Helping emerging brands succeed. | Key trends and products from Natural Products Expo West | The Total Food Frontier
March 27, 2019
Emerging insights
Helping emerging brands succeed.
Helping emerging brands succeed.

The energy was palpable at Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim, Calif., earlier this month. There was truly a community feel throughout the event, with conversations focused on listening and mutual empathy, sharing business advice and experiences.

Bringing the food and grocery retail industry together is also a key tenet of the FMI Emerge program and community. Helping emerging brands fully integrate into the larger industry, FMI Emerge resources enabled these companies to increase their grocery retail distribution and online sales, grow revenue and sales velocity, and ultimately secure more shelf space.

A highlight of Expo West was catching up with a few FMI Emerge subscribers! MODe Sports Nutrition and Step One Foods were unveiling new products as they continue to grow distribution. World of Chia, the first chia fruit spread, continues to expand distribution and grow across e-commerce. FMI Emerge resources helped these companies secure the right co-pack partner, update packaging, revise product formulations and grow e-commerce and Amazon sales.

Bring your expertise to the FMI Emerge community

The FMI Emerge community is made up of a superior team of industry leaders, retailers, distributors, mentors and brands. Every leader who is part of Emerge is passionate and dedicated to helping emerging brands integrate into and succeed within the food and grocery retail community.

If you'd like to join our community and be part of the change we're fostering within the ever-changing grocery industry, let's talk!

Ready to take your business to the next level?

If you have an emerging brand and want to scale sustainably, grow your distribution and online sales, let's talk! Take the five-minute FMI Emerge Company Sales Assessment to gain an initial review of how your company is doing and identify areas of opportunity to help reach retail distribution. Once you're finished, download the "10 Critical Steps to Food Retail Distribution Success."

Director, Emerging Brands
Advertising opportunities in FMI Emerge
Align your marketing with the topics trending among FMI's Emerge community professionals. Download our media kit to learn more about advertising opportunities and how to reach the FMI Emerge audience.
Opportunities emerge
Key trends and products from Natural Products Expo West
Key trends and products from Natural Products Expo West
We walked a lot of steps at the recent Natural Products Expo West to see FMI Emerge subscribers in action and also provide you with our insights on trends and products that are headed to or already working at retail. See our trends and products list.
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The Total Food Frontier
The Total Food Frontier
Nielsen, a valued FMI partner, shares an insightful review of fast-moving consumer goods via a complimentary webinar. For years, we as consumers shopped for groceries in a relatively contained and stable environment. Now, options for what, where, when and how to buy groceries are limitless. To say the FMCG industry is living up to its name is an understatement. Learn more.
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Mining shopper data to build sales
Mining shopper data to build sales
Today, tens of millions of baby boomers are entering into the declining consumption stage of life, while the millennials following right behind them have not yet reached the stage of their lives where they are increasing consumption. Learn more about understanding the shopper's needs and executing on the insights discovered.
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Reliable resources
5 things companies do right when preparing for digital shoppers
5 things companies do right when preparing for digital shoppers

In a session at the recent Groceryshop conference, "Evaluating the People, Processes and Technologies of the Digital Shopper," Suketu Gandhi, a partner with consulting firm A.T. Kearney, spoke of what happens when a business -- any business -- reaches the point at which 15% of its revenue comes through its digital channels. Read more.
Working creatively with your retailers: It all begins with food
Working creatively with your retailers: It all begins with food

Food retailers around the country provide food and beverage experiences that are tailor-made for their customers and their unique lifestyles. An emerging brand has the opportunity to partner with their retailers and work creatively to find the right promotions and customer engagements that will drive sales. Learn how.
Frozen food: Why it's poised for a comeback
Frozen food: Why it's poised for a comeback
The food retail industry often touts the strength of the perimeter, namely produce, meat, bakery and deli/prepared foods. There's a contender in the ring, though -- a heavyweight that boasts $57 billion in retail sales that's conditioning for a strong comeback: frozen food. FMI recently teamed up with the American Frozen Food Institute on "The Power of Frozen" to help manufacturers and retailers further align innovation, products, merchandising, marketing and branding with how consumers live, shop and cook. Learn more.
Delving deeper
Dive in: FMI Emerge subscribers celebrate success
FMI Emerge subscribers MODe Sports Nutrition and Step One Foods both unveiled new products at Expo, as they continue to grow distribution. World of Chia, the first chia fruit spread, also continues to grow its brand. See these brands and other trend-right products from Expo West.
Get it for free: IRI Starter Data Packet and more
Because we know the value of actionable insights from consumer sales data, FMI Emerge has teamed up with IRI to offer an exclusive benefit to Emerge subscribers to help them navigate through consumer sales insights. Find out more about this benefit.
See the connection: FMI Emerge subscribers and Nielsen
We're excited to announce the next evolution of Nielsen and FMI's partnership, which will drive additional value for Emerge subscribers. Nielsen now provides FMI Emerge subscribers with a personalized approach to understanding marketplace insights based on purchase and consumer behaviors for FMCG and CPG products that are sold quickly and at a relatively low cost. Examples include nondurable goods such as packaged foods, beverages, toiletries, over-the-counter drugs and other consumables. Read on.
Join the party: Inviting new mentors and investors
If you are an industry thought leader, an experienced supply chain professional, involved in the financing aspect of brands, or have other food or grocery retail expertise, we have a home for you with FMI Emerge. We're expanding our Mentor Network and are inviting new investors to join us. Become part of the community!
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