As the new year approaches, tried and true opportunities for the fresh department. | How the rise of flexitarians is powering plant-based sales | Grocery productivity numbers to watch
December 11, 2019
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As the new year approaches, tried and true opportunities for the fresh department.
As the new year approaches, tried and true opportunities for the fresh department.

We all know the final weeks of the year can be hectic and feel like a sprint race, but the new year promises lots of opportunities not to slow down and to create ways to drive even more fresh business.

Have you ever made a New Year's resolution to eat healthier? What's healthier than fruits and vegetables from the produce department; lean meats, pork and poultry from the meat department; or fresh fish from the seafood department? Let's not forget whole grain breads from the bakery or freshly prepared meals made in-store. Top all of this off with a bouquet of flowers and the fresh department is in full swing.

The opportunity to tie this into serving the freshest ingredients for a party are ripe. And what better party than cheering for your favorite team (or advertisement) during the Super Bowl, which promises to bring even more traffic to your fresh departments. I see the avocados turning into guacamole and can already taste the fresh shrimp cocktail as we celebrate our teams taking the field.

I hope these resources help spark a few ideas to get even more out of your own fresh department.

The fresh word
How the rise of flexitarians is powering plant-based sales

Five years ago, a plant-based eater would only have a small selection offered on grocery shelves and would never think they could walk into a fast-food restaurant to enjoy a satisfying meal. Today in the food industry, though, there are thousands of companies riding the wave of the plant-based protein trend. Read more.
Grocery productivity numbers to watch

Collectively, statistics on the number of SKUs per store and number of weekly transactions per store tell a story about the food retail industry's ability to succeed in any environment and the quest to stay agile. Read more.
Reliable resources
Guide: Hemp, CBD and the Retail Food Industry
Significant consumer interest in CBD, or cannabidiol, has resulted in many companies considering whether and how to enter this space. However, the absence of comprehensive federal guidance, coupled with a developing patchwork of state regulatory laws, has created a lack of clarity. FMI, in partnership with law firm Baker Hostetler, has developed a guide including useful background information and general recommendations to help ensure food retailers and suppliers understand key regulatory issues about CBD products. Download now.
Sustainability initiatives in today's meat industry

According to the 2019 Power of Meat report, eating meat is still the norm, with 86% of shoppers classifying themselves as meat eaters, 5% following a vegetarian or vegan diet and 10% describing their eating style as flexitarian (mostly vegetarian with some animal protein). However, the report finds consumers are becoming conscious of the effects their diet has on the environment. Learn more.
Delving deeper
Sixty-six percent of shoppers look for "better-for-me" items when purchasing meat, while three in 10 look for products that are better for the environment and animals (Power of Meat 2019). Success for every part of the meat industry hinges on how shoppers vote with their wallets. Join a live panel of diverse consumers at the Annual Meat Conference for a discussion exploring attitudes around sustainability, meat versus protein alternatives, information sourcing and shopping behaviors. Learn more.
Without a doubt, our industry is experiencing change and it's coming at us faster than ever before, but we still have fundamental principles we maintain -- hospitable things food retailers are noted for. Learn more.
For the grocery industry, trends aren't always easy to identify. Food retailers responding to The Food Retailing Industry Speaks 2019 report see consumers' focus on health and well-being as having a positive impact on their business strategy. Read further.
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