Consortium addresses problems in global supply chain | Unagi sees promise in scooter leasing despite hurdles | Startup Guesty, NYC discuss short-term rental issues
August 7, 2020
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The Lead
The recently formed Link consortium includes tech startups and large companies, which together are discussing ways to repair problems in the global supply chain that became prominent in the early days of the coronavirus pandemic. The group meets two to three times annually, and the startups are sharing their programs with the larger companies.
Full Story: Fast Company online (8/6) 
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Today In Startups
Micromobility startup Unagi has launched a monthly scooter leasing program in New York and Los Angeles, promising sturdy vehicles -- and repairs within 24 hours. But a few factors may limit the offering's success: People don't like using scooters in bad weather, scooters aren't popular in communities of color, and monthly passes for bicycle ride-share programs are roughly one-eighth of the price Unagi is charging for a scooter.
Full Story: Streetsblog (8/5) 
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Guesty, a startup that provides software to manage short-term rentals, is in discussions with New York City, which has accused the company of actively disregarding the city's rules on illegal rentals. The startup says it will make clear its role in facilitating the rental of short-term accommodations as talks continue.
Full Story: The Real Deal online (New York City) (8/5) 
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Make Your Startup Better
Entrepreneurs who define early adopters and their behaviors will find clarity in their customer base and product, which can help move forward goals, writes Startup Circle founder Abdo Riani. "[I]f there is one thing that could make or break a startup, it's failing to understand the user," Riani writes.
Full Story: Forbes (8/6) 
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How to improve remote brainstorming meetings
Collaborative online software such as Google Docs can enhance brainstorming sessions during this work-from-home period, writes Tomasz Tunguz of Redpoint Ventures. Adjusting the format to have everyone write down and review each other's ideas within the document can bring participants together and make the session more productive, he writes.
Full Story: Tomasz Tunguz (8/6) 
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    When Entrepreneurs Fail
    Entrepreneurs who work to view negative events in a positive light remain "open to new possibilities where others see barriers," which is key for critical afloat in a difficult economy, writes Carmine Gallo. Instead of getting stuck in negativity, founders should ask themselves "Was I making the right decisions before this unlucky hand?" among other questions that can influence mindset, Gallo writes.
    Full Story: Inc. (8/6) 
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    Carmine Gallo, speaker and author, writing in Inc.
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