DoorDash prepares for IPO | Startups consider virus' long-term supply chain effect | What's behind the proliferation of health care startups?
February 27, 2020
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DoorDash prepares for IPO
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Food-delivery startup DoorDash has confidentially filed for an initial public offering, which the Securities and Exchange Commission is reviewing. The SoftBank-backed startup is dominant in the food-delivery space, but it faces business challenges such as contractor pay.
Full Story: CNBC (2/27),  TechCrunch (tiered subscription model) (2/27) 
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Today In Startups
Entrepreneurs are feeling the impact of factory shutdowns in China over the coronavirus outbreak, and they say the next few weeks are critical to preventing long-term disruption to their business. Some startups, including bridal retailer Azazie, have relocated manufacturing to maintain production.
Full Story: The Washington Post (tiered subscription model) (2/27) 
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What's behind the proliferation of health care startups?
Health care startups are on the rise, in part due to accelerators and incubators that connect entrepreneurs with mentors and investors to promote new technology, writes Naeem Manz. A growing focus on social determinants of health is another factor propelling health startups, Manz writes.
Full Story: Health Tech Zone (2/26) 
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Intuit's purchase of Credit Karma is a key example of an emerging trend of startups choosing mergers and acquisitions over initial public offerings after watching high-profile IPO stumbles. "Those considering an exit may look at what is happening now and say 'it's not a good market' and are going to have to take a good deal," says startup adviser Bradley Leimer.
Full Story: Fortune (tiered subscription model) (2/26) 
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Make Your Startup Better
Emotional and mental exhaustion is common among entrepreneurs -- especially for women trying to prove themselves as leaders -- and it's important to take time to protect yourself from burnout, members of the Dreamers//Doers women's network say. Take time off, connect with female colleagues and peers, and re-examine career goals from time to time to prevent burnout, these female leaders advise.
Full Story: Business Insider (2/22) 
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Audrey Gelman, CEO of The Wing, focused on the company's successes without deeply considering areas for improvement, such as continuing to invest in diversity and inclusion as the company grew, she writes. "The hardest part was that these failures led us to inadvertently replicate some of the very social hierarchies we'd set out to dismantle," she writes.
Full Story: Fast Company online (2/26) 
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Funding, IPOs and Acquisitions
When Entrepreneurs Fail
Internet of things startup Particle has laid off 14 employees, or 10% of its staff, and seeks to cut monthly costs after missing its revenue projection for 2019. The company doesn't intend to conduct additional layoffs, says CEO Zach Supalla.
Full Story: TechCrunch (tiered subscription model) (2/26) 
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There comes a time when your employees and customers know your business better than you do and when slowing down to listen becomes the smartest (and most strategic) thing you can do.
Audrey Gelman, CEO of The Wing, writing in Fast Company
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