Looking ahead to another successful year | The future of food retail -- the omnichannel approach | Online shoppers still do most grocery shopping in-store
November 20, 2019
Emerging insights
Looking ahead to another successful year
Looking ahead to another successful year

As FMI Emerge completes year two, we are proud of the community, companies and industry leaders who have joined us.

I am so impressed by the subscriber companies, sponsors, retail and industry advisors, and 85+ mentors who are actively supporting over 50 companies across all categories to increase grocery retail distribution and online sales, grow revenue and sales velocity, and ultimately secure more shelf space. There's a reason we can be found at moreshelfspace.org!

Better together

Whether it's helping a company identify a new co-packer, be introduced to potential brokers or service providers, better understand how to succeed across e-commerce and direct-to-consumer, or discover new packaging materials, conversations and connections across the community focus on collaborating and benefiting from the knowledge and experiences of one another.

Seeing the emerging companies succeed and reach their goals reminds us why we do what we do here at FMI Emerge. Several companies have been featured in the news this year for their innovative and amazing products, and include Start Right Foods, Sustainable Snacks and Nuttin Ordinary.

Bringing the food and grocery retail industry together, the FMI Emerge program and community truly does help emerging brands fully integrate into the larger industry.

Community mentoring and knowledge sharing

You can be part of the FMI Emerge community. With so many opportunities to mentor and guide growing brands, we have a home for you in Emerge. We welcome continued involvement from retailers, suppliers, investors and, of course, emerging brands. I hope you'll join us!

Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends. Take a look at our 2020 Education calendar and join us in the new year!

Director, Emerging Brands
Opportunities emerge
The future of food retail -- the omnichannel approach
The future of food retail is the omnichannel approach. The food retail industry is constantly experiencing shifts in consumer behaviors and trends with online food retail. Traditional grocers have a unique opportunity to take advantage of this behavioral shift and lead the unification of an in-person and online grocery shopping experience. Innovation in productivity, convenience and consumer experience is what will continue to fuel this change. Learn more.
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Online shoppers still do most grocery shopping in-store
"According to FMI and Nielsen, annual online grocery spend is expected to hit $100 billion by 2022 -- or $850 a year per US household -- and 70% of consumers may be routinely buying consumer packaged goods online in five to seven years. With the food and grocery industries following a similar e-commerce path as traditional retail -- such as apparel and electronics -- retailers and brands must adapt to changing shopper preferences, which prominently include the desire for an omnichannel experience." Learn more.
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FMI Plant-Based Webinar Series: The Plant-Based Tipping Point
Breakthroughs in plant-based protein products are rapidly shifting the marketplace. Every day, there is news about leading food manufacturers and service providers focusing on alternative proteins. FMI shared a conversation on increasing interest in plant-based foods and alternative proteins. Listen to the free recording to learn more about category trends and consumer insights to help you capitalize on the growing interest in plant-based foods. Learn more.
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Where do plant-based proteins fit in the grocery store?
The FMI 2019 US Grocery Shopper Trends report finds a rising number of households (33%) have at least one member following a nonmedically prescribed diet such as vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian or flexitarian, and this trend is higher for Gen Z and millennial households. Increased demand for personalization is challenging the food shopping experience, and a growing number of shoppers are turning to plant-based proteins to help meet their unique household needs. Read more.
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Reliable resources
Shoppers are hungry for stories
The age of information has ushered in an awareness and desire for shoppers to control their consumption. Furthermore, they want their consumption to tell a story about their world view. FMI's Power of Private Brands research highlighted that 82% of shoppers now proactively look for at least one label claim, an increase of six points on the previous year. Shoppers see claims as important signals to help them and their family eat well. Read more.
Are you overlooking this hyper-targeted social media?
Before an emerging brand scales to a broader audience, connecting with members of their local community can build brand equity and consumer loyalty. Did you know you can selectively target certain audiences by specific demographics and interests with social networks like Nextdoor? Learn more.
Delving deeper
Whether it's helping a company leverage panel data and consumer insights to drive their growth strategy or strengthen a selling presentation, or to manage regulatory and supply chain risk as they scale, FMI Emerge offers benefits from industry leaders like ReposiTrak, Nielsen, SQF and OTHRSource. Learn more.
If you are an industry thought-leader involved in the financing aspect of food and beverage brands, we have a home for you with FMI Emerge. We're expanding our investor community and seeking industry experts to guide emerging brands. If you'd like to join our community and be part of the change we're fostering within the grocery industry, let's talk!
If you're an emerging brand that wants to scale sustainably, grow your distribution and online sales, let's talk! Take the five-minute FMI Emerge assessment for an initial review of how your company is doing and to identify areas of opportunity to help you reach grocery retail distribution. Once you're finished, download the "10 Critical Steps to Food Retail Distribution Success."
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