "How" matters as much as "what" in produce
April 17, 2019
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Taking to the grill.
Taking to the grill.

As the weather changes, so do the cooking habits at the Stein household. It was a cold, snowy and rainy winter here in the Northeast, which gave me lots of time to focus on research around the Power of Meat, the Power of Seafood and the Power of Produce.

Now, at last, the grill cover comes off. I know what you're thinking -- probably a delicious steak cooked to perfection. Yes, that may happen shortly, but for now, I will be grilling my fruits, vegetables and seafood. To be honest, I can't wait to have grilled salmon with veggie kabobs that include bell peppers, onions, mushrooms and even a few chunks of pineapple.

This is a great time of year to experience all of that wonderful seafood and produce on the grill, and I imagine your customers feel the same. Our recently released reports provide a wealth of knowledge to help get you thinking about how to best leverage the bounty of the season, as well as the great products stocked in your meat and seafood departments.

Now let's get grilling.

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The fresh word
Why the seafood category is distinct and intriguing
Why the seafood category is distinct and intriguing
While seafood doesn't generate the same volume of sales as fresh meat ($50 billion) or produce ($60 billion), it does attract a lucrative and affluent customer base and can positively affect perceptions of a food retailer. Fresh, frozen and shelf-stable seafood generate nearly $12 billion in sales for food retailers. When asked how often they eat seafood, however, just 21% of respondents could be classified as frequent seafood consumers, which means eating seafood at least two times per week. The Power of Seafood report reveals valuable shopper insights regarding the category, and highlights that seafood shoppers are selective in what, why, where and how they buy it.
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"How" matters as much as "what" in produce
"How" matters as much as "what" in produce
Whether shoppers prefer bulk or packaged fruits and vegetables often depends on age, gender and a number of other factors, according to the newest FMI Power of Produce. Some 44% of millennials surveyed said they preferred packaged, and that number jumped to 52% for millennials with kids. The new report provides key insights on packaging, shelf life and sustainability attributes. Just as consumers are rethinking fresh produce in their diets as they embrace more plant-based foods, grocers can also take a new look at their merchandising mindset for fresh fruits and vegetables.
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Reliable resources
The promise of AI for food retail
The promise of AI for food retail
Artificial intelligence is the natural evolution of robotics, a technology developed in great part to benefit the automotive industry that quickly found its way to other industries. In food retail, the expanding use of AI means everyone along the supply chain can analyze larger amounts of data to more closely track and master the wily laws of supply and demand. Learn more.
The Power of Meat 2019
The Power of Meat 2019
The Power of Meat report explores the financial prowess of the $67 billion category and meat's overall role in supporting a food retailer's reputation. It also focuses on the changes -- some subtle, some remarkable -- in the overall food culture and the resulting implications for food retailers. The 14th edition of the study takes a step back from the tactical execution at the meat case to gain a better understanding of how meat fits into the changing food landscape. How can we optimize meat's role in the new ways of living, shopping and eating?
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Delving deeper
Get on board: Tailor-made in-store experiences
Food retailers can create in-store memorable experiences lots of ways, but Rick Stein is always particularly impressed by the grocery stores that take the time to learn their local shoppers' fresh culinary preferences and build tantalizing experiences around them that draw customers in. Read more.
Find out more: The ever-changing meal kit
There are now more than 150 companies offering some form of meal kit product. Probably the greatest development over the last year has been the reinvention of meal kits as something that is sold in food retail outlets, not just online. Still more stand-alone food retailers are launching their own food kit businesses. Learn more.
Try this: Make it fresh, make it an experience
Smart retailers realized there is a new and very good reason for shoppers to visit a physical store -- the incredible real-time experience that comes with the foods and beverages they enjoy. In many cases, food retailers turn themselves into community centers and give shoppers one more reason to visit their stores. Read further.
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