21 April 2021
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Learning and Teaching
How language specialists can support students
Language specialists can learn from instructional coaches, according to teacher Tan Huynh. In this blog post, Huynh shares strategies to help all educators work collaboratively to ensure learning is equitable and accessible for students who are language learners.
Full Story: MiddleWeb (18 Apr.) 
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Teacher: Ask students to set due dates
Negotiating with students about due dates for assignments can encourage them to take more ownership of their learning, while also help relieve some stress, writes Siobhan Buckman, an international teacher in drama and theater. In this blog post, Buckman describes how negotiation differs from due date flexibility and offers strategies to help students suggest and come to an agreement on due dates.
Full Story: Edutopia (15 Apr.) 
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How Should K-12 Schools Use Their COVID-19 Relief Funds?
As US public schools begin to receive billions of dollars in aid, many educational leaders are now faced with the difficult decision of how to utilize these funds. Read this SmartFocus to learn more about how these leaders can best fill education gaps while adhering to funding guidelines.
Professional Development
Teachers report challenges of online instruction
(Leon Neal/Getty Images)
Teachers in the US and UK are eager to return to in-person instruction, according to a report by UserTesting, a human insights platform. In this commentary, the company's Janelle Estes writes that the findings show the challenges teachers have faced amid virtual instruction, including distractions during learning and the lack of human connection.
Full Story: T.H.E. Journal (14 Apr.) 
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Leadership and Governance
This interactive article takes a look at some of the 20% of the world's more than 7,000 languages that are expected to disappear or become dormant before the year 2100. Scientists say complete worldviews -- many of which offer solutions to big, global problems -- are lost when languages disappear from the planet.
Full Story: CNN (16 Apr.) 
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Free eBooks and Resources
Free eBooks and resources brought to you by our partners
A study in BMJ Open found that screen time at age 5 was linked to an increased risk for multiple psychosocial symptoms. The findings, based on data involving parents of 699 preschool-aged children in Finland, 95% of whom surpassed the maximum screen time recommended by the World Health Organization for children ages 2 to 4, also showed that "high-dose use" of electronic games at age 5 appeared to be linked to fewer risks for psychological well-being, compared with program viewing.
Full Story: Healio (free registration) (15 Apr.) 
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Interest Area Spotlight
Radio helps students in Panama learn, boost languages
Panama's flag (Unsplash)
Some 4- and 5-year-old students in Panama City, Panama, are listening to public radio's AM and FM stations to learn core subjects in Dulegaya, the language of the Guna ethnic group. The broadcasts are replayed on social media, offering another opportunity for learning by the students, who are also learning Spanish in lessons taught in their native language while at home because of the coronavirus pandemic.
Full Story: La Prensa Latina (Memphis, Tenn.) (20 Apr.) 
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Blended Learning Mastery Series 2021: 12 May-02 June
This FREE professional development programme and webinar series offered by Education Perfect seeks to answer numerous questions, including: What exactly is blended learning? How can we plan effective blended learning programmes that truly enhance and support learning, rather than just making it more complicated? Upskill and enhance your digital pedagogy in 2021! Learn more.
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We're looking for mentors and mentees...
Being mentored can be life-changing - everyone can benefit from having the support of a mentor at different stages in their lives and careers. Whether you are interested in being a mentor or a mentee, learn more about our new collaborative platform. It's free to join and the benefits are priceless. Learn more here.
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