28 July 2021
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Learning and Teaching
How monolingual teachers can support multilingualism
Educators who speak one language can contribute and make a difference in multilingual education, writes language educator Tan Huynh. In this blog post, Huynh shares three roles monolingual teachers can assume in supporting multilingual students, such as resisting English-only learning policies and encouraging students to become literate in their first language.
Full Story: MiddleWeb (26 Jul.) 
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Professional Development
Immersion programmes hire 80 international teachers
(Allison Shelley/Deeper Learning)
Eighty educators from 10 countries have been hired to teach this fall in French- and Spanish-language immersion programmes in public schools across Louisiana. The instructors -- from countries including Canada, France, Guatemala, Mexico and Spain -- recently completed their orientation for the three-year exchange programme.
Full Story: The Advocate (Baton Rouge, La.) (25 Jul.) 
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It's natural that teachers will face criticism, according to Gemma Clark, a primary teacher and a master's student in Scotland. In this commentary, Clark shares several strategies to help teachers respond to these remarks, including by using restorative techniques, not reading online comments and finding a safe space to speak your mind.
Full Story: TES (UK) (23 Jul.) 
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Online Leadership Certificate Program at Harvard
The Certificate in Advanced Education Leadership (CAEL) provides current and aspiring preK-12 system-level leaders with the knowledge, skills and tools, to improve their own leadership and effect meaningful change in education.
Leadership and Governance
A study published in The Lancet estimates that more than 1.1 million children around the world have lost at least one parent or custodial grandparent, while more than 1.5 million children lost at least one primary or secondary caregiver because of COVID-19. Losing a parent or other caregiver can have severe consequences for children, increasing their "risks of experiencing mental health problems; physical, emotional and sexual violence; and family poverty," researchers said.
Full Story: CNN (20 Jul.) 
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Analysis weighs benefits of print, e-books
Children ages 8 and younger often understand more of what they read when the book is in print, according to an analysis by Natalia Kucirkova of the University of Stavanger in Norway and the Open University in the UK, and Adriana Bus of Leiden University in Amsterdam. However, the researchers noted benefits of certain enhancements that come with some e-books that help support students' comprehension.
Full Story: Education Week (22 Jul.) 
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Interest Area Spotlight
Khan: 3 ways to help disadvantaged students succeed
Khan (Khan Academy)
There are three ways that educators can help students affected by poverty and personal issues -- unstable housing, food insecurity, absent parents -- overcome these hurdles and change their academic trajectory, Khan Academy founder and CEO Sal Khan says. In a recent interview with SmartBrief, Khan talks about how mastery, learning autonomy and resources in the classroom can help these students achieve better outcomes and work toward a more successful future.
Full Story: SmartBrief/Education (21 Jul.) 
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ECIS Middle Leader Certificate: Managing & Embracing Conflict
15, 22, 29 September, & 06 October. Through scenarios, reflection, conversation mapping, and structured discussions, individuals will gain tools and strategies in order to manage and embrace conflict. Questions addressed include: What are the different types of conflict? Why are conversations important in conflict? What are strategies or protocols that we can draw on to guide us through conflicts? Learn more.
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Offers and savings from ECIS Commercial Members
Discover a world of benefits for your school from our 81 partner organisations, plus super savings and offers. Learning Management Systems, professional development, school supplies, accreditation, digital solutions, child protection, and so much more. Read on.
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